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In discussing love, the first question which arises is, “What exactly do you mean by love?” for there are as many definitions and interpretations of love as there are people. In the creativity perspective, love is to give unconditionally a sufficiently large, safe and secure space and the nourishment a creation needs to freely grown and unfold true to its nature without outside interference in any way. What this means is quite profound and actually almost next to impossible to consciously do no matter what we think otherwise. Yet, in striving to give this kind of love to ourselves and another, we can get very, very close to what it means. How this concept of love compares to other definitions and interpretations of love is found in the discussion “What do we mean by love?

Probably the best example of what the concept of love presented here means is what a mother’s body gives to the fetus it carries. The fetus in the womb is given a sufficient large, safe and secure space in which to grow and unfold true to itself. The fetus is free to take all the nourishment it needs from the mother even to the point of robbing the mother’s body. The space itself grows as the creation grows. Of course there comes a time such that the space can no longer grow to sufficient nurture the creation and the child is born into the world. When that occur what it means to nourish that infant and give it a safe and secure space to grow changes significantly.

Our problem in being unable to give this kind of love to a creation, any creation including ourselves, is two fold. Both reasons arise from the nature of mind even when we consciously desire to give this type of life. The first reason is that any creation is a step into the unknown. Mind only knows the past. So no matter what it thinks, it will not know exactly what a creation needs to be nourished and freely grow and unfold. But is not lost. So, it will become essential to use intuitive guidance to discern what must be done and then honor that intuitive guidance. Although our intuitive guidance can be inaccurate as discussed in the discussion on intuitive guidance, it nevertheless, is much more accurate than mind.

The second problem is that each creation is unique. Even when mind has seen a similar creation unfold and we think we know what will happen, any one creation will be unique in its unfoldment. Consequently there will be a facet of the unfoldment that will be different. Here again, we need to rely on our intuitive guidance to tell us what to do.

In any case, to give this kind of love, one cannot impose what their mind thinks needs to be done. One must “step out” of mind. That is, one must step out of what they think and believe and trust their intuitive guidance and follow it. Often what we do does not necessarily look like the correct thing to do. But if we honor our intuitive guidance and follow its updates, we will create the correct space to the best of our ability to create the type and kind of love discussed here.

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