Giving permission for the creative spirit to come out

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When we are very young, our creative spirit readily, willingly and freely expresses itself. However, as it become thwarted for one reason or another in its free expression, it withdraws and becomes very reluctant to come out. Our creative spirit loses its freedom to both freely express itself externally and to explore options internally. More often than not, mind becomes focused on protecting our creative spirit and keeping it safe. It will develop response patterns to life and what it perceives as a threat. As a result, we respond to life protectively and seek to keep our creative spirit safe. In doing so, we lock our creative spirit in a cage of our own making.

For any creative endeavor we undertake, we need to both create a safe space for our creative spirit to express itself and then to give it permission to come out. Although circumstances in our life or another may call it forth, we must give it permission to come out. Giving our creative spirit permission to come out also means we are willing to do what is necessary to take the bars off the cage in which we have placed it. We must gives ourselves permission to do what we need to do to allow it to become free to unfold true to itself. We must be willing to work with, and address, the pain of the past as it arises in response to our creative endeavors. Often what we try and create becomes the occasion for memories of the past to return and haunt us with their pain. If we don’t work the issue as they arise, they will keep our creative spirit bound and we will be unable to access the creative power/Creative Power we need to create what we desire. We can always access some creative power just in living life. However, without our creative spirit behind what we attempt to create, it will be much less than what is possible.

There are two areas were we will specifically find it necessary to give our creative spirit permission to come out. One is if we desire to fully claim our birthright. The second is if we set the intention to fully experience our creative passion and to create something larger than ourselves. Each of these in their own way require us to reconstitute our creative power. In doing so, we will also be required to under go a soul retrieval. That is we will find it necessary to reclaim and call back our creative spirit from wherever, and from whomever ,we have given it . These types and kinds of efforts are best done in a state of creative play. To help create the space to reconstitute our creative power, allow our creative spirit to freely unfold true to itself and enter creative play if not return to that most creative state of being, a release form was created that you may wish to use. It was designed to give permission for your creative spirit to come out. Background information and the release form is provided in the discussion entitled “Guardian consent form for the spontaneous playful child within.”

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