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To determine if the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity is for you, if there is anything of value in this material for you, and/or this approach is for you, there are two tests you can perform. One is a feeling test. The other is a mental test. If you are looking to apply these concepts to an organization or a group of people, it needs to be remembered that organizations are made of individuals. The organization’s purpose is to ultimately serve the interest of an individual or individuals. As such, the following test applies equally well. All you need to do is focus on the organization and what you desire to create and do the exercises as if you are going to live with, or in, the organization. .

The feeling test: If what you read here give you feeling of a fullness in your being, a calmness, a feeling of expansion, a lightness of being, you appear to become more awake and/or aware, your curiosity is awakened, or you experience any other feelings of freedom and/or that you are being encouraged to become more than you perceive yourself to be, then the approach discussed here is probably in some way for you. If however, you feel there is a constriction, a confinement, or any other feeling that your freedom is being restricted or you are being pushed to become less than you are or becoming bound, then what is contained in this material is not for you or at least, not for you at this point in your life and you should look else where for what you seek.

The mental test: In looking back over your life from this moment, can you answer yes to each of these questions: The first question is: “If I had to live my life over - all of it - would I choose to live it more or less the same way - it has been a good life and I created well?” Alternatively said, the life I am living is so rich and full that I cannot fully savor all that I experience in the time that is available. The second question is, “If I had to spend eternity living the life I have lived - all of it - I find my current life to be a very acceptable way to choose to live eternity?”

If you can answer yes to these questions, it is recommended you enjoy the life you have, make a toast and be grateful for the experience of life and wonderment of the universe. The Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material has little to offer you. If, however, you answered “No” to these questions, whole or in part, at some level you may be feeling life can be better and you are invited to consider what this material has to offer. The principles and concepts with the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity understanding will help you create a life worth living such that you can answer yes to the questions above.

Do you want a fish (a solution) or learn to fish (create)

In holding a creativity perspective, you have the perspective capable of solving any problem you face in any area or aspect of life. So, here one faces the proverbial statement, “Give a person a fish, they eat for a day. Teach them how to fish, and they eat for a lifetime.” If you get a creative solution, you solve a problem. If you get a creativity perspective, you have the change of solving any problem.

What was discovered was the individual needed to decide if they wanted a fish or they desired to learn how to fish. The intention and focus of the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity approach is teach you how to fish and you will be pulled in that direction if you use this material. Most are looking for that quick fix and as such, only desire to be given a fish. So whenever they were faced with learning how to fish there always was some reason to balk at what was being provided or they would find their lives were orchestrated in such a way that they were called to go do something else. There was always some excuse that would be given but in the end it was only because they did not want to learn how to fish.

It has been found there is no reason to justify the principles and concepts presented here. Each individual is able to do their own exploration as to the truth and validity of them. One only needs to have the desire and will to do so. It is much easier than one would imagine. You simply need to use clarity of intent and your own intuition to guide you. If you believe what you read here and it feels right to you, use it. If it doesn’t feel right, look at your objections and explore the truth behind the objection. Do your own experiments to verify the truth of what is said here. In doing so, you will go a long way into releasing your unlimited creativity.

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