Intuitive Guidance

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Intuitive Guidance
Accessing intuitive guidance
Forms of what is called intuitive guidance
Body wisdom
Second knowing
Effectively using intuitive guidance
Developing intuitive guidance
Major issue in opening oneself to feeling
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Intuitive guidance is nothing special. It is something we all posses. We just need to understand it and learn how to use it.

Our intuitive guidance arises as a result of the energy we experience. Intuitive guidance is the information available to us before our mind steps in and manipulates it some way. Mind manipulates it by placing its judgments and/or interpretation of what is experienced and sensed.

Anything that manifests (seen or unseen) and/or experienced, whether experienced in mind and/or body, is the result of a flow of energy. There is a flow of energy which gives rise to the experience we have. Without a flow of energy there is no movement to have an experience. In being open to what we sense and feel, we can "know" and/or "perceive" we can focus our attention and awareness into or on what we are experiencing. That focus on what we sense gives rise to intuitive insights in our mind. That is, our nonconscious mind will characterizes what it is being experienced in the moment based on its past experiences.

What our intuitive guidance presents to us, whether perceived as a feeling or a thought, word or image is only the best our mind can do to describe what we experience. Mind is characterizing everything we experience all the time. What surfaces into our consciousness is determined by the composite of our nonconscious and conscious focus of our attention and awareness. By consciously choosing how we focus our attention and awareness we can access information about any topic. The question is whether or not we have the minimum set of requisite experience to understand what we sense for our mind to characterize it in a way we can understand it.

It is at this point a we are at a juncture. At this moment mind steps in and either discards what surfaces or focuses on it such that it becomes the dominate thought in our mind. Here mind acts as a filter. Based on habits of the past are determining what insight get into our conscious mind such that we recognize the information and are given the options of acting or not acting on it. However, if we are mindful and aware, we can begin to see the space between what arise as the characterization of energy by mind as a thought, feeling, word or image and mind stepping in and allowing it to pass or not pass into our attention to become the dominate thought. It is in this moment, this space between mind stepping in, is where we access the power of our intuitive guidance.

In any case, whatever feeling, thought, word or image, that arises will most probably be wrong or in error simply because mind has insufficient experience to properly characterize what is experienced. The insights we gain in mind are incorrect and at best approximations, unless we have the minimum set of requisite experience to understand what we sense. This is why intuitive guidance seems to be accurate sometimes and at other times so inaccurate. This is also why mind discards information that does not seem to fit its belief structure and how it thinks things should be. Nevertheless, the direction provided by the intuitive guidance regarding the flow of energy manifesting the experience is correct and will be accurate.

What is presented by our intuitive guidance does provide us the direction we need to move to know and get the experience we need to understand what we are really experiencing. The intuitive guidance tells us the direction we need to go to either 1) align with the flow of energy that is manifesting, or will manifest, the desired object or experience; and/or 2) the direction we need to go to gain the minimum set of experience to understand and/or experience the manifesting form.

The awareness of this understanding about intuitive guidance can be used to create anything we desire. Aligning with our intuitive guidance takes us on the path of least resistance for what we wish to create for it aligns with the flow of energy created by the intention we hold. Intuitive guidance is usually perceived to be intuition, body wisdom, and/or second knowing or other typical "sixth sense" abilities.

Accessing intuitive guidance (Top)

In needs to be understood, we can use our intuitive guidance to access any information that we desire and it will limit the information it provides to what we desire. However, our intuitive guidance will not provide us any information unless we ask. We ask by setting a clear intention or we carry a set of beliefs that opens our intuitive guidance for routine use. The information our intuitive guidance surfaces when we donít not ask it anything in particular is only in response to the nonconscious intentions and direction we have set for our life. Without awareness, most of our response to life is survival, protection and keeping safe. Hence most individuals experience their intuitive guidance protecting them and keeping them safe.

Forms of what is called intuitive guidance (Top)

Intuition (Top) Intuition is used interchangeably with intuitive guidance and it can be seen as one and the same as intuitive guidance. It is an awareness about situations and people for which we can find no rational way of knowing.

Body wisdom
(Top) Body wisdom is about body sensations with no physical discernable cause. Body wisdom, is also related to that inherent wisdom that grew us from an infant into an adult without the need of mind. This aspect of body wisdom is perfectly capable of guiding us to help fulfill our creative endeavors if we able to listen and follow it.. (More on .... body wisdom)

Second knowing
(Top) Second knowing is knowing something specific like facts or information that we have no way of logically knowing. For most, intuition and second knowing are one and the same. Their main difference is intuition typically has a "feel" or a feeling associated with the insight. Second knowing, is normally a clear mental insight usually without feeling.

Effectively using intuitive guidance (Top)

Creation is about taking what arises in the creative imagination  and making it a physical reality - an object or experience in physical Creation. To effectively use our intuitive guidance we need to honor our intuitive guidance. We do so by holding our creative ability and our creative insights sacred. If we create real or imaginary action based on the intuitive insight, we moves toward and/or into alignment with the flow of energy and the understanding that gave rise to the intuitive insight. By honoring the intuitive guidance as discussed here, we are also honoring and embracing creativity and the creative process. Honoring intuitive guidance is discussed in the topic, "Honoring our intuitive guidance."

Developing intuitive guidance (Top)

To develop our intuitive guidance, we need to be open to feeling. To effectively use our intuitive guidance, we have to be open to feeling and what we feel. Our body, what it feels and senses, is the doorway to being open to feeling. Our body is like an antenna. It sends energy out and it received energy. To improve our ability to sense the energy, we need to open ourselves to feeling and what our body feels. We will need to become aware of the subtle feeling we get and being to understand why we get the feeling we receive and what information is being picked up and which could be made available to us.

To being to develop our intuitive guidance, we can ask ourselves, "What do I need to feel, what types and kinds of experience do I need to explore to be able to use the depth and breadth of my intuitive ability?" Become aware of what our intuitive guidance presents to us in response to our question as to what we may need to do. Then honor the intuitive guidance that we get. Additionally we can develop a daily practice of feeling and opening ourselves to feeling. For example, it could be to exposure ourselves to different types and kind of sensual feeling experiences. It is also recommended we develop some type and kind of mediation practice that allows us to become mindful and aware of both our thoughts and our feelings. Meditation concepts and principles are discussed in the topic, "Mediation concepts and principles for creativity."

Major issue in opening oneself to feeling (Top)

The major issue in opening oneself to feeling is why we shut down our intuitive insights in the first place. For some of us, we use thinking as an addition to not allow ourselves to feel. To be open to feeling, we will find it necessary to face and deal with all the reasons why we shut down our ability to feel. Most often what we need to face will be those circumstances and memories of the past where our creative spirit was somehow thwarted in what it was choosing to create. This, of course, could be a journey unto itself and would require much more time and effort than what is required for any single creative endeavor.

However, we need not mount a full scale campaign to opening ourselves to feeling. We only need to address what our being presents to us in the moment as needing to be addressed to be open to what we need to feel to create what we desire. However, we cannot run away from it or suppress it. The past that surfaces in opposition to our creative effort is only that with which we need to deal to create what we desire. We then simply need to face what arises one item at a time. How we choose to face what we need to face, is our choice. The recommendation made here is to allow our intuitive guidance to tell us the best, safest and fastest way to face what arises

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