Navigating from the heart

Using our internal guidance to guide our creative activities

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Navigating from the heart
Using our internal guidance to guide our creative activities
The basic concept
Doorway to conscious creating - navigating from the heart
Heart consciousness
The guiding star
Using “Heart intends - mind attends” to access the intention for your life

Navigating from what is symbolized in the heart is about learning to use our internal guidance to guide our creative activities. The heart is the symbol of our creative life energy/creative spirit. Navigating from the heart is learning how to focus on the flow of our creative life energy that arises from the intention we hold and access the awareness and knowledge available to us through our creative spirit to navigate the unknown of a creative endeavor. It needs to be remembered that any true creative endeavor takes us into the unknown and mind is of limited use to create what we desire.

Navigating from our internal compass or navigating from the heart, is much like how an old sailing ship could navigate across the ocean using a reference star or the Sun. This is, of course, if we know how the Sun moves across the sky. The difference here is that our compass is internal and we no longer need the external reference. It is more like how a modern submarine uses and internal navigation system so that it reduces the time it must surface and reveal where it is. We have our own internal compass and all we need to do is calibrate it properly for what we desire to create and then use it to guide us to create what we desire.

Navigating from the heart is to allow the internal compass to feel the direction for our life. That direction is toward the feeling of a fulness of being or alignment with what we desires to create. Every choice that we have in life we simply need to ask themselves “What do I feel?” and “Does this choice take me toward the fulness of being or away from the fulness of being or toward the feeling of what I desire to create or away from it?” In the awareness that comes in response to these questions, we use our mind to attend to the detail and make the choice we made happen. But we check with our heart to ensure we are moving towards the feeling(s) we have selected. Of course, this includes keeping the awareness of the heart focused on what is happening to see if we are being pushed off course because of what mind thinks it must do to make what is desired to happen.

Often we will find ourselves being pulled by mind and its logic one way and heart and the fulness of being or the flow of what we desire to create pulling us another. It is recommended we follow the heart in spite of the opposition of mind. Mind only knows what it has experienced. It cannot see into the unknown and where the flow of energy is going. Heart can do that and will do that if we allow it to lead.

The basic concept (Top)

What we will discover from navigating from the heart and using it as an internal compass is that calibrating the heart is about awakening our consciousness and shifting nonconscious awareness. If we wish, we can look at our mind with its conscious awareness as the scale of the meter. We can label the scale as what serves and what doesn’t serve our being. One end, 100, is what totally serves our being, 0 does nothing, negative 100 (- 100) is causing maximum harm to our being. The instrument itself is the body and it is our body what is sensing the energy. The heart is what moves along the scale telling us what serves and doesn’t server our being in what we sense.

What needs to be understood is that non conscious awareness [knowing without a conscious mental way of knowing] and heart consciousness [awareness of feelings and direction of flow of the energy] that feels the infinity of being lies outside of the mind as we know it and what the mind thinks and knows. Mind only knows what it has experienced. It cannot see into the unknown. However both the nonconscious awareness and heart consciousness are in direct communications with all that is. As such it can perceive and look it the unknown beyond mind.

Calibration of the internal compass is about awakening the mind to the awareness of the heart to both understand what heart feels and doesn’t feel and what we know and don’t know without a conscious mental knowing. It is about mind understanding there is information beyond what our current mind knows an has experienced. Calibration can be seen as about bringing the awareness of the heart consciousness into the consciousness of the mind or as expanding the consciousness of the mind into the realms of the nonconscious for heart consciousness and nonconscious awareness is not normally available to mind to use. In either case it is about making the nonconscious conscious and then creating from that awareness. The key to this process is understanding the flow of energy as perceive by our being

Doorway to conscious creating - navigating from the heart (Top)

Navigating from the heart is about learning to discern the subtle feeling we sense and use feelings as an internal compass to know where we are going in life and with any creative activity. We also view the feelings to align with and hold focus on the deep undercurrent for our creative efforts. The main feelings that we will discern are those that arise from the intention we hold, those that arise from the intention that brought us into this world and those that arise from within our environment. Navigating from the heart is a bridging technique that allows us to move between mind and heart allowing mind to intend and heart to attend to create what one desires and alternatively surrendering to the existing flow in our life by allowing the heart to intend and mind attends to the details of life to bring the existing desired creation into form. We can unconsciously navigate from the heart and what we will find is that it looks and feels like the heart’s desire and/or the longing for the Beloved/beloved. But is the conscious navigating from the heart that allows us to dance between the masculine and feminine aspects of the creation process to become a conscious creator and bring harmony into our life.

Navigating from the heart is much the way and captain of on old sailing ship would use a navigation star to steer them across the unknown sea. Knowing the position of the starts, that always remained outside of one immediate environment, the captain would never get lost. If a storm arose and blew the ship off course, as soon as the sky cleared the captain could figure out where they were and what direction they needed to sail to get back on course. No matter how much the surrounding environment changed or appeared not to change, for example when traveling across a very large sea, the stars always read true and the captain could always know where they were relative to the stars.

We too have an navigation system that can guide us through whatever experience we have in Creation whether it be an experience in the seen or unseen realms. However, rather than being external to our being, we have a navigation system that is internal to our being if we knows how to use it. To use it, we need to awaken to our feelings and to the existence of the heart consciousness or a consciousness of the heart. That is our ability to discern what we feel to know its source. The heart consciousness, whether used consciously or nonconsciously is capable of guiding us through whatever is happening in our life. It is also capable of providing an internal bliss and joy that has little to do with the external world. But to use the flow of our creative life energy, we have to know the flow is there and how it can serve us and when to step out of it or step into it and align with it

Heart consciousness  (Top)

Heart consciousness, using and discerning the flow of our creative life energy in conscious awareness, is about feeling. It is about an internal knowing that tends to be seen as illogical from the perspective of the mind. Heart consciousness includes the body wisdom that grew us from an fetus in the womb into an adult body without the need of our mind as most of us understand mind. It is also about intuitive guidance and seconding knowing.

Intuitive guidance, body wisdom, and seconding knowing all have their origins in the energy we experience and the feelings that arise from that energy. Their difference is only in is how we become aware of the information that they communicate to us. Intuitive guidance is an awareness of about situations and people that we cannot find a rational way of knowing from where the awareness comes. Body wisdom is about body sensations with no physical discernable cause. Second knowing is knowing something specific like facts or information that we have no way of knowing.

We could say they are all a forms of the “sixth sense” but in some ways to call them a “sixth sense” would be very misleading since intuitive guidance, body wisdom and seconding knowing do not represent an alternative sense. Rather, they represent an aware of the energy we experiences before mind steps in and characterizes and/or judges the energy. Many physical sensation we have are an awareness of unseen energies. Mind, because of its limited experience and knowledge of the unseen judges what is relayed to it and find some “logical” rational for what it feels or dismisses it. Heart consciousness, the ability to feel and discern the energy we feel and in time to know its source, is an alternative consciousness that compliments the consciousness of the mind.

The guiding star (Top)

In relation to what we desire to create, the focus is on the internal compass such that the particular feeling becomes the “guiding star” and becomes the reference point for what we desires to create with our life. That is, we creates “situations” where we experience the feeling we are using as our internal compass rather than creating any other type of experience, pleasurable or non pleasurable or “things.” The feeling we use as our internal compass will lead true in any environment and transcends a particular environment. In fact we must learn to feel beyond what we see in our immediate environment and what our immediate environment is telling us. In following the feeling of the internal compass, we will not become lost. It will always lead us to the source of the flow of our creative life energy for what we are desiring to create. As such it will keep us close to the source of our creative power to create whatever we desire.

In this approach, mind must attend to that immediate environment, those everyday aspects of life, to manifest what we desires. The mind should be directed down into the immediate environment to assure that we are safe in our journey and is not going to “run aground” or into other obstacles that lie in our path to navigate around the hazards in the environment. If the mind does not focus on the immediate environment, we will run into unseen obstacles. If we try and navigate a long journey based in the immediate environment, we will become lost. This is one of the most basic problems we have in creating what we desire. We look to see what must be done in our immediate environment with our mind and allow mind to lead rather than going to the heart and our intuitive guidance and look at a longer range perspective. The mind will lead us into blind canyons, or into shallow unsafe waters, or seas with no outlet.

Our intuitive guidance accessed through feeling on the other hand often takes us on what seems to be a journey in the wrong direction only to find out it was the shortest and quickest way to get where we need to be going. The reason for this is often the simplest and easiest way is to “sail around” the obstacle rather than deal with it directly. But if we are not keeping a focus on our heart, our guiding star, we will go off course and become lost as we attempt to sail around the obstacle. Yet heart will continually have to be checked to ensure mind does not compromise the path we take to keep ourselves safe. It is a different way of being in the world that most of us have been taught

Navigating from the heart can use this heart consciousness in unawareness through our feeling as a “black box” that is, to use it but not understand what we use. Or, we can awaken our heart consciousness through the conscious use of our intuitive guidance. Here intuitive guidance refers collective to intuitive guidance, body wisdom, second knowing and internal knowing. It is to consciously use our intuitive guidance to discern the source of what we feel to become a conscious creator and access the deep undercurrents of Creation. This Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material will provide us with the essence to access this ability that already exists within, our being. We just have to know how to use it. Although we will have to practice and develop it and maybe learn more about it, it can ultimately leads us to an inner satisfaction, an internal bliss and joy that can never run dry no matter what is happening in your external world.

Using “Heart intends - mind attends” to access the intention for your life (Top)

To live life is this manner is probably the most fulfilling way to live life but also can be the most challenging to our mind. The reason for this that it challenges us to fully live the uniqueness of our own being at every level of our being. It will probably cause us to face the reason for incarnating. This way is to navigate from the heart allowing feelings of the fulness of being and/or the feeling of spontaneous and innocent childlike play of discovery and exploration of ourselves and our universe to lead if we allow ourselves to have a conscious experience of this state of being. Here the heart, the flow of our creative life energy, intends the path in life and mind attend to the details to make it happen. To follow the heart’s desire, seek the Beloved/beloved, or that perfect soul mate is to use the heart as a black box. We use it as a black box because we don’t really understand what we seek but the feelings are guiding us to what we seek. Here we allow the heart, the feelings within the heart, to intend the direction and the mind to attend to making it happen.

Of course, we determine how heart intends our path in life by what we choose to create. But here we choose our heart to lead as that symbol of the source of the flow of our creative life energy and make the feeling of the fulness of being as a single point focus/meditation. In using the technique of navigating from the heart and allowing our heart to lead our creative efforts we will probably intentionally or unintentionally find and use the feeling of the fulness of being or move towards such a feeling. Following this feeling will cause us to align with the reason for our incarnation which can be extremely rewarding from and inner satisfaction standpoint but very challenging to our enculturated mind and what we have been taught is important in life. Most probably we will find we will we live the left hand path of convention. Nevertheless, using feeling to navigate through life opens the door to live in alignment with our life purpose. But, it is recommended we do not pursue this path unless we feel what our mind knows cannot give s the satisfaction in life we desire. If we are happy with what our mind has created and the life we experience, continue to allow our mind to intend and our heart to attend to the details.

We can set an intention and then align with the flow of energy generated from that intention. Or, we can set the intention to align with the feeling of the fulness of being and/or our life purpose. That is, our heart, the source of the flow of our creative life energy, to lead. Allowing heart to intend and mind to attend is accomplished by allowing the heart and what heart feels about a situation to be compared to the fulness of being within our being such that the alignment toward the fulness of being intend the direction and path in our life.

Or, a third option that most use in unawareness is that we can look to feel our environment and chose a flow of energy within our environment to follow what feels good. But in any case, once we set our intention we follow the feelings and intuitive guidance that goes with that intention. This is the essence of the heart’s desire and looking for the Beloved/beloved. This is how many find a mate in life or can use a muse. We search their environment until we find someone who we think feels right in accordance to the criterial of mind and then pursues them. Mind then attends to the details to making that path happen within the environment in which we find ourselves and we use the heart to verify that what mind thinks is verified through feelings. It is here we try and become very aware of how our thoughts, words and deeds feel and where or not what we feel is serving us and moving to those that optimize the feeling to which we set our internal compass.

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