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The journey to find an alternative way was inspired by what he saw and experienced in the workplace. The initial journey to find an alternative way started as stated in the discussion “The Conscious (Elective) Journey into Creativity”: Given what he had come to know about creativity, he set out to see if he could find an alternative way to live in the world to resolve many of the workplace issues he was experiencing and were unresolved after many different organizational attempts. ... The question was, “Was there an alternative way to live life such that there was overall improved workplace efforts in all areas and greater personal satisfaction in life for the individual?” The author chose to look for such a path through improved creativity.

The author was puzzled by the number of unhappy and unfulfilled “successful” individuals he was meeting in life. He was puzzled by the number of attempts at management to improve the overall safety, health, quality and/or morale of the workplace and failed. He was confuses as to why managers were making what appeared to be seemingly fact less based decisions. The Laboratory Integration Prioritization System has proven that. He felt there had to be an alternative way to view life, view the organization and experience Creation. He felt there must be something more to life that what was being taught. He felt there must be an alternative way that would make life more satisfying in all ways.

As was stated in “A Foolish Thing” shortly after he set the intention to embody unconditional love, he was inspired to look to see if there was not something he was missing about the assumptions he made about the Universe. He knew from his past experience, if something was not working as you expect, look at your assumptions.

At the time, the journey to look for an alternative way to live life appeared totally independent from the intention he set to become or embody unconditional love. The author did not initially see them in any way connected and they existed separately for quite some time. The author also saw this journey to find an alternative way totally different and unrelated to the Critical Mass of Enlightenment Experiment. He saw the journey to explore and alternative way to live life more focused on organization creativity and creating a different work environment. He felt there needed to be an alternative way in the work place to address the root issues he was seeing. The Critical Mass of Enlightenment experiment was more of a curiosity he attempted in his non work time.

The author had explored what seem liked all the conventional solutions offered by the management “guru’s,” management philosophies, creativity theories and creativity approaches and came up lacking in a solution/approach. He then had the intuitive insight that he should look into what people called the “unseen” energy of Creation more typically associated with mysticism and see if it has anything to offer. His logic was simple. Having been trained as energy physicist, he routine never saw the energy with which he worked. He already knew how to work with unseen energy. He did it all his life. He just needed to the proper instrument for the energy within which he wanted to work

He thought back to a long held idea about calibrating the human body. Although the concept was not yet really refined in his mind, he knew we possess an internal compass. He routinely talked about the heart’s desire and the need to access the heart’s desire. He realized the heart’s desire was a source of our passion and that the workplace needed to somehow access the heart’s desire of an individual if they were going to optimum performance from the individual. That was what employee motivation and team building was all about.

He wondered if there were not unseen influences causing managers to make some of the seemingly fact less decisions they were making. He again began to wonder exactly how the body itself could be used to sense the unseen energy of Creation and to subsequently catalyze the heart’s desire. Since psychics perceive the unseen, he chose to start his exploration for an alternative way by talking to some psychics to see what they see in the unseen realm. He wanted to see what they understood and perceived about the unseen energy of Creation.

As child, the society in which he was raised forbid contact with psychics and every effort was made to not encourage that type and kind of thinking. However, he never really considered what psychics saw. Yet, he always had some interest in the paranormal and even considered studying it in college for a brief moment. Although he had previous exposure to spiritual traditions and how they managed the unseen energy. He never saw spirituality or individuals with psychic ability as relevant to creativity. He had many experiences with spiritual teachers and guides about the unseen. He now wanted to explore what the secular world said about such unseen things and to see if it had any relevance to what the was trying to accomplish in the workplace.

What the author didn’t know nor understand at the time was he moving to a turning point that was reached in the Ultimate Accident. In essence this choice to explore the unseen energy of Creation was the beginning to move from his professional path and the way he was taught to view and to live his life to his mystical path. His interest in trying to understand what psychics saw was only his way of taking that first step toward recalibrating his own internal compass.

What he discovered surprised him. It surprised him in two ways. One was an immediate surprise. The second only came in hindsight.

The immediate surprise was the way the psychics talked to him. They talked to him in two ways. First, almost all the psychics with whom he chose to work talked about the path for his life. It was as thought they were reading a blue print. As he began to raise his mystical path to a conscious path, he realized he could use his own life to see the filters the different psychics were using. That is, they were all looking at the same energy unfolding, namely, the author. He realized that there was a path for his life. He was not always consciously aware of the path but he could feel it. He could begin to see where psychics were looking on the path and how they were interpreting it. He could then compare their observations. What they described both reflected where they were looking and how they were focused and how they were interpreting and biasing the energy they experienced.

When the author began to realize there was a deep undercurrent for his life and there was what could be called a destiny to his life, he began to wonder about free will. He began to wonder exactly where did his choices in life lie. The answer he found lied in what is symbolized in the heart - our creative spirit and the flow of creative life energy that sustains us. In time he came to see and understand, the alternative way to life is to follow what is symbolized in the heart rather than the mind. Yet, as a conscious creator, there is third choice and it is to dance between heart and mind.

The second way they psychics talked to him, which was also surprising, was that they would use the collective pronouns. They would refer to “we” or “us.” They would talk to the author as though he was a practicing psychic. Initially he did not understand why they did that. In time he came to realized what he took for granted was a psychic ability to most individuals.

The author came to realize, his ability to know things and observe things were not a common ability among most individuals. What he found was that what was psychic in him was never separate from what others would call normal thinking. Only in time did he being to understand what he was trying to communicate could not be seen by many. Only in time did he begin to understand to talk to many individuals, he had to separate out what most consider normal thinking from what he knew. To address what was not considered normal thinking, he tried to present what he knew and understood through physics or analogies of nature and examples from his own life or the lives of others. He knew what he possessed was not anything special. We all have what individuals call “psychic” abilities. It is only when have not been taught to recognize and use the abilities inherent within our ability. We are much like Lion Cub and Eaglet presented in the two stories discussed in “The Human Condition as Seen From the Creativity Perspective.”

The second surprise the author encountered in looking for an alternative way that was only realized in hindsight was that the author discovered the alternative way to live life within twenty four hours of his decision to step and act to find it. However, he only realized that in hindsight several years later near the end of the journey as to what happened. Why he missed it was quite simply that his mind did not have the minimum set of requisite experiences to understand exactly what he did and how he did it. But then, if he had recognized it when it happened, the journey would not have been documented in what it has been documented and available in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity materials.

It is hoped that you can become wise from lessons learned in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity. It is hoped you can find an alternative way to live life that provides a inner satisfaction that never runs dry no matter what is happening in your external world in a faster, easier and gentler way than would have otherwise been possible without this material.

One of the direct results of looking for this alternative way is the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Technology and the application web sites. A discussion of how this alternative way was used in creating these materials is discussed in the topic, “Some results of the journey to find an alternative way.”

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