Energy - the Invariant in the Creativity Perspective

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Energy - an invariant within the creativity perspective
- the key to understanding the creative process

Definition of energy

Consciousness as energy

Energy and work

Implications of the creative equivalency of energy and consciousness

Implication topics of related interest

When you work with the creativity perspective and hold your creativity sacred, what you will find is that there is really only one concept and an associated set of principles that remain unchangeable or invariant in any creative endeavor. This invariant is energy. It is the ability to cause an effect or the ability to make something happen. This concept and the associated principles work in creativity as the energy principles of physics. The principles of physics apply to anything you do, anywhere, at any time, regardless of the society in which you live or in which you apply the principles. For example, the concept of gravity works everywhere. Its effects may be negligible for microscopic situations, yet it nevertheless exists as an influence following the same consistent set of principles. So too the concept of energy in creativity. This concept and associated principles allows one to bridge the world of imagination, the physical creation and the unseen realms to manifest what you desire.

Definition of energy
(Top): If you look carefully, you will see the ability to cause an effect or the ability to make something happen is only the definition of energy as used in physics. In physics, energy is defined as the ability to do work (a force - a push or a pull - acting through a distance) or the capacity or ability to produce an effect. In studying the creative process it is the latter description of energy, “the capacity or ability to produce an effect,” is what is key to understanding the creative process.

As for what you can say about energy, we only need to look at the volumes of human experience as to what energy and our understanding of energy has made possible. What is interesting about energy is that you can store it, manipulate it, sense it and change the world with it, but we don’t really know what it is. It just is. You can convert it to mass but the energy you convert to mass is essentially “frozen.” You can do nothing with the energy converted to mass. You can manipulate the mass and change the energy of the mass but you cannot access the energy that was converted to the mass unless you convert the mass back into energy. All we can really say about the energy converted to the mass is that sometimes it acts as a wave and sometimes it acts as a particle. The mass retains the wave like nature of energy but it is effects are negligibly small and can only be seen under certain conditions. Nevertheless, the effects still exist and it is a phenomenon that you can readily use in your creative endeavors.

Consciousness as energy
(Top): Consciousness is defined as the ability to be aware of oneself. To be conscious is to be aware of one’s own existence, feelings, and thoughts. To be conscious is to be aware of external objects and conditions, mentally awake, deliberate and intentional. Consciousness, of course, is the state of being conscious such that one has an awareness of oneself and an awareness of surroundings. It is because of this awareness that gives rise to the ability of consciousness to be aware of the choices it makes and its actions. That awareness of choice and action is what allows a consciousness to make things happen. Awareness of choice allows us to become proactive to become the cause rather than only being reactive to what occurs. Consciousness awareness allows us to cause an effect as opposed to responding to an effect.

This ability to choose one’s actions and make things happen is the capacity to produce an effect and in turn, is simply the definition of energy. Hence conscious awareness or consciousness is our ability to produce an effect. From this perspective, consciousness is energy. It can be said consciousness is only a flow of energy that is aware of itself. In the awareness of itself, it can then focus and direct its energy into whatever it desires. The consciousness may not be aware of exactly what it is. Nevertheless, in its awareness of its own existence as being separate and apart from its surroundings that it becomes aware of its ability to make things happen. This awareness is the doorway to one’s creative power and ability.

From a creativity perspective, energy and consciousness are one and the same. Or, maybe better said, they are different forms of the same “stuff” of creation much the way ice, steam, snow, frost, sleet, and water are all different forms of the chemical compound which we call water. They are only perceived differently and experienced differently. The easiest way to understand this relationship is to look at the concept of energy as the capacity or ability to produce an effect. Understanding energy within this definition is the key to bridging the seen and unseen realms of creation and ultimately uniting mysticism and science into an integrated wholeness.

Energy and work
(Top): As for the ability to do work, you only need to realize a flow of one’s attention and awareness held for some duration is the equivalent of work and changes, or better said, transforms, the energy of a situation. Physics has shown that the observer changes what it observers. If you wish, you can look at the observation shifting the energy, not necessarily changing it, but shifting what it look like, or transforming its form, as a result of the observation and the way one chooses to observe.

To understand how one’s observations can change what is observed one can look of a simple example in changing the position of a box across a table. If we slide a box from one end of a table to the other end, work is done. Since the motion of the box has not changed (it is still at rest), we say the energy added to the box by pushing the box across the table is absorbed by the friction between the box and the table. Of course, the box and the table may heat up slightly because of the friction. However, that heat is eventually dissipated. The box still sits on the table but just in a different position. The energy before the box was moved is now the same as after the box has moved. But, nevertheless, there is a difference. The difference was achieved by rearranging the energy of the situation although we ultimately don’t change the energy content of the situation.

Because it is in a different position on the table it will look different against the same background when observed from the outside. Similarly, the surrounding environment around the box as viewed from inside the box will look different. The difference many not be great but it nevertheless different. The box is not moving so we say the energy of the situation has not changed form before it was moved. But there was a change. Although the total energy of the system remains the same, its form has been changed. The situation before we move the box is different than after we move the box.

In many ways this is what the power of our observation can do. It changed the form of the situation without changing the overall total energy content. On this point, many mystical traditions talk about seeing the world differently - being in the world but not of it. Or, “Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water - after enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.” Such comments are about seeing differently. But, seeing differently, is seeing the possibility of becoming the cause and/or creating a cause as opposed to responding to the paste.

We create an effect which allows us to see and experience the situation different. In essence it rearranges the energy of the situation without changing the overall energy content. In essence, energy is added by the focus of our attention and awareness and the energy is dissipated against the internal and external forces holding things as they are - much like friction and inertia. As you study the creative process, you can come to see your creative life energy, the ability to make things happen or to produce an effect, goes where you focus your attention and awareness and you perceive differently because of that focus. Yet, the power in our observation is much greater than this simple example for we also can change the energy of the situation not just rearranging it.

Implications of the creative equivalency of energy and consciousness (Top)

There are a variety of implications in the creative equivalency of energy and consciousness. Some of the more important of these are provided below.

Although it is not initially obvious, but probably the most profound implication of the equivalence of energy and consciousness is that in some ways it is the equivalent of the metaphysical nuclear energy. It is about rearranging our inner energy, that sustains our life and which we perceive as the consciousness internal to us and within our being to create an intense passionate outward flow of energy to effect the change we desire to experience or create in the world.

It needs to be noted that when mass and energy were found to be equivalent, there was a revolution in physic which ultimately transformed the world. Within the understanding of the equivalence of mass and energy humanity gained the understanding to split the nucleus and eventually to fuse nuclei with the release of huge amounts of energy in each case. So too the equivalence of energy and consciousness. It can help you to understand how to release huge amounts of energy in your life to recreate your life and change the world you experience.

However, you need to be aware of what you do. There is also a parallel relations to the fact that splitting the nucleus tends to be a “dirty” process with long term after effects where as fusing nuclei, is a “clean” process without the long term after effects found in the fission process. Here again, so too the applications of the relationship of energy and consciousness to create what you desire.

To see energy and consciousness as creatively separate, we create unwanted by product in what we create because we do not see the interconnection of what we create with the world around us. We think our creative effort, including what we think and believe, are separate from the world around us when in fact, they are interconnected. To see energy and consciousness as creatively equivalent, we become are of the interconnections between how and what we think and believe and the experiences we have and the reality of those experiences. In this relationship we see how all is interconnected in a way we could previously not understand. It allows us to create a life much more free of unwanted byproducts. In doing so we can access a profound creative power and creative ability but it is not necessarily what our mind expects or often can even understand as power and ability.

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