The spiral nature of our creations and peeling the layers of an onion


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The spiral nature of our creations and peeling the layers of an onion
The spiral nature of exploring our true nature
Truth is layered like an onion
When will it end?
Becoming caught in a never ending cycle

In exploring any creative endeavor of any significance size, and/or exploring the truth of how we create our experiences and the reality of those experiences, we can expect our journey to have a spiral and onion like facet. Although a clearly held intention will set a trajectory, and we follow the path of least resistance if we surrender to the flow of energy it creates, it will not necessarily be anything near a straight line going from one point to another. The journey takes this spiral and onion like form as we obtain the minimum set of requisite experience to create what we desire.

The spiral nature of exploring our true nature (Top)

Exploration of our true nature will be spiral like in that there was a continual circling around revisiting older topics at deeper and deeper levels with new understanding. Sometimes the end seems never in sight. It is spiral in the sense that you will seem to continually return to aspects you previously covered and seemed to have already addressed only to address it in a new and deeper more profound way. What we will find in this spiral is that it is as though nothing has changed and everything physically seems to be the way it was but it is totally a different reality. What we can come to see is how the extremes of heaven and hell can exist simultaneously before us and we only need to throw a switch within our own being to see and experience one or the other. What we will see that there are stories within stories, cycles within cycles and layers within layers constantly spiraling into greater and greater awareness. We continually generate greater awareness until we come to a point at which we can see how it all works and fits together. But we cannot express in words exactly how it works for it is a knowing of infinite proportions.

What we will come to find is that truth is not what we think it is. What we think is by the very nature of what a thought is, is only a fragment of what is. Similarly, awareness does not look like what we think awareness will be. This is especially true for any awareness that we have that has been gained in a previous experience for it too is only a fragment of all that is. If we observes the exploration of truth, we find truth is layered. Each layer reveals and deeper and broader understanding of the next layer. If we pull the string on the truth we have by exploring the depth and breath of the truth we believe we have, we can unravel the deeper truths that are governing what we experience for any situation. Truth itself will lead us to an understanding of the influences that have caused any situation to occur as it has. If our truth is correct, we will be able to predict the existing out come or construct the out come of our choice.

Truth is layered like an onion (Top)

Exploration of our true nature we can come to see truth is onion like in that each revisit is at a new level of understanding is as if another layer was peeled off. It is peeled off as you would peal the layers of an onion or another curtain or veil is removed revealing a deeper layer. It is onion like in the way it is layered and each layer you peal is more concentrated in the depth and breath of the truth that it covers but it is smaller and more concentrated. Of course you may cry as you peal the layers. Cry in the joy and ecstacy of discovery. Or, you will cry in the letting go of what you need to give up in the realization of a deeper more profound truth. Every time you peal another layer of the onion you seem to be back were you started but yet with a deeper more profound understanding.

What we find is that the journey into truth takes us back to the intention that we carry, the seed we selected and planted to manifest our creation. Then once we find the seed that created our current experience we have a choice. We can choose either to plant it and grow more of the same, or create a new seed and something new. But that of course means we will have to enter and take a journey into the unknown and start the creative/creation process all over again - losing ourselves within our own creation only to find ourselves.

When will it end? (Top)

The question we face is, “When will it end?” When such a spiral and onion like nature appears in our creative endeavor or in a creative exploration it is important to remember the creation and creativity is also a journey. The journey is what we are creating and the creative process, not the end point.

Of course, each creative endeavor does have an end. A creation unfolds and then the energy dissipates.  After we have continued this spiral and after we have peeled the onion, we no longer have an onion. We can’t put the layers back together again. We can’t put the onion back the way it was. All we can do is to follow the creative/creation process and grow a new onion from a copy of the past - a seed from what has gone before it or create a new creation.

We are infinite creative beings of unlimited creativity. It will take and infinite number of creative endeavors to explore and discover the depth and breadth of our creativity. So enjoy the journey.

Becoming caught in a never ending cycle (Top)

Conscious creation is about learning the dance of creation/Creation. It is to learn how to step into, and out of, mind in a never ending dance of creation/Creation. Without learning to go into and out of balance as we do in learning to walk, we can never move forward to create something new. Similarly without going into and out of awareness to lose ourselves in our own creation we cannot experience creation/Creation. If we remain unaware or hold to the awareness we have, we will be recreating the past and remain stuck in a cyclic creation loop. Only going into and out of balance do we walk forward.

The concept of being stuck in that cyclic creation loop has been given by some the name of “karma.” Yet to be suck in a continuous cycle of creation is nothing more than not learning how to dance. In learning how to dance to become a creator and surrendering to our creation we change that karmic loop or cycle into spiral of awakening. Within the dance we learn to create bigger and more expanding creations that will totally encompass the experience we have and the reality of those experiences. Yet, it is all about learning to dance.

We need to remember there is a cycle to every manifestation. We need to learn to live in that cycle consciously shifting each cycle so that you do not get caught in going in a circle. Rather we continually spiral in or out constantly expanding and contract within the cycle itself. We can do this by becoming aware and awake as to why we chose the way we do and awaken to the intentions which lie behind the choices we make and pulling the string on the intention that lie within our subconscious.

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