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To create, by definition, is to being into existence something not previously seen or experienced or something significantly from the past. Mind only knows the past and what we have experienced. To create is to be outside what mind knows. Anything we think and believe about creativity, our creative ability and creative power, and/or how to create whatever we desire is probably in error. The question is, “How big is the error and how significantly different is what we desire to create from the past we experienced?”

On this point, most do not create. Most only recycle the past in a new way and call it creation and creativity. To truly create is to live in the unknown and risk becoming totally lost relative to what we and society knows.

A truly creative endeavor takes us totally into the unknown where what mind knows will be of little benefit. The more what we create is unlike the past the more mind will be of no value. It cannot be understated or overemphasized, that in a truly creative endeavor, we have no idea whatsoever about how to proceed or go about manifesting what we desire. Contrary to what we come to think and believe about creativity, the unseen realms and the like, most of us, including those who profess to know, do not have an adequate perception to enter a truly creative endeavor and have our mind to know what to do and/or necessary understand what exactly it is experiencing. To think otherwise is not being creative. It is to repeat the past in some way.

In fact, we cannot really imagine what a truly creative endeavor looks like for anything we imagine is ultimately a product of our creative imagination, our mind and the experiences we have had. Yet, in knowing how to properly build on our past and incorporating the lessons learned, we can create worlds and experiences beyond our wildest dreams for there is a creative process and we can learn to understand it and use it.

Issues in a truly creative endeavor

The most significant two issue we face in a truly creative endeavor is our fears and the sacrifice of Creation.

Fear: We cannot fear the unknown for we do not know what to fear. We can only fear the past and what we have experienced and project them into the future. It is not the unknown that we fear but the projections of the past. In living in the past we shrink and reduce our options in the future. If we give into our fear, we only project the past into the future and recreate past. In doing so, we thwart our creative effort if not kill it. The recommendation is to explore the fear that arises and look for the true hazard in the fear.

Whenever a fear arises it is telling us some aspect of the past has not been fully processed and our creative life energy is bound and not free to flow to dissipation. We need to go back and see what exactly is giving rise to the fear. There may be a injury or trauma that we experienced or the fear may be more of an expectation that something injurious could occur. In any case, we need to do a hazards analysis to one degree or another and see what actual injury can occur and incorporate appropriate compensatory measures. If the fear is accompanied with some type and kind of an actual injury, then we need to incorporate an appropriate healing to heal the wound.

Sacrifice of creation: For any creative endeavor, there will be a sacrifice. The key point to be made about the sacrifice of creation is there is no “something from nothing.” There is a price that will need to be paid. It needs to be realized that to create anything we will need to give up some of our creative life energy and tithe our time and energy to what we wish to create. Some part of the exist form of our life that the energy we give up sustains and what we think and believe will need to be transformed in some way.

For any given creative endeavor, there are very specific reasons for the type and kind sacrifice which must be done and a very specific environment in which, or influence under which, it is done. The question at to whether or not we are sacrificing the correct thing is one of the questions that we will have to address. But that is not a question mind can answer. Similarly, there will also be the question if we have the correct environment or influence for that which we wish to create. Here mind again will be of limited value. However, our intuitive guidance and body wisdom will always be more than adequate to allow us to feel our way through the unknown to manifest any creation we desire. Of course, we will first have to be open to feeling and learn how to use our intuitive guidance and body wisdom and trust them to lead us.

Of course, we will have to let go of our attachments to anything that must be sacrificed. Otherwise, we cause ourselves to experience unnecessary pain. In turn, pain and/or the thought of pain, takes us back into our fears and where we experienced pain in the past. Here again, mind will be unable to tell us what we need to let go to alleviate the pain. But we can feel our way. There is an awareness in what we feel. In particular, we can look into the pain we feel to see the what is giving rise to the pain. There is a gift in pain and we only need to learn how to use the pain we experience before we attempt to numb it or some how alleviate it.

A recommendation for truly creative endeavors

For truly creative endeavors, it is recommended that we adopt a creativity perspective where our creativity is held sacred and all else is malleable. Such a perspective causes us to discard the assumptions mind desires to make about what we face. It requires us to surrender to what we feel and the creative power of the situation which allows us to step out of mind.

What is presented in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material is for truly creative endeavors where our mind will be significantly in error. It is for those situations were what we desire to create is significantly different than the past we have experienced. This material is applicable to anything we wish to create in and/or with our life.

Here a note needs to be made about what we desire to create. If we desire to create something another has already been created, we are not creating but copying. It may be a new experience for us but we are not creating when we do what another has done. In this case, we need to go to them and see what they did and learn to do what they did. In this case we do not need what is presented here to get what we want. But, what is presented in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material will nevertheless be helpful.

Now if we wish to create something like another has done but do it our own unique way, then we face a different set of issues. Here we dance between two worlds - our world and their world - and it actually makes what we wish to create harder than if we were free to create totally unique to ourselves.

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