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Many seek to improve their creativity to create wealth and/or financial success as success is measured by the world. Part of that desired success comes from the need to survive in the world. But, more often than not it goes well beyond what is needed to survive and is driven by how the world of man measures success. It doesn’t matter if that success is monetary wealth, land ownership, influence, prestige, enlightenment, or whatever mind holds as its criteria success.

The issue of having an unlimited creativity and being unable to create any type of wealth as we define wealth is, quite simply, we compromise our unlimited creativity to please the external world to do what it is willing to pay for. Seeking the depth and breadth of our unlimited creativity will not necessarily create wealth in any form other than an inner satisfaction which never runs dry no matter what is happening in the world.

The biggest disappointment is what gives the inner satisfaction that one seeks is not necessarily what mind wants or desires and/or aligns with the success criteria of the world. There is the belief/statement that the Kingdom of God is not of this world. This is only true in part for the Kingdom of God is at hand. What needs to be understood is that the creative power and freedom found at the Source of Creation is not of the world we experience, the Creation. Alternatively said, the kingdom of the heart where we access the Source of Creation is not of the world created by the mind. However, if we can be in Creation and become like the wind, coming with nothing and no expectations and leaving with nothing and no expectations we can experience that Kingdom here and down.

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