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The most important thing we need to understand about our creative power/Creative Power is that creative power lies in feeling. We only act when we feel. If we do not have the passion and the energy to act, we do not act. Some will say we will act when we have no feelings to act such as when we act out of obligation and/or duty. However, we do have a feeling for the obligation and/or the duty which allows us to act. That is, we feel the duty and we feel the obligation and that feeling causes us to act.

Having the energy and passion to act is about feeling the flow of energy within us. There is nothing to feel unless there is a flow of energy. Ultimately creative power all boils down to the flow of energy within our being. The question are whether or not we are open to what we feel as it flows through our being and whether or not we are free to explore what we feel. We need to ask ourselves if what we feel causes us to grow and expand or to shrink and contract. Do we limit what we feel for we fear feeling pain, our pain or that of another, or that we may suffer consequences or repercussions for acting on what we feel.

It is our suppressed feelings that are at the root cause of all our problems. That is, we block the flow of our creative life energy in suppressing what we feel. It is the ability to freely flow with what we feel that gives rise to Heaven and Nirvana here an now. It is not properly acting on our feelings that destroys our health and creates suffering in our life.

If we are not free to flow with what we feel and consciously create with it it will come out in some undesired nonconscious way - such as accident, illness, disease or misfortune. What we can discover is that we have the inborn and natural ability to "let go of, and express, our feelings. We do this through are natural ability to enter a state of childlike play. Here we can discover how to effortlessly release every feeling that we have and flow with the feeling. In doing so, we can see this is especially true about releasing those feelings which have a negative influence on our life. We can experience that the more we release, the lighter, happier, healthier and more loving we become. When we began to pay attention to our feelings and do what lead us to feelings that serve us - we find wholeness, within our being at every level of our being. We can have every aspect of our life start to get better. As our struggle and resistance ends, our anxieties and miseries dropped away as can illness and other events which we consider misfortunes in life.

By allowing what we feel to freely flow, we realize our experiences of lack, confinement and similar types and kinds of experiences give away to experiences abundance, fullness of being and fullness of life and with life. As we remain in this inner state as a seed condition, our inner world is reflected in the outer and we can being to "grow" and experience such experiences externally. In time we experience life with an inner satisfaction that never runs dry no matter what is happening in our external world. Some describe such a state as bliss or a profound happiness with no sorrow. Exactly what we experience will be unique to our own being.  

It needs to be realized that accessing our creative power lies in the ability of our mind to choose. In any one moment, there are five primary flows of energy to which we can surrender that are influencing our life. They are (1) the intention for our life, (2) the flow of Creation, (3) the flow of society, (4) the flow the intention of our enculturated mind, (5) the composite or resultant flow of the desire of our mind. Of course there are other flows of energy that are variations of these five or a subpart. From a feeling perspective, the choice is easy. We choose that which allows for a feeling of freedom and expansion into our own being and our own truth. The question is, "How have we focused our attention and awareness."

What is very clear and the most intriguing observation is that creation/Creation is not done alone. We need another or others for any experience we have. Creation is not something I can do myself. Nor is it something anyone else can do themselves. For any experience we desire, we will need another. In some ways it is a paradox of creation/Creation. The source/Source resides within me, as within you. All is possible from within. Only I, as only you, can open that door to access it from within. However, I, as you, cannot access it without another with whom to create a joint creation in some way.  Paradoxically, the other holds the way into our own being. This is why the passion and feelings we have for another, whether they be positive or negative, are so important. What we feel for another expands or contracts our creative power.

This is the same for each of us and our ability to access the source/Source. Creative power lies in feeling. The other is the cause and/or occasion for our feelings to arise. Additionally, the feel of creating something alone and the feel of creating something with another or others is related but different. When we create alone, eventually we are drawn, consciously or nonconsciously, to want, in one way or another, to share what we create. It is the essence of the Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective and of Creation Itself. Often the desire to share become more powerful than what it is we create. We forget what we set out to do and lose ourselves in seeking the attention of the other or others

Accessing creative power/Creative Power: The first and main obstacle to accessing the depth and breadth of our creative power is where we believe creative power/Creative Power lies.

The source of our creative power lies within our being and it lies in feeling. If we do not feel and do not have a feeling for or against something we will not act. On this point, we do not experience the Source of Creation with our mind and what we think. Rather we feel the Source of Creation. Mind will tend to characterize what we feel based on its past experiences we have had. Nevertheless, our creative power and access to the Source of Creation lies in what we feel and how we feel it. We need to become aware of what we feel.

In regard to feeling, our body is the doorway to the Source of Creation. There is no need to transcend the body nor deny the body. To do so denies the Source of Creation and the creator/Creator. In learning how to use our body and being open to what we feel we can experience Heaven, the Kingdom of God, Nirvana or whatever we desire to call an experience of the Source of Creation. However, whatever our mind calls it or how it describes it will be wrong for mind is trying to characterize an infinity within the limitation of its past experiences. But in any case, we will feel the experience.

Our body is what feels, not our mind. We need to learn how the body functions and how to use the body. We need to calibrate our body as to what we feel. We do so through calibrating our internal compass. But we need to calibrate all aspects of being: spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. The body and the awareness in what the body feels, is the key to the unseen realms of Creation. We need to know how we feel in our body. We just need to realize, the awareness of the body is not the body. The awareness transcends time and space.

Understanding where we believe the creative power/Creative Power of creation/Creation lies is probably best addressed in our concept of God and what we believe, or donít believe, about God and the creative power/Creative Power of Creation. The question is, "Are we willing to decouple our dependence on God and trust that we have the creative power/Creative Power within to create what we need to experience to access Heaven and Nirvana here and now and/or anything else. It is to trust that whomever or whatever caused Creation and us to come into existence has given us the free will to do what we choose and the power to create whatever we desire. We simply have to creatively grow up and learn how to use what has been given to us as our birthright. If we give our creative power/Creative Power away simply because of what we believe, we will be unable to have the creative power/Creative Power to create what we desire or a gentle phoenix for our creative endeavors. We have to take responsibility for what we experience and to know that in some way, whether we understand it or not, we have created, or agreed to participate in, what we experience and the reality of those experiences.

The issue of sex: Once one gets past the feeling of pain, there is the issue is sex. In discussing our creative power, there is the issue of sex and the role sexuality does or doesnít play in our creative power. The real issue around sexuality is our creative power lies in what we feel. Sexuality is a door way to feeling at each and every level of our being. Something like Tantra attempts to use sexuality to move towards and/or obtain enlightenment. The question is how does sexuality work to give enlightenment. The answer is sexuality doesnít. Rather it is in the feelings which are created by the sexuality and how the energy in the feeling that is created is directed. Ultimately it is all about the control of our mind and how we do or donít feel, what we allow ourselves to feel or not feel, and how we do or donít direct the energy that we feel.

Sex will never rise as an issue as long as we never experience the stirring of energy within the sexual organs - that is, a child before the sexual organs develop. However, once we feel our sexuality in our sex organs in whatever magnitude we feel it we face the issue of sex. Whether or not the sex organs are removed and/or become nonfunctional, once we have felt sexuality, we have a memory of the experience. But, what needs to be understood is the issue of sex is not the sex. The issue is the energy and flow of energy we feel which gives rise to the feelings of sexuality.

The issue with pain and sex are ultimately flip sides of the same coin so to speak The are similar in that each gives rise to feelings which must be explored. However, pain causes us to move away from experiences which need to be explored. Sex, because of its pleasure tends to cause us to try and control the situation which make it available to us and keep it for ourselves. The issue with sex is we usually need another to explore it so we try and control another to ensure the availability of sex and what it can provide in what we feel. Pain we can create fairly well by ourselves although another can help our exploration if they know how to do it. Sex however is different. We can be sexual with ourselves but the magnitude of what is experienced is not present in solo sex. Another will be needed. That other then introduces a whole series of complications such that we need to move past the sex to work directly with the feelings.

In the same way one can move into pain and explore it to see what is really giving rise to it, one can move into the feelings we experience in sex and explore it. In moving into those feelings which lie in sex the universe opens. The universe and Creation is a place of feeling. Within feeling and exactly what we are feeling is knowledge and understanding. We can take another into feeling and we can coach another in how to look to see what lies in feelings. It is something that is rarely taught today. We are so mental that we think all that is in feeling is what we feel. We do not pull the string to look to see what is really giving rise to what we feel.

We fail to see that if we become a detached witness, we can see into the feeling of pleasure or pain to see what is really giving rise to the feeling. It seeing what gives rise to the pleasures of sex we will find it is about life, freedom, and the free flow of the creative life energy of creation/Creation that sustains us and has a desire to create. In that awareness we can see the oneness of Creation and all arises from the same Source. We can see we are each that same and all are ultimately seeking the same thing. We only do it differently because of what we believe and the experiences we have had in this and other existences.

The sad or rather disappointing thing is that one cannot consciously intend to use sex to access Nirvana or to find Heaven here and now. To consciously seek the sex causes mind to stand in the way for it ultimately tries to control what occurs. What needs to happen is to become lost in feeling and what we feel and allow the feelings to carry us in, and through, any sexuality which arises. But we must be prepared to move past the sex into the feelings which arises and explore them. Otherwise we will be captured by the sex. We can start with sex to surface feeling but we then have to become totally lost in the feeling and sex satisfaction cannot be the end point.

Sex, when properly done, takes one into feelings that opens the door to Heaven and the Source of Creation. However, rather than stepping into Heaven and/or what lies in the Source, most of us attempt to control the conditions of sex that give rise to the feeling. The fact that another is needed to explore the issue of sex and its relation to Heaven and Nirvana give rise to sex as the ultimate control issue. It stands at the gate of entering Heaven and/or Nirvana here an now for it requires destruction, or rather transformation, of the ego or it reinforces the ego and the control it exerts over our life. It needs to be remember Heaven and Nirvana are a feeling and they are feelings of freedom. The intensity of orgasmic feeling within sex takes one to the door way of Nirvana and Heaven here and now. The question is do the feelings of sex lead to freedom or confinement and control.

Ideally sexual as any experience of the Source of Creation with another should give rise to such awareness that all one can tell the individual with whom one is with is something equivalent to the following. "You have given me the most exquisite pleasures and fullness of being. I am so full of life and wonderment an "ah" at Creation and what is has to offer, all I can do is share what I have found with others. If you are so lead, please give to whomever you are lead what you have given to me and created for me,"

However, rather than think this way relative to sex and what we obtained with the assistance of another, we tend to try and control the other individual, own the other individual and/or hold for ourselves and our own pleasure. The issue is not being promiscuous or running from partner to partner. The issue is are we trying to own and hold what we found or share that abundance we feel in organism with others. To be in the flow and remain in that flow we need to become a pass through and not hold on to what we experience but rather pass it on to others. Most stay with the feelings in sex and try and hold those feelings. Few move into the feeling of sex as we would explore pain to see what is really giving rise to what we feel. But the use of sex is a whole different discussion and the topic, "Sexuality and Creativity - Creative Sexuality" was created to address sexuality related issues and our creative power or creative endeavors.

The bottom line

Creative power/creative Power is feeling. Or, alternatively said, creative power/Creative Power lie in feeling. That is what we feel is our creative power and The Creative Power. We are one with the source/Source when we allow ourselves to surrender and freely flow with our feelings without the imposition of mind. The key word here is freely. If we are not free for whatever reason including our nonconscious programming, we step out of the Creative Power and into our creative power and ego/mind. This is why creative play and creating a certain type and kind of play were we are free to surrender to our feelings is essential. Fortunately or unfortunately, sexuality is one of the greatest experiences of feelings we can enter. It is a doorway to our creative power. The question is, "Do we know how to constructively use the creative power which lies in sexuality?"

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