Honoring Intutive Guidance

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Honoring intuitive guidance

Working with feelings

Following intuitive guidance

Using intuitive guidance -following the flow as in the flow of a river

Creation is about taking what arises in the creative imagination and making it a physical reality - an object or experience in physical Creation. To effectively use our intuitive guidance we need to honor our intuitive guidance. We do so by holding our creative ability and our creative insights sacred. Honoring intuitive guidance is achieved by bringing the mental intuitive insight into a physical manifestation. If we create real or imaginary actions based on the intuitive insight, one moves towards and/or into alignment with the flow of energy and the understanding that gave rise to the intuitive insight. By honoring the intuitive guidance as discussed here, you are also honoring and embracing creativity and the creative process.

We honor your intuitive guidance by make our intuitive guidance into a surrogate or real physical experience - a suorephex if you wish to create a new word/concept. A suorephex is a surrogate or real physical experience one creates to make the intuitive guidance a physical experience. A real physical experience would be to act on the intuitive guidance as you literally see it. A surrogate physical experience would be to act on the intuitive guidance in a symbolic actions, ritual or metatheatric performance of some type. In doing so you honor the intuition and move in the direction that will you need to move to get that necessary minimum set of relevant experience to properly characterize what you experience. You also to move into alignment with the flow of energy giving rise to that on which you have focused and presented the insight.

Working with feelings (Top)

In regards to what mind presents, if it is a body feeling that is presented, you need to ask yourself to understand what that feeling represents or is trying to communicate. Here an important point needs to be made about the body and its feelings. For any feeling you have, if you look intently enough, you can probably find some internal or external condition to which you can point as what is giving rise or causing the feeling.

However, although you may need to attend to whatever condition you think is causing the feeling, you need to ask yourself what is the energetic conditions that is giving rise to the feeling you experience. Alternatively said, you need to ask yourself why did you choose to have the energy you experience in the form of the feeling you have as opposed to any other form? As you focus on the feeling with the intent to surface this understanding you will get insights and begin to see the deeper connection of how and what you think and believe is tied to what you actually experience. You will also begin to see how your feelings are passing knowledge and information to you. You will being to see beyond the physical to what gives rise to the physical.

Following intuitive guidance (Top)

When you honor your intuitive guidance by creating a suorephex, one of three things will occur.

One is that as soon as you act to manifest your intuitive guidance, a new insight will occur that takes you in a completely different direction . In essence, the new insights is like a new or different journey. It is like crossing what appears to be a completely level field only to find as you start to walk forward you find a deep chasm that you could not see in from a distance, so that you must move in another direction or go in a completely different way that which was first indicated.

A second is that as you manifest the intuitive insight in a suorephex, a new insight will be given. It is like crossing a stream on stepping stones in a fog so thick you cannot see the next stone on which to step until you step on the one directly in front of you.

The third is that the intuitive guidance becomes the guiding star for a journey that will continue to guide you to what you need to do as you step out to manifest your desire. Although the terrain on which you travel may change and cause you to move in a variety of different directions to get around the obstacles in your path, you never lose focus because the intuitive insight lies beyond the immediate environment and you always return to traveling towards that insight once you clear the obstacle.

Using intuitive guidance -following the flow as in the flow of a river (Top)

In general, when used in the creative process, the intuitive guidance acts much like the centerline of a river flow. Looking outward toward the shore line, the river seems to change directions as it flows to the sea. In any given moment, the flow of the river will point to something on the shore but as the river winds itself back and forth, what it points to always seems to change. Yet, alignment with the centerline of the flow always points to the fastest way to the sea.. You must not try and go in the direction reflected in what is pointed at on the shore. Rather, one needs to focus on the feel of the flow and not to which it points on the shore for as the flow bends around the feel will remain unchanged but the object on the shore does.

Intuitive guidance arises from the flow of energy you sense. The feel of the flow and being open to what you feel and sense keeps you on course traveling in the fastest way. In this regard, the body and what it feels, is essential to using your intuitive guidance. What you feel is essential to keeping the intuitive insight functional in your creative endeavor. In working with your intuitive guidance in a creative effort, you need to become aware of the feeling that arises as you act on your intuition and manifest the intuitive guidance you have been given. This then allows that feeling to become your internal compass until a stronger feeling arises as you iterate the process as necessary.

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