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Internal compass



How the internal compass works

Overview (Top)

The key to the internal compass is to realize any creation which occurs is the result of a flow of energy. Any experience you have is a result of a flow of energy. Without a flow of energy there is no movement. There is no animation Without a flow of energy there is nothing to experience. To create anything there needs to cause a flow of energy or movement of energy. There are many existing flows of energy that are animating and giving rise to the creation you currently experience.

On this note, there is a particular flow of energy that is controlling or will control what you desire to create. Also you will needs a sufficient and continued flow of sufficient energy to create what you desire. If that flow of energy gets diverted or reduced below the necessary level you will be unable to create what you desire. If one can learn to discern the flows of energy and what they feel like you can enter any creative endeavor and not get lost. You can learn to focus on the particular flow of energy that gives rise to the creation you desire. Since any true creative endeavor takes you into the unknown and to experience what you have not previously experienced, you can use the feeling of that particular flow of energy to keep focused such that you do not get lost in the unknown or distracted from what you desire to create.

In many ways is like a radio. There are many frequencies of energy or radio station broadcasts that you can receive. Once you find your desired station, you lock onto it and stay locked on. Your intern compass is like the turner which enables you to find a particular flow of energy that you desire and then lock onto that particular flow.

The questions is, “How do we find and access the flow or flows of energy that we need to create what we desire?” This is done by calibrating one’s feelings and using the calibration to establish an internal compass to guide one’s creative endeavors to know what is serving or not serving what one desires to create.

Background (Top)

For most us, feelings are of two types. One type are physical body sensations that tell us about our environment or the body itself. For example we feel the warmth of the sun on our skin and the pain of a strained muscle. The other type are sensations that are inside us and perceived as being physical but not directly related to anything outside or inside of us. These sensations or feelings are often those that allows us to experience a satisfaction or disappointment with life. For example, you are in a situation where everything is just the way you want it except that you feel a sadness that a particular friend is not present with you to share what you have. Few have been taught that these feelings, both inner and outer, with or without discernable cause, are part of a compass that can lead us through any aspect of life in a way that is unimaginable to the mind.

Although, pain sensors are found in various parts of the body, the organ that is most symbolic of feelings is the heart. What is interesting to notes is that although all the nerve impulse go to the brain, the brain does not feel and has no pain sensors of its own. It only interpreters what is sensed. Also, it does not necessarily tell us what is being sensed. Rather telling us what is being senses is only part of the interpretation. The sensors within the body and the pattern of what sensors activate tell us more about what is being sensed. What needs to be emphasized here is mind does not sense what is felt, it integrates and interprets what is felt. The brain and mind function more of a control and switching station for the information than functioning with the ability to senses the information and to know anything about the information. Without the sensors of the body, the brain has no information on which to act.

There is more to feeling than just the physical sensors of pain or pleasure. We can sense the nonphysical aspects of energy. Exactly how we sense the nonphysical energy cannot be fully explained looking at the physical sensors of the body only as physical sensors. However, the physical sensors of the body act and function metaphorically for the unseen aspects of energy. It is this metaphysical aspect that gives rise to systems of thought such as the Seven Chakra System.

If you carefully observe what you feel, especially the non physical aspects of energy, you will come to perceive the heart functions as a sensor for the nonphysical aspects of the flow of your creative life energy. It can tell you about your life. It can tell if you are living and whether or not your being is being served in what you thinks, say and do.

It will tell you the direction of the flow of any unseen energy you are experiencing. That is why so much of the human literature talks about the heart and its capability to love and/or function as the seat of the emotions. The heart will communicate whether or not the flow of energy that sustains your body is expanding or contracting you. That is, if what you are doing is expanding your creative powers and the life you are living or it is contracting your creative power and shrinking our life giving energy.

In any case, it needs to be understood that mind’s interpretation of what is sensed by the body is only as good as the input. If the body cannot properly feel and/or the heart is closed or the mind has shut off sensation, mind will be unable to properly characterize what it is sensed for the input will be distorted. Yet, regardless of what mind dos, the heart will sense the energy you experience and you can place your awareness into the heart to see if you are being served.

How the internal compass works (Top)

Feeling is done in the body. In many ways you can look at the body both literally and symbolically as a energy detector or antenna that senses the energy one is experiencing within their being. The heart is the sensitive part of the instrument that receives what is sensed and will tell you the direction of the flow for any energy you sense as to whether or not it serves you. The heart determines the direction of the flow of energy you experience much the way a needle of a compass will move and align with the magnetic field of the earth to determined the direction of flow of the magnetic field of the earth. Once you know where North is by the direction of the needle, you can move any where you want relative to that known reference point or calibration point. The reference or calibration point we label “North” tells you how you are in flow with or out of flow with the magnetic field of the earth. So too with the heart. It will tell you if you are in flow or out of flow with the creative life energy that sustains your being and flows from the Source of Creation back to the Source of Creation. If you are in flow, then what you are doing serves your being. If you are out of flow, you run the risk of harming yourself in some way.

What needs to be understood is that, unless the mind has raised the threshold of pain and changes the body’s sensitivity to the energy it experiences, the body will feel the flow of energy whether or not the heart is open to sensing the directions of flow. It is the mind that interprets what is felt as either pleasure or pain but it cannot determined the direction of the flow sensed by the body. The body only feels. Mind does not know if the pain we are experiencing is harming us or taking us past our fixed limits and expanding our being. Physically they look the same but they are different. So too with pleasure. We don’t know if the pleasure is the pleasure of our expansion as the result of the unfolding of our being or a pleasure that masks a pain and is leading us to an addiction and confinement of our being.

The heart is what determined whether one is aligned, or not aligned, with the source or the flow from the Source. To use the heart to sense the direction of the flow of energy you need to first, be able to feel the flow and, second, calibrate the heart as to the direction of flow. To feel the flow you need to be open two ways. You need to be open to feeling the pleasure pain cycle and you need to be open to feeling the expansion and contraction of your being.

To be open to the pleasure pain cycle, is to understand and work with the fact that pain and pleasure are connected like flip sides of a coin. For every pleasure there will be eventual loss of pleasure that can be experienced as disappointing if not pain. Similarly, for every pain, the discontinuance of pain can be seen a pleasurable. To see one over the other or the exclusion of the other is unbalanced and will cause you to reduce your ability to sense the flow of energy and use your internal compass. One must be willing to feel either way as the situation requires. That does not mean you embrace pain as such do not find a way to mitigate pain. Rather, one need to become aware and use the gift of pain. On this note, the more you are open to feeling the pleasure and/or pain of life, the greater the ability to sense the energy you experience and often the subtly of the direction of flow.

To sense the energy, one needs to allow the body to feel which means we need to remove all our blocks to feeling. That means dealing with the mind and all the ways it has either raised the threshold of pain/pleasure sensitivity and/or numbed the ability to feel. If you have addictions that you use to take you away from what you feel, you will have to face those addictions and the pain they mask and suppress. To sense the flow of energy one needs to keep the heart “open.”

If the body feels but the heart cannot sense, all one will know is that “something” is there, either pain or pleasure, but they will not know how and where the energy is taking them and whether or not it is being served. Many feel “something” pulling them into life and they will describe this “something” as a longing within, or of, their heart. Often individuals who feel this deep longing will feel a little schizophrenic for there is a deep longing for a beloved/The Beloved, yet there is a deep pain in not having the beloved/The Beloved. They become torn between longing for the beloved/The Beloved (the pleasure the beloved/Beloved can give) and denying the existence of a beloved/The Beloved because the excruciating pain of separation.

Many will have to work with their body to improve ability to feel and many will have to awaken their heart in order to know what exactly they are feeling. Mind can only interpret what it feels based on the experiences it has had and what is supplied to it. So it is often ill prepared to fully understand what it experiences. Yet the sensitivity of the heart will always read true if it is open because it does not interpret what is sensed. All interpretation is done by the mind. All one needs to know is what the alignment with the flow from/to the source of our being feels like and then step out of mind to stay locked onto that feelings independent of what mind thinks and believes about what is happening.

As you work with your feelings you will find there is a reason for you being here and it is feelings that keep you on the path to accomplish what you came to do. You can look at your life is much like a river winding its way from the mountains to the sea. The path is not straight but follows the contour of the land. But there is a current that lies somewhere in the river, usually near the middle, that tells you where the river is going. The current always leads to the sea but it will never always point in the same direction relative to the external references of north, south, east and west.

So too with the way your creative life energy flows into and through your being. Your creative life energy is carrying you through physical Creation back to the source of your being much the way the river flows thought the contour of the land to the ocean. The flow of your creative life energy will return you to the source of your origin - that Eternal Sea out of which all Creation forms.

So in one sense, you need to do nothing with your life for you will return to that Eternal Sea. However, if you wish to have a life with an inner joy and/or access your inherent creative powers you have to feel the current and follow it to keep you centered in your path so you can tap into the optimum power that is available to you. The body senses the flow of energy but it cannot tell you what it senses and whether or not it senses the flow that comes from inside one’s being or senses the flow of energy that is coming from the outside one’s being. The body does not, and cannot sense the direction of the flow of energy that it senses. Mind may interpret something the body feels and will determine it pleasurable or painful but it cannot tell you whether or not the pleasure or the pain is aligning with the flow of your creative life energy and leading you to an inner satisfaction. The assumption of mind is that what it feels as pleasurable is good and pain is not good. Yet the opposite is true more often than not and more often than mind could imagine. In any case, it is the heart and the hearts ability to sense the direction that will keep you aligned with, or move you to the where you are in alignment with your creative life energy where the flow is most powerful.

The recommendation made here is that you calibrate what you feel and calibrate your internal compass and use it to guide you in your life. To calibrate your internal compass, click here.

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