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Any creative endeavor we require us to tithe our time and our creative life energy. To tithe to our new creation also means we will have to sacrifice where we not put our time and energy. Tithing our time and energy can be seen to occur in two major areas.

One tithing you will have to do is to develop a personal practice to develop our intuitive guidance that flows from our creative passion. Our intuitive guidance is essential for any creative endeavor. Until we have a strongly developed intuitive guidance, we will be continually needing to provide time and attention to developing it. Developing our intuitive guidance is probably best done by engaging in a creative activity to bring something new into the world that did not exist before that involves using our body in some way other than sitting and thinking. There needs to be body movement. It is essential the body be engaged in what you are doing. Drawing, cutting, playing an instrument are all acceptable although we may only be sitting. Similarly, creating rituals, metatheaters and the like to act out our creative imagination  is also useful for developing our intuitive guidance.

In essence what occurs is that as we open ourselves to creative activities, we open a communication channel to the creator/Creator. In creating we become a creator and we can dialog creator to Creator. In the moment of performing creative activities we get insights, have awareness, access knowledge and the like that are otherwise unavailable.

The second tithe we need to make is to the journey itself. We will have to give our time and effort to whatever our intuitive guidance requires us to do trusting that the universe will meet our needs in all ways. It is essential to note here that needs are not wants. For us to transform ourselves to live our truth and freely express our creative passion, and fully express the unique consciousness within our being our entire world may need to be stripped away and rebuilt. We have to be willing to let go of what needs to be sacrificed  to create this new world. Although rarely required, we do need to be willing to sacrifice everything in our lives. Stripping away everything is not the case for everyone. But there will be major changes. It is inevitable. To reconstitute our creative ability and creative power at deep level will cause us to call back our creative life energy from much that we have created in and with our life. It all depends on how far away from living our truth that we have been living our life.

In this process, we will have to look carefully at what we need and what we want. Our mind will attempt to interject itself raising all the objections that it can to stop us. Our past will haunt us and try and control. Our habits will become continuous stumbling blocks until our develop the strength of will to overcome them. Our fears and judgments of others and our society will come screaming at us. We may feel we are possessed by demons and evil spirits yet these are only the types and kinds of experiences Buddha himself faced in his journey. Through out all of this we must stay loyal to our intuitive guidance. Buddha use to touch the ground when he was faced with his demons and evil spirits to remind him of what was real and what was illusion. What we feel within our body is real. What we feel grounds our connection with the Source of Being that created and sustains us and flows though us as our creative life energy. Our physical body, our body wisdom and our intuitive guidance arising from what we feel are key. We must remain grounded and fixed on that which is manifested, that is our body, for that is the current truth of reality as it is, not what our mind is trying to tell us.

For significant creative endeavors, our mind will do whatever it can to us to distract us from pursuing our goal. Yet is not about anything personal. It is just the nature of mind to create the illusion of mind so that we can experience the creation we desire. It just takes our time and effort to retrain our mind to create the new illusion we desire.

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