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The file you seek is either under revision or has not yet been made available for web site viewing.

One question that may be asked is, “Why are hyperlinks created for files that are not currently loaded?”

There are three reasons for this.

One is the hyperlinks identify the next priority for topics that should be addressed. There are many topics that can be addressed. The hyperlinks help identify the additional information to support those topics that are already placed on the web. However, the number of hyperlinks tend to be multiplicative. Each file loaded may have several hyperlinks and the number of new files grows faster than the material that can be addressed with currently available resources.

The second reason is the file topics let you know the depth and breadth of the subjects that you creativity can address. The file topics identify the types and kinds of topics impacted by our inherent creative power and abilities and the hyperlinks help identify some of the interconnection between those topics. In this regard, the files identify what is available to you in and through the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Technology.

The previous fact leads directly to the third reason. Calculations indicate, given the time available, the amount of material to make available, and the current available resources, it could take on the order of several years to format all the material about our inherent creative power and ability and provide it all on the web. Since one intent of the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material is to give individuals what they need the question is, “Out of all the possible topics that can be addressed, what topics do individuals wish or need to hear about?” To address this, each file has a “contact” hyperlink. That link provides an email which contains the subject line of the file accessed. Those topics which receive inquiries as to the availability of content of the file will rise in the priority list of things to be addressed. Otherwise, priorities will be set based on what the author feels lead to do. So, if you have a specific interest or need, a request should be made. Your request will help raise your interest closer to, if not to the top, of the list of files to be reformatted to be addressed.

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