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About a year and a half after being asked to take the position of the Emergency Response Coordinator of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission Region I Office the needed upgrades and changes were made. Although the task was to address significant issues in the NRC’s ability to provide adequate and effective response to any nuclear accident or incident in the Mid Atlantic and New England States, the real experience during this period was to witness and observe an unfolding flower. The experience of that unfoldment gave the author a very unique ability to know where an individual’s creative spirit was within its unfoldment and the importance of the creative spirit in healing.

The author had come to the completion of another assignment. Both the professional and mystical aspects had come to completion. Although the emergency response coordinator position was one of the more interesting positions the author held in his professional career, he was becoming bored at the repetitive nature of the work. Actually the work was quite challenging and in many ways exciting. Yet it was still a continual repeat of the same issues in a different way. It was time to move on. So the author began to look around for a new position somewhere.

The calling came in response to his refusal to take a particular job offer that did not seem to suit his personal interest. Having a diverse background and organization insights in the nuclear sciences, operational safety and emergency preparedness, he was contacted to take a job with the US the Department of Energy. After the Chernobyl nuclear accident the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) investigated the status of certain US Department of Energy Nuclear facilities. The NAS review determined that certain safety and protection upgrades were needed. This report also concluded the Department was not technically competent to oversee its contractors. The author was asked to help implement and manage those upgrades.

However, after reading the National Academy of Sciences Report, the author pushed the report aside. He said to himself that the job was not for him. The job did not seem to suit his personal interests. It was in that moment he heard a voice.

The calling was not a demand or anything similar to a demand such as direction to: “Go forth and do good,” in whatever way one defines good. Rather it was a deep soulful, sad and almost pleading “Who will protect my children?” The sadness in the calling was startling. It is to be noted, that when he received this calling, he responded immediately in two ways. One way was to tell the voice, “I can’t do it alone.” He fully expected “The Voice” to similarly call others. A part of the author knew that what was being asked was greater than what one person could handle. The other response was to seek professional advice as to whether or not he was going crazy hearing voices. Correctly or incorrectly, he was reassured he was only experiencing what was traditionally called a calling.

So began a seventeen year journey in response to what he thought he was asked to do. He thought he was asked to simply protect workers, the public and the environment from the harmful effects of modern technology only to come to find out it was ultimately a journey of understanding into the world of creativity. It was a journey into a world his mind did not know existed.

“It was a journey into the nature of human thinking, creativity and how and why individuals seemingly lose their ability to be creative and inquisitive about life. It was a journey to learn and explore the true depth and breadth of the real issue one faces and why they face it. Ultimately it was a journey to make the subconscious conscious. It was a journey to: (1) understand the “Who” that asked; (2) understand who or what are the “children;” and (3) understand how one protects those children and (4) the related question as to what these “children” have anything to do with nuclear and industrial safety.

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Index of topics related to the origins of the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Technology and applications
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