To eat and digest something
with the intent of making it your own


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To become a conscious creator, one needs to become aware of what they take inside themselves and make a part of themselves. It is much like any food we eat. We must first eat it and then digest it. In digesting it we take what is useful to meet the needs of our body and then discard the remainder. We don’t hold on to everything. We only hold that which is useful to us. What we eat then becomes a source of energy and life that arises from within our being.

One problem we all faced and continue to face in life, is that we receive programming from others. This is neither good nor bad. It is just the way humans learn from each other and share the experience of Creation. However, everything we are given does not necessarily serve our unique needs. We must learn to become discerning. We must learn what is useful to us at each and every level of our being and discard the remainder.

If we are going to become a conscious creator and use something on which to focus our attention and awareness that has been given to us by another we will first have to eat it and digest it and allow it to arise from within our being to supplies us with an energy to act . We must make it your own by discarding what is not useful and does not serve us while keeping the remainder within our being. It is like any food we eat only here the food also includes our spiritual, mental or emotional needs. We then must allow our use of what has been taken within our being to be determined by our inner wisdom. That is to allow what we use to arise from within our being as something on which you have taken ownership. Otherwise whatever you use will not be ours.

To eat, digest and make something our own is to read/listen, study and contemplate a concept, idea, a word or phrase, or experience as we would learn anything. We need to look at what we understand or don’t understand about what is said or experienced. We need to look at the positive aspects and the negative aspects. We need to look as to how what we listen to, read or experience makes us feel. We look to see if it provides an excitement in our being or it is boring or causes fear to arise. But whatever it is we do not consciously choose to use it or seek it. Rather we take whatever is given to us as an advisement and suggested action. We take it within and allow the awareness of it to arise from within as to whether or not we should use what is given or seek more of the experience.

How this is done practically is as follows. Study what is given or experienced. Eat it, digest it, make it our own and leave it at that. Separately, go to our intuitive guidance and inner knowing and ask our inner knowing how to create what we desire to create. If what is provided by another or what we experienced is something that we should use in our creative efforts, it will arise and come out as intuitive guidance.

For example mediation. If we say, “I choose to use mediation to create...” that statement is a choice by our mind and not necessarily something that is ours. We are choosing to use it based on what another has given to us. However, if we ask our inner knowing, “How should I go about creating ...” and meditation arises in some way as the answer, then meditation is our answer and we should use it. It this case it is not something given to us and we take it from another. Rather it arises from within our own being as our own way. In doing so we are taking conscious control over what we create . Although how we create comes from our subconscious it comes from the deeper aspects of our being. It comes from that subconscious link with the source/Source of our being.

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