The Fifteen Creative Steps/Guidelines

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The Fifteen Creative Steps/Guidelines

Step/Guideline 1: Calibrate your internal compass to know what serves and doesn’t serve your creative spirit and learn to read your internal compassion to be able to align with the flow of energy created by your intention.

Step/Guideline 2: Obtain clarity of Intention. Become as clear as possible on what you desired to create knowing you can change or iterate your intention as your perspective changes as a result of these steps. Since often what we think we want is environmentally dependent, identify the type and kind of feeling that accompanies what you desired to create so that you do not lose focus in your creative effort as the environment changes. Hold your intention and, in particularly, the feeling you desire to create as a single point focus for your life. On this point, look at the origins of your intention and look to see who or what is calling forth your creative ability. Look to see how your creative spirit is, or is not, being served by what is being called forth.

Step/Guideline 3: As you explore you creativity, you will need to admit and accept that you have developed response patterns to life that render part, if not a majority, of your conscious creativity powerless such that you are unable to access a sufficient creative power to create what you desire. Trust that your internal guidance is more than adequate to guide you to change the response pattern to something that better serves your creative needs.

Step/Guideline 4: Understand and accept that there is a Creative Power greater than what your ego can understand. Yet this Creative Power is only accessible through, and within your own being, when you harnessed your ego. Learn to harness your ego. One of the quickest ways found to harness the ego is to seek to create something for another which your ego considers impossible or highly improbable with no expectation of direct personal return and surrender to the lead of your intuitive guidance to create it.

Step/Guideline 5: After obtaining clarity of intent and choosing to harness the ego, turn your will and your life relative to your creative endeavor over to the care of this Creative Power as you understand it and surrender to the flow of energy that is manifesting what you intend to create. To surrender to the flow of energy and harness your ego, allow your intuition to guide your actions relative to what you desire to create.

Step/Guideline 6: Make a searching and fearless inventory and evaluation of your choices, especially related to your creative effort, regardless of whether you considered them right or wrong, and understand why you chose the way you chose as opposed to some other choice.

Step/Guideline 7: In understanding why you chose the way you did, understand and explain to another (as a witness and representative of the external world) exactly how you denied and failed to use and follow your internal compass and/or your intuitive guidance and become aware of the truth that you denied. In denying and failing to use your internal compass you subsequently deny the truth available within your being and your body to feel and sense the internal wisdom to create what you desired.

Step/Guideline 8: As a result of this inventory, open yourself and ask to have this Creative Power as you understand it to remold and recast your character. Allow yourself to transform what you think are shortcomings and obstacles by looking to see how they have been an asset in accessing and releasing your unlimited creativity while doing what you need to do to manifest your intention.

Step/Guideline 9: Make a list of all the people, organizations and/or particular perspective or views of life to which you looked for guidance and direction, and/or looked to them to act first, rather than looking within and doing what you yourself needed/need to do. You have to be willing to make the amends for what you had thought about them and/or yourself for them not acting as you wanted and expected them to act. To know what to do, review each of these and ask your intuitive guidance where you need to make the amends and what must be done and then act as lead by your intuitive guidance. As you act on your intuition, understand because of the way mind characterizes what it experiences based on the past, your intuitive guidance will not necessarily tell you the correct action to take but rather it provides you the correct direction you need to travel in action on the intuitive guidance you get.

Step/Guideline 10: Alignment with this Creative Power and the creative process and holding the focus on the flow of energy that is manifesting what you desire to create is an ongoing and never-ending effort to both manifest and sustain your creation. Create a single point focus on what you intend and take continual inventory as to how you are making your choices and where you deny acting as necessary, admitting it and consulting your intuitive guidance to correct it. Learn to feel what thoughts, works, deeds, and memories serve or don’t serve your creative efforts.

Step/Guideline 11: In a way appropriate to your being, such as in prayer, contemplation, meditation, study, experimentation, rituals, etc, you have to seek to improve and expand your understanding and conscious contact with this Creative Power within and without. Seek through your internal compass to maintain alignment with unwavering faith with the flow of the creative life energy that sustains your being and the energy that is flowing to manifest your intention.

Step/Guideline 12: Without a passionate single point focus almost to the point of being blinded to create what you desire, you will need another. Ask your intuition to find someone who would help you hold the focus with unwavering faith and hold you accountable to your creative efforts and what you desire to create. Honor the intuitive guidance that you receive.

Step/Guideline 13: In awakening to the creative power available to you, you have to practice these principles becoming the embodiment of your creative efforts by actively living your truth in the world. In doing so you carry this understanding to others by allowing your life to be the proof of the creative power available to each of us. It is only in sharing your experiences and these principles when and where appropriate do you create that world in which you create what you desire

Step/Guideline 14: Only in loving ourselves did we create the space within our being to live the truth of our being. Only in loving another as ourselves where we created the space to allow others to freely live the truth of their being could we reveal the depth and breadth of the creative power within ourselves to ourselves and others. In finding and embracing your creative power, create the space within yourself to allow yourself and others to freely find and embrace their creative power. Become a rainmaker, a dream midwife and nanny for the dreams of at least one individual, giving freely and unconditionally, without obligation or duty, whatever was required with no expectations in return. Without placing expectation on the individual in any way, they are free to unfold true to their nature at each and every level of their being. In doing that for another, you give the same gift to yourself. As a rainmaker, create the fertile space for their dream to grow inside themselves. As a dream midwife, assist in birthing that dream to take a form in the world. As a nanny, help to ensure a safe and secure space until the dream was strong enough to “stand on its own two feet” and go into the world. In doing so you give the same gift to yourself for you cannot give what you do not have.

Step/Guideline 15: Become a light unto yourself. Know and live the truth that Creation/creation, whether experienced internally or externally, is not done alone but can only be experienced with, and through, another in some way. Know that living creation with another in no way requires you to compromise the truth of your own being to shine forth. Creation is magical enough to allow each of us to live true to the truth of our own being and yet allow the other to remain free to do the same.

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