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There are a variety of ways to discuss attachments. All that really needs to be understood is that attachments are the essence of how we create the experiences we have. Our attachments are what gives rise to creation/Creation. It is through our attachments that we bind our creative life energy for the purpose of creating a particular type and kind of experience. In this regard, attachments are really neither good nor bad, they are just part of the process. The question is whether or not we hold onto them. Our attachments arise from holding onto people, places and experiences that need to pass out of our life. To create something new we will need to release that to which we are attached that is creating our current experiences.

On this notes it must be realize that a dislike and avoidance of something is just a powerful attachment as a desire for something. For example, if we desire to “leave” the Physical Creation for whatever reason, we need to understand the reason for wanting to leave is an attachment that will hold us to the physical reality we desire to escape. If we desire to leave the physical plane because we dislike the pain of the physical, that dislike will keep us bound. If we desire to become spiritual because it is some how perceived as being “better” than the physical, that too is an attachment. If we like the physical plane, that too is an attachment.

What we will find is that until we find true freedom and become like the wind, coming with nothing (no expectations or attachments) and leaving with nothing (no expectations or attachments) , we will not become free of the physical.

The issue of attachments is a matter of learning to become happy with is as it is. It is not a matter of becoming desires less for desire is the raw material of creation/Creation. Rather it is being happy with the desires we have and happy with what our desires create. On this point it must be realize all the desires we have are not necessarily ours.

Our body has desires just to sustain it and we have incarnated to play a role. That role will require us to do certain things. Some of the desires are from the Physical Creation. Some things our mind may judge as acceptable and some we may judge as unacceptable. If however we learns to align with the flow of our creative life energy surrendering to its lead, freeing ourselves from our attachments and learning to be happy with what is and where it takes us, we will find that they can live like the wind, free and unattached. We will also be able to be in the state of wonderment and “Ah” at Creation. We will live in the spontaneous and innocent childlike play of discovery and exploration for we will truly be exploring the unknown depths of our own being and that of Creation.

The problem with attachments is they cause us to become rebellious within our own nature moving us closer and closer to our external physical creations and further and further away from the source/Source of our being and our own creative power. Similarly to push away from the physical world to seek some spiritual realm or heaven also pushes us away from the source/Source of our being. In addition to moving to the opposite side of the duality of Physical Creation we deny the creative powers/Creative Powers that created Creation as it is.

The more and more we attach to our creations we eventually become completely attracted to our creations, physical or otherwise, we actually forget we are the creators of what we experience. In doing so, we lose the very power and ability of creativity that we had set in motion. We become one with our creations, rather than remaining in the state of oneness with the Source of our being and our creation. When we associates with the creation the loss of creative power is so complete that we become that which they create totally forgetting our power to create. In doing so we experiences pain and fear on the physical level and no longer see the pain as the gift it is. We lose our conscious awareness of being the creators that we are. When we lose the conscious awareness as the creator that we are, our creative spirit becomes lost and move to an nonconscious state, unaware of its divine origin as a being of unlimited creativity and unlimited creative ability creative power.

It is interesting to note that hell has traditionally been characterized as a place of being cast into a darkness and being separated from the illumination of the Divine. Yet that is what happens when a human becomes so attached to their creation or Creation and lose touch with their own creative ability and creative power. In doing so they loose touch with the source/Source of their being and the source/Source of their passion for life and for living. In this realization it can easily be seen how one can create hell here in the present world simply by how and what they think, believe and to what they become attached.

Our attachments give rise to all the phenomenon we face in life for are attachment are how we create the experiences we have. For example it is our attachment to experiences we have that we use to define ourselves that gives rise to our ego. Our ego is simply a cage of our own making in which we put our creative spirit and use to hold captive our creative power and creative ability to have the experiences we have. We each need to discover how we have come to believe who we think we are so that we can transform that ego identity to recreate our selves in a way that allow us to create and experience both the experiences and the reality of our choice.

In this regard, death is a failsafe mechanism use to prevent us from becoming trapped. Death as you experience it is needed so that we don’t get trapped as a result of our attachments. In reality there is no death. There is only the transformation of what is into something else. Death as it is currently experienced is a safety measure put into place so that you don't become trapped. There is no reason to die other than to release all that you have come to think you are. In this regard a part of us will need to die for every creative endeavor we undertake and is reflected in the sacrifice of creation in the creative/creation process. Otherwise there will be not room for a new creation.

The alternative to living with attachment is to be fully present to now that is, to allow ourselves to die each moment. To be present to now is to be mindful and aware. It is to not live in the past nor the future but to be present to what is, as it is. To be present to now is to be out of mind and what we think and the judgements we have. If we observe ourselves at any given moment we will find we are thinking how we like or dislike what we are experiencing. Or, we are thinking about what we will do at some future time or remember something that has happened in the past. The more we are doing something that is of habit the more we can allow ourselves to not be present to what you are doing but off thinking about something else.

To become free of attachments, we must become like the wind, no past, no future. Coming with nothing and living with nothing and living in the moment. It is very hart to live that way in life. But what we only really need to do is to be able to be present in the moment out of mind and what mind thinks and believes when our body wisdom and intuitive guidance present what they know. We need to be able to see what our body wisdom and intuitive guidance presents before mind jumps in and judges or some how changes what is presented. If we can be mindful, awake and aware to be unattached to a past and a future, it is in that moment when body wisdom and intuitive guidance speaks that anything is possible.

To release our attachments, we need to reach out unselfishly and unattached in our actions. We can hope for the best and long for what we desire. Hope and longing are fine. Expectation is not. When we expect, disappointment is always lurking nearby. Think of the difference in opening several birthday gifts when we hope for something and we expects something and it doesn’t arrive. There is a sadness and disappointment in hope but there is no feeling of betrayal in it as when we expects. With betrayal, trust is lost. With hope, trust is never lost. Hope just looks to a new way to manifest.

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