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 A blunt truth about our creativity and creative power 


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After years of exploring our inherent creativity which began as an exploration of creativity in the workplace, there is are several simple blunt summary statements that can be made about our inherent creativity and our creative ability and creative power.

The blunt truth is, we are an infinitely creative being which possesses an unlimited creativity and we are directly linked to the infinite Source of Creation. We can never be separated or removed from this Source. The illusion of Creation gives rise to the illusion of this separation for the purposes of having an experience of creation.

The illusion of Creation causes each of us to see ourselves as a separate and independent being unable to access the Source. The illusion of Creation will always push us to believe we are separate from the Source. Yet, nothing can be farther from the truth. The "trick," if we wish to call it a trick, is to act within the rules of Physical Creation with the awareness that all is interconnected and all emanates from the Source. Nothing occurs without our agreement at some level of our being to participate in the experience. The illusion of mind is what keeps us from recognizing our agreement and taking responsibility for what we have created. But, if we learn to ask our intuitive guidance and take an inner journey to develop the inner dialog, we will get answers as to why we are having the experiences we do. We may not like the answer we get, but we will get an answer.

We need to understand we will not be able to escape the rules of Physical Creation until we align with the intention for our life and be in the process of completing what it asks us to do. This does not mean we have to be a conscious alignment with the intention for our life. Most align to some degree nonconsciously. When we are aligned with, and fulfilling, the intention for our life, we can begin to see and experience realms of existence beyond what we can normally see and imagine and get answer to questions we never thought possible. The fastest and easiest way to have nonphysical experiences, which some would call mystical, spiritual, and the like, is to do what we came to do. Doing what we came to do, often call our Fatherís Business, frees us from what is binds us to a human physical experience.

To deny what we came here to do is to deny the wisdom and the Creator who put us here and it is ultimately a denial of our own creative ability and creative power which was given to us to fulfill that role. Whether we realize it or not, the intention for our life in addition to being the source of our life and what gives us life and gives us health, is the source of our creative power. To live our life without fulfilling the intention for our life we will always feel something is missing in life, we are not getting enough of what life has to offer, there is a void in our life, and/or we maybe even feel depressed about life and what it has to offer. We align with the intention for our life simply by following a feeling which has been described in many ways. It is a feeling which allows us to feel the fullness of life, the fullness of being, expansion of our being, a freedom of being, a feeling of wonderment and "ah," and/or simply a passion for life and a desire to engage life more fully.

We do have a free will and we each have all the creative ability and creative power we need to choose to create experiences of life which accomplish the role we agreed to play and create a life worth living. Or, we can refuse to create those experiences and do what our current mind has come to think and believe about Creation and our role as a result of the experiences we have had in life. However, if we fail to do what gives us life and engage in the role we incarnated to play, we should not be surprised if we drain ourselves of energy, find little satisfaction and fulfillment in life and/or are faced with accident, illness, disease and the like. Although all accidents, illnesses diseases and the like are not the result of our failure to finance health and to do what gives us health, many of them are simply the result of the choices with have made in unawareness.

Although many think honoring the role we agreed to play is a denial of our freedom and does not allow us to enjoy life for it is an burden or obligation in life, nothing can be father from the truth. After all, we agreed to the role we have to play and it is that role which gave us life and will continue to give us life and all the health we need to accomplish that role. We only have to choose to follow it.

On this note of following the intention for our life, the intention for our life existed before our current mind came into existence and became aware of itself. As such, it does not normally have the minimum set of experience to fully understand the intention for our life. The reason for this is the intention for our life is not an experience, it is a whole collection of experiences gained over a lifetime however long that life may be. Consequently we need to access the intention for our life through the feeling described above and learn to do a dance. It is a dance between the heart and the mind. It is dance between the heart and the feeling which gives us life and the fullness of being, and the mind and what the mind wants and thinks it needs to do to survive in the world in which we find ourselves. The intent and purpose of the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity understanding and material is to help us to do this dance in a way which serves us and helps us to fulfill the intention for our life and create a life worth living.

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