Belief Structure

Belief Structure

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Our belief structure is the composite of how and what we think and believe and why we think and believe what we do and about ourselves and the world. It is how we connect ourselves to the external world and environment in which we find ourselves as a result of the past experience we have had. The belief structure is the sum total of all that you believe, both consciously and subconsciously and how those beliefs do, and don’t, fit together. Our beliefs and the resultant belief structure of those beliefs frames or characterize the energy that we experience into thoughts, images, ideas, and the like. The belief structure is what gives rise to opinions, judgments, understanding and most importantly, the interpretations we have about the nature of reality of our experience.

Our belief structure can be seen as the lens or the mirror that we use to focus our attention or as a filter. As a lens, it can be very clear or very foggy and clouded. It can be transparent, colored biasing what we see, or complete opaque and blinds us to what we wish to see. Additionally, we can look at our belief structure as a switch. Depending how and what we believe, we direct our attention on or off something or someone. When our attention is on an object, our energy flows in the direction of the object. When our attention is off the object our energy stops flowing and goes else  where.

The term belief structure is used because in addition to the belief that is held, the way it is held cause a particular effect. For example we can view the belief we hold as a filter. We can view life through a yellow filter and a blue filter where the filters each represent a different belief. We can hold the blue and yellow separate as yellow or blue or we can allow them to mix as green. Or, we can hold them as yellow, blue and a mixture as green. In either cases the effect is different although we are only using two filters. The structure or view that we create with these two filters can be different than either of the filters. The belief structure is representative of how we use the beliefs that we hold and filter what we perceive.

It is here through our beliefs acting as filters the illusion of mind is created. We filter what is into a perception we choose to see. Although we see and experience reality for what it is as it is, our beliefs filter that what is into what we choose to see. Most often we are totally unaware of how we are filtering and biasing the experiences we have. It is here something like metatheater becomes very powerful. We experience what is, the truth of reality, and then filter it through the illusion of mind. If we experience an illusion, like metatheater which we create, we can then see the truth of the filter of mind by how it responds to the illusion we create with the metatheater. It is a quite powerful and even fun way of surfacing subconscious and unconscious beliefs.

How we view an experience determines the future experience we have by how we choose to think or not think, act or not act. Our belief structure is capable of giving us conscious or subconscious permission to catalyze ourselves to access the energy to act to do what needs to be done with or without the cooperation of the external world. The issue for creativity is having a belief structure, a way of thinking and believing - a perspective - that allows us to hold what we desire at a conscious or subconscious level in such a way that it will unfold when conditions are correct.

Our belief structure is important for our creativity because it represents the past. To create something new we need to face the past because has created the current situation. So one needs to “get out of mind” or “beyond mind” to create something new. What this means is that we need to get out of our belief structure. Or, we need to change our belief structure such that it is expansive enough to embrace the unknown we face in a creative effort. That is, we need to get outside the structure formed within our mind that is the composite of how and what you think and believe and why you think and believe the way we do because of the past experiences you have had. Quite simply, the mind that created the problem is not the mind that will solve the problem. So there will need to be a way to get out of our existing mind and existing belief structure. This does not mean you throw away your past. Rather, it is to recycle the past. It is to empty ourselves of all of what we think and believe that does not serve what we desire to create.

Our belief structure determines the entanglements of how we bind and/or direct our creative energy to create the experience we have. It is the composite of our memoirs, what and how we think and believe, and the habits that belief structure creates cause us to form, store and bind a tremendous amount of creative ability and power. As a result, rather than being free to consciously create, we do most of our creation subconsciously and as a response to the world in which we find ourselves

If we know how to change our belief structure and break the habits we can release that creative ability. Few become truly proactive in their creative efforts. Few ever consciously access the depth and breadth of their inherent creative ability because of how our creative spirit becomes bound by the past. We only need to know how to consciously access and deal with what stands in the way of its free and unfettered unfoldment. What lies in the way are our own beliefs. In this regard, whatever creativity you think you posses, you can be assured you can access orders of magnitude greater ability.

Clarity is the major issue for most individuals because of the interweave of our subconscious beliefs. Many of us have a very conflicting belief structure that cause our focus to be dispersed and scattered as opposed to being concentrated. Rather, than concentrating our energy creating the lightening type bolt of creation, or laser like focus of energy, we keep our energy scattered and in a clouded diffuse state never properly grounding our ideas and desires.

To keep a straight and clear creative path, we need to face the interweave of beliefs, conflicting intentions, and conflicting desires within our belief structure. Often what we intend to create is tied to other aspects of our life that we don’t want to change simply because the beliefs we hold. The challenge of creation is to stay focused on what we desire to create for the mundane world continually pulls us in other directions.

However, because our beliefs are interconnected we also challenge ourselves. Most of us challenge ourselves to stay focused on what we desire to create and to find a way to create what we desire and not allow other parts of our life to change. We want to change one part of our life and not others. Yet, our life is an interweave and all aspects of our life are interconnected. If we don’t find such a way we will be pulled away from what we desire to create.

There are easier ways. One is to surrender to the energy that will give rise to our creation and just allow our lives to change no matter what aspects changes. Another is to change our belief structure. Most cannot surrender to the flow of energy and just allow their lives to change. So, the alternative way to make one’s creation easier, it is best to find an appropriate beliefs structure that supports one creative desires. Then what needs to change in one’s life comes naturally. A creativity perspective is one such perspective that will help you to do this.

Creating the appropriate belief structure you will create a way of thinking such that you will create that fertilized space within to create whatever you desire. It all starts with what you do or do not believe. This material on this and related web sites will help you expand what you believe to open the door so that you can create anything you desire.

Our belief structure can constantly change or is capable of constantly changing. It is transmutable. The belief structure itself found within any given perspective is capable of being very fluid and always changing. Each experience that one has either reinforces one’s existing belief or causes them to shift their beliefs and thinking in some new way. In fact, our belief structure can be very plastic and it can be soft and malleable under the correct conditions. However, it can be and often is, very brittle, fixed and hard under other conditions. Some look at this hardness as stubbornness but the hardness in the belief structure is a much deeper phenomenon that to which stubbornness refers. Stubbornness implies a choice not to change. A harden belief structure offers no such choice. It is as thought what one believes is set in concrete. In essence we develop a mind set.

When a particular belief structure is “set” or held rigid we create a mind set. The way any individual’s mind is set will mask reality both internally and externally and does not allow individuals to see reality for what it is. When in a mind set, it doesn’t matter that the experience you have which may force the way you think to change, mind set will cause you to continue seeing as you have in the past. You will become very out of alignment with the reality of what is and can even cause harm and damage to yourself for you also become blinded to the hazards which exist.

Challenging our existing mind set, through something like a “not doing” practice, will allow us to see the true depth and breath of our own unique unlimited creativity. Changing our mind set starts with changing our belief structure. To change our belief structure we need a perspective that will adequately address the concerns as to why we created the mind set in the first place and/or create a sufficient latitude in our current belief structure to embrace the unknown. Adopting a creativity perspective and holding one’s creativity sacred can and can help you achieve that needed change in beliefs. In particular, learning how to hold your creativity sacred can help you to find a path in any situation you face.

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