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How you look at, and approach a problem makes a big different what you see and experience. Individuals who believe a problem can be solved view the problem very differently than those who do not think it can be solved. To think and/or believe a problem is unsolvable, a situation is unresolvable and/or something is impossible will not allow you to see what is possible. To think and believe a problem is solvable, a situation resolvable and/or something is possible opens the door to looking for, and seeing, a solution.

A truly creative mind is capable of stepping out of the existing way of being and doing of any situation into the unknown to explore the infinite possibility available in the situation. Adopting the perception of approaching life with a creative attitude and believing that the experience of life offers unlimited possibilities will cause you to live you life differently. It allow you to see possibilities that did not seem to previously exist.

However, when one first looks at finding a new perspective about an issue or problem, it appears the perspective one needs depend on the issue at hand. For example, to solve a medical problem a doctorís perspective, which solves medical problems, appears to be appropriate. A doctors perspective is different from an engineerís perspective that solves the problem of building a towering building. Consequently, we naturally look to the specialist to solve our problems.

When you are faced with a problem and look deeper toward its routes and the nature of a perspective and what gives rise to any one particular perspective, what you find is that there are common attributes relative to finding a creative solution to whatever you face. The common attributes of all these seeming different perspectives address the kind of thinking required to address the root of any problem or issue. These common attributes are what gave rise to the creativity perspective. The most important attribute is the need to hold oneís creativity sacred.

Most of us, whether using our creativity individually or within a group, tend to approach our problem or issue for which we seek a creative answer with a quick fix mentality. We look to address what appears to be the problem or issue but never explore deeper to find the root and what is actually causing the problem or issue to arise. When one is not concerned with the root of the issue or problem, almost any solution will do as long as the solution looks as thought the problem/issue goes away. However, if the root is not addressed, the problem/issue will simply return in a different form.

In learning how to get to the root of a problem or issue, it becomes clear that one needed a different understanding, a different perspective, about the issue or problem that one faced. Alternatively said, the mind that has caused the problem canít fix it. Otherwise, it would have never created the problem in the first place. To get that different understanding, one needed to be exposed to a different kind of thinking, or way of thinking. Mind is only the collection and composite of our past experiences. Mind does not know what it has not experienced. It can characterize what it has not experienced only to the degree it has some other experiences that has attributes which overlap that which it has not experienced.

To think differently or have a different way of thinking, requires one to have a different set of experiences. This different set of experiences can the create the conditions to generate the perspective that is needed to see the root of the issue. To find the root issue and that new perspective, one needs to enter the unknown. We need to go to where we have not gone before. We need to enter a world we do not consciously know and not have previously consciously experienced. In particular it is our subconscious world were the root lies.

The mind that created the problem is not the mind that will solve the problem. However, the solution to the problem lies buried within the mind that created the problem. It is only a matter of making the subconscious conscious relative to the problem at hand. In understanding the conscious or subconscious choices and decisions that lead to the situation at hand, one can find the essence of the solution. However, rather than face the unknown of oneís own being, we look to other for our solutions. We do not go to the root of our own issue. Yet, all we really need to know to create anything you desire is already within our being. We only need to understand and learn how to bring it out. A creativity perspective will help us to do this.

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