Clarity of Intent

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The need for clarity of intent
Attention and intention
Clarity of intent
Enfolded intentions
Competing and underlying intentions
Using clear intention
Surfacing the intention for our life
Freedom to change directions
Exploring the power of clear intention
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From a creativity perspective, clarity of intention cannot be overemphasized. The following discussion provides an overview on the topic of clarity of intention. This discussion and related discussions “Obtaining Clarity,” “How Intention Works,” and “Setting An Intention” can provide some assistance in this area.

The need for clarity of intent (Top)

Setting a clear intention is the first element of any successful creative endeavor. A conscious clear intention can greatly assist any creation effort. Clarity of intent coupled with mindfulness and awareness is the most powerful mental creative force you have. Clarity of intention or clarity of intention cannot be under estimated. For many intentions we hold and have held, our intentions are fulfilled even long after you have set them and forgot about them, even ones we no long want.

An intention causes our creative life energy to flow or not to flow in a given direction in our life to fulfill the intention that is held. In this regard, the intention(s) we hold, consciously or subconsciously, is (are) a very powerful creative force in our life to create the experiences we have. To get some creative control over our life it becomes essential we understand both the conscious and subconscious the intentions we hold. Often we need to go back and establish the clarity of our intention before we actively undertake a creative endeavor.

As such, it is recommended we become very clear on what we desire to create and experience and why, including the feeling we wish to have. In many ways the feelings are more important than what we mentally think we want. It is essential that we know exactly what we want, not necessarily in a specific form but in its key attributes and experiences, including feelings.

Attention and intention (Top)

It cannot be over emphasized that our energy goes where we focus our attention and awareness. Attention is the power, or faculty, of mental concentration, or it is the practical consideration or care give to something or someone. It is the concentrated direction of mental powers or the close or earnest attending to something or someone. Now what needs to be understood is that you will not, and cannot, give your attention to something unless you have an intention. Your intention is the underlying purpose for where you are placing your attention.

You may be only placing your attention on something out of curiosity, that eager desire for information about what ever it is that captured your attention. It may be only to see what it is that crossed your peripheral vision. It may be to see the cause of the sound that you may have heard. But nevertheless there is still an intention behind your attention. In this realization, our intentions, and our ability to consciously or subconsciously set and hold intentions, are the greatest and most powerful creative tools we have at our disposal.

An intention can be seen from several different perspectives, all of which ultimately achieve the same end - it directs and underlies our attention. An intent is normally seen as a purpose, aim, goal or design. More importantly for our purposes, intent is the act of intending and is actually a state of mind in which, or the purpose with which, we do an act. Relative to meditation and related techniques, the action we refer to is how, why and where we place our attention. Also it needs to be understood that an intention will take us past the completion of any single act or goal. For example the intent to build a house takes us past buying the property, designing the house, digging the foundation and building the house step by step.

When we intend we aim, direct, make, design, mean, signify, destine or whatever similar word we would like to use, something, some action, or some situation to have a specific aim, purpose, use or plan. As a state of mind intent can be seen as staring or directing one’s mind or efforts steadfastly, earnestly or attentively. We can intend harm or good by our actions. we can intend harm or good by our thoughts. An intention can be seen is either an ultimate or immediate purpose, aim or goal. It is the will, design or resolve to do, or refrain from doing, an act. It also needs to be noted that intention is reflective of the natural course, operation or process such as the intention of the mind is to protect and preserve itself and the body, or the intention of a wound is to heal.

When one is intentional, one acts from an intention or with an intent. When we focus our attention on something, we are being intentional. In focusing our attention we are acting from an intention or we are acting with an intent.

Clarity of intent (Top)

Before starting any creative endeavor it is essential we look at our intentions and what lied behind the intention. Clarity of intent/intention does not only mean being able to state clearly what we want to create. It also means to understand why we want to create what we do. What lies behind the intention is what we really want. We need to look at what both our mind wants and what we feel we want. In looking to what we desire to feel, there may be more than one way to get such a feeling and how we get it may be in ways mind cannot conceive.

Pull the string on why you making the choices that you are making in the order and direction you chose. Clarity of intent is also about the feeling we desire to create that goes with the thought. More often than not, we think we want something in particular when in reality we are looking for a type and kind of feeling or experience. We need to become aware of the experience or feeling we really what to have.

For example, often individuals think they want a spouse. In reality they want someone with whom to share life. But they desire a spouse because they think a spouse is some with whom to share life. Yet a spouse is something different. The individual gets married to the person who they think will fulfill their needs as a spouse. The individual they marry may in fact be an extremely good spouse. However, the individual find out they got what they said they desired. But they come to find the relationship never fulfills their deeper and real desire for the person to share life. They find out that their interest and their spouse’s interest are too different than what the individual really wanted. They come to find out their spouse is not there to share their live but they are there to be a spouse.

Enfolded intentions (Top)

We need to look carefully for any enfolded intentions based and underlying desires, wishes or expectations that may actually contaminate the intention we set. Any truth we know exists but are afraid or unwilling to face will become an “untruth,” a falsity, enfolded in our intention. It manifest causing our intention to be less than desired for the fruits of an intention will reveal any untruth present when the intention was set.

For example, you make a request of the universe but you believe you are unworthy of receiving what you aks for. Although you may manifest what you request, your unworthiness causes what you get to somehow reinforce your unworthiness. You may get what you want but it is something less than adequate. Or, what you get suddenly gets taken away from you and you end up thinking you didn’t deserve it anyways. It is important to speak our truth to the best of our ability at the time and iterate our intention as we obtain clarity on what we desire. We are free to change what we believe if we find the beliefs we hold are limiting our ability to create what we desire.

Competing and underlying intentions (Top)

What is not understood is that this intention or intent can be conscious, subconscious or unconscious or a combination and that our intent, acts as an undercurrent that directs our attention. If we have a clear, conscious intention then we will have a clear focus in our lives and our attention will be directed accordingly. If however, our intention is subconscious or unconscious we will still have a focus that continually directs our attention but we will think we don’t have control for the intention is unconscious or unconscious.

To get control over our creative life energy so that we can directly our energy into what we desire we will need to surface and subconscious intentions. We need to surface the intentions that may be affecting what is we are trying to manifest. If we don’t surface competing subconscious intentions, our attention will continually be diverted from what we are intending.

To uncover any subconscious or unconscious intentions that we may have, all we need to do is to look at what is pulling our attention in our life. Although our thought may jump from one issue to another as the day proceeds, we will find that our thought will be reasonable localized around a given set of topics. By becoming aware of our thoughts and what pulls our attention we will begin to see what beliefs are causing those thoughts to occur or that allow our attention to get pulled in the direction it does.

The importance of meditation and similar practices/techniques is to become aware of our thoughts and where we are placing the focus of our attention and awareness. What we will find is that underneath the first lay of subconscious intention there is another layer, and ten another. Our intentions are much like how we can peel the layers of an onion. We will need to peel back each layer until we find the most fundamental intention that is driving our attention in life. What we will find are embedded intentions of desires, wishes, wants, obligations, duties and the like that is giving direction to our life. The entire process is very personal and can take months or even years depending on how many layers exist and are controlling your life.

Setting a conscious clear intention can greatly assist any creation effort and accelerate the process of surfacing subconscious competing intentions, including the intention for our life. Often it is appropriate to set the intention to surface our subconscious or unconscious intention to “clean house” and/or reconstitute our creative power.

Using clear intention (Top)

When the intention is clearly set and expressed to the universe in a form similar to that used here, we must have the faith our intention is heard and will be manifested by the Universe if we act on the guidance we receive. When we set and hold our intention and act to create it, two things happen.
The first is the intention, as if by magic and magnetism, pulls to itself the resources, people, opportunities and experiences key to manifesting the intention. The fulness of being that is available through navigating from the heart will tell us what resources, people, opportunities and experience are being pulled to us in response to our intention. The fullness of being we feel is related to being in alignment with the flow of our creative life energy that is manifesting what we desire.

The second item is that every obstacle that will interfere with the manifesting our intention will appear and must be worked through. If the obstacles are not overcome, they continue to appear until they are over come or the original intention which produced the obstacle is rescinded or accordingly changed. Here again, we can use the fulness of being to navigate around or through any obstacle and not lose focus on what we desire to create. When the intention is clear and the desire clearly understood, the technique discussed below can be effectively used to manifest the desire. Although other technique are effective, the following is a preferred choice technique for use with the understanding within the energy consciousness model and consistent with the other principles on the applications web sites.

Surfacing the intention for our life (Top)

The intention for our life acts as a deep undercurrent for our life carrying us to certain types and kinds of experiences. It is not always easy to consciously access. Most of the time we will only be aware of a feeling if we are aware of it at all. However, we cause use clear intentionality to explore access it directly or indirectly. To directly access it, we need to set the intention to access and follow our intuitive guidance until we do. How long it takes depends how willing we are to change our life to become aware of it and how whether or not we are will to accept the changes an awareness of it bring into our life.

We can also access it subconsciously by setting the intention to access our true nature and/or access and release our unlimited creativity. To do so we first need to set a clear intention. The intention should be for our life and/or what we desire to create with our life and become very clear as to what it looks like either in words or in a image or visualization. Writing our eulogy is helpful in this effort.

We then need to look at every action we take in life relative to the intention for our life. We needs to look to see if the choices they make in life are moving them towards manifesting our intention, away from our intention or neutral in that their action is neither helping or hindering the manifestation of the intention. Then over time, we will begin to make more and more choices in the direction of our intention and less and less away from our intention. As we move towards our intention, all the obstacles and competing intentions that exist will surface to be address and properly disposed of in such a way that one continually move towards the intention we desire. What we will observe what we do this is an continual influence or “drift” in our creative effort. We will being to see what the intention for our life is pushing us to create.

Freedom to change directions (Top)

In any case, with a clear intention, we need to become aware that as we step out to create what we think we want, we can always change what we desire. We do not have to be locked into the intention we set. But we must become clear and know why we are choosing the way we do. Once we have clarity of our intention then we need to set the intention and act to create it.

Exploring the power of clear intention (Top)

If you wish to explore the power of clear intention there is an experiment you can do. It may take a little time but you might just be fascinated by what you discover. The experiment if found in the discussion, “Exploring the power of clear intention.”

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