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A safe and secure space is a space which allows a creation to manifest and unfold in an environment that is capable of fully nurturing and sustaining that creation. It is a space that allows the creation to unfold according to its nature with little influence from its environment other to fully nourish and sustain it. A safe and secure space to allow an individual to express themselves in a way that the individual can align perfectly with the flow of their creative life energy/creative spirit. The individual is then free to allow themselves become whatever they need to become in whatever form it takes no matter what it looks like.

A safe and a secure space is a place of freedom to respond however we need to respond as we discover and explore ourselves in whatever form that may take. It is a space where a creation is free to unfold totally in accordance to its true nature and become who and what it is rather than want anyone wants it to be. For example, in many ways, this safe and secure space is the space that would be created for a child or the offspring of a  perfectly matched creatively whole and complete feminine being and a whole and complete masculine being. In this space, since the masculine and feminine being are whole and complete unto themselves, they would have no preconceived conscious or subconscious ideas and expectation as to what their offspring should become or do in the world. The offspring would be free to discover and explore their true nature and unfold according to its own unique nature whatever it looks like.

What does the safe and secure space look like

What needs to be understood, is that any and all creations will needs a safe and secure space if they are going to grow and unfold in an unfettered way. What the safe and secure space looks like depends entirely upon the creation that will manifest. Although each creation is unique and original, and never having been seen before, that does not mean we will totally lack understanding as to what that space may look like and what the creation needs may be. All creation unfolds from existing materials and conditions. We can use the knowledge of the starting materials to understand what hazards the new creation may face and what will be needed to nourish and sustain it. If one wants a rough idea of what is needed for any particular creation, one only need to look for its parents to see what the creation may need. That is, the masculine aspect and feminine aspect that are joining to create the new creation. It is to look at both the generic and unique particular aspects of each.

It must be remembered that any joining of the masculine and feminine creates an offspring. That offspring must be free to develop according to its nature, not according to the nature and desires of either parent for it will be different than either parent. The safe and secure space that the parents needed to become free and unfettered in their unfoldment will be similar but different that the one their offspring needs for it will be a unique creation. We need to be flexible as to exactly what the space will look like and how we need to create it.

In regards creating a safe and secure space for humans to freely express their creative spirit, the major issue is thwarting the free expression and unfoldment of our creative spirit. Very early in life have experiences that block or thwart the free expression of our creative spirit. We quickly develop response pattern to protect, suppress or block the free experience of who and what we are so that we do not experience repeated painful experiences. Of ten, and most probably guaranteed, the parents have not been free to grow in an optimum way for the environment in which they were raised. As such, there are habits the individual copies from the parents for which they have no consciousness awareness of how they developed them. The individual picks them up and uses them in their life not realizing where they have been learned. There may be the need to carefully study and observe as to what is really needed to create that safe and secure space.

In addition there may be the need for undoing habits of the past. It must be remembered that a seed of a tree that falls to the ground to grow in less that optimum growing conditions will not look like what results from the same seed if it fell in optimum conditions. In looking at the parents to understand what the offspring needs to grow may lead to errors. To assume that the space we need is only as big as a tree that produced the seed when the tree is less than optimum size will only cause us to restrict the growth of the tree we wish to grow. The goal of the safe and secure space is to create the conditions for the optimum growth and unfoldment of the seed that lies within the individual. That includes creating the freedom from one’s own limiting beliefs and habits but also to break free of the patterns and beliefs copied from the parents. Since the environment many not be able to support the seeds optimum growth, we may have to create the conditions for optimum growth if the seed is really going to thrive in the way that we wish.

For humans it is relatively clear what the basic essentials are for a safe and secure space. The Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity materials on the web provide many of the essential concept to create such a space. Depending on the conditions in an individual’s life, all of this will be applicable to one degree or another. It will be the rainmaker [singly or with a matched pair] who determines what exactly will need to be create for a particular situation for that is the nature of the rainmaker’s work. It is to create the space to allow the nurturing and sustaining waters of creation, the flow of one’s creative life energy, to flow into the dry parched land our inner self to water that internal landscape to bring forth the life native to that land to bear the fruits inherent within the individual.

To access the knowledge necessary to create a safe and secure space for any particular creation, we will need to be out of mind in that space of the detached witness rather than in mind and what it thinks and/or believes may be needed. The safe and secure space is the space established by the rainmaker and/or the dream midwife and nanny and it is one of, if not their primary role

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