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If you synthesize and study the information that is available about Creation and the creative process of Creation, creativity, and the human role in the creative process that we experience every day as a human being, you will come to find there are two views or perspectives from which to experience Creation. The two perceptions from which to live life and view Creation are through what one senses or feels, symbolized by the heart, and what one thinks and believes, symbolized by the mind

It does need to be noted here that using the heart to symbolize what one senses and feels can be slightly misleading. Feeling is about sensing the energies that give rise to Creation and which create the experiences. The heart is not the sensing organ. The body and our being is what senses the energy of creation. We sense with our entire body and with our being. The body is actually a much better symbol than the heart.

However, the heart is the organ that pumps the life giving blood through out our body creating a flow of life. It is this flow of energy that animates our life and gives rise to our creative power. It is the flow of energy that animates our life with which we must align to access our creative power. In this regard the heart is the best symbol to represent the flow of energy that is sustaining the body. It is essential that one learn to discern what one feels to discern the flow that is a result of one’s own flow of energy from the energy it senses in the environment. The heart to symbolize what we feel and sense we need to remember that it is the body that is actually doing the sensing and we need to be come intimately aware of what we feel in our body and within our being.

The view of the mind is dominated by what you consciously and unconsciously think and believe and you allow what you perceive by mind to determine how you live life. That is, you decide your choice more by thinking than feeling. To live from the view of the mind we make our decisions by what we think and believe without regard to what we feel.

The view of the heart, the awaken heart awareness, is to become aware of what you feel but to understanding what you feel and why you feel the way you do. To live from the view of the heart, we need to learn to feel the flow of life within and through our body. We need to discern it from what we feel in our environment. In doing so, you can learn to understand and feel what thoughts, memories, words and deeds serve you and those that don’t. Then, in that awareness of what serves, to allow what you feel to determine how you live life.

These two ways to view Creation cause the human to seemingly bridges two dissimilar worlds that appear totally separate from each other. But, in reality, they are connected like the flip sides of a coin. At the center and throughout the coin the essences is the same. As you move outward to the faced of the coin, the faces of the coin are different because the how the coin is molded based on the impression the environment makes or stamps onto the coin. Yet, what gives rise to that face is identical to its essence. The two sides are not different except in how they are viewed.

What needs to be understood is that these two perceptions from which to live life and view Creation, what one feels and what one thinks are like two “eyes,” or rather two sets of eyes, from which to view reality. Each view is valid but each focuses on a different aspect of the creative process.. Both of these views are available to you in any moment. However, the view of Creation you have is based on how and where you place your awareness. Most, if not all, have been taught to live their life and view Creation from the perspective of mind. All have had the experience of viewing life totally unbiased from their heart and what one feels. Most of us have lost that ability early in life and have to work to regain it.

Each of us had this experience of creating unbiased from the heart before one became aware of the judgements of mind. However, very few consciously remember having experienced the view totally from the heart for it occurred before mind steps in with its interpretations and judgements about life. All of us have experienced the view of the heart and it was experienced as spontaneous and innocent childlike play of discovery and exploration of the world in which we found ourselves. However, we did so only as a small infant and by the time we are four or five, mind has already distorted the view of the heart because of how mind learned to respond to the world and survive in the world. In essence, we have lost, or rather simply misplaced, our “heart awareness or “heart consciousness.” Yet, it is available to us.

The loss of “heart awareness” causes us to lose the conscious connection with the unseen world and conscious awareness of the deep undercurrents of Creation. As we grow older remnants persist. We experience the remnants as our intuitive guidance. Yet many never really learn to trust, let alone use, their intuitive guidance and the many forms that it takes. To access the heart awareness one needs to move towards having a conscious experience of the state of being characterized as spontaneous and innocent childlike play of discovery and exploration of the universe characterized by that play of a child before mind steps in. How our mind developed its view of Creation and itself determines how we lose this heart awareness and the ability to be in spontaneous and innocent childlike play. The conscious and subconscious experiences we have that thwart our play and the response patterns we develop to protect ourselves in the future are what prevents us from returning to that state of play.

For many, regain the view of the heart requires one to reawaken their ability to feel. This is done by revisiting the reasons why this ability was shut down or turned off in the first place. Often one needs to revisit memories of past experiences to see how we have bound or otherwise thwarted the free flow of our creative life energy because of the pain of the experience we had. For many this means reexamining the pain of the past and the fear that keeps the door shut. But revisiting the past does not have to be traumatic or even painful. It can be made playful. There are ways to make any journey into the past faster, easier and gentler than one would think.

The Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity technology is designed to reopen the door to the alternative to mind and its view. It is designed to access the wisdom of both heart and mind available to you for any creative endeavor you wish to undertake. It then seeks to marry these two of experiencing Creation using the wisdom of each to enhance your creative power and ability.

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