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The concept of many independent individuated or individualized consciousnesses is a direct result of the phenomenon described in the Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective. The concept of independent individuated or individualized points of consciousness goes a step further. It is a phenomenon observed by mystics as described in the “Each Point is the Center of the Sea” in the topic “Origins of Creation.” The concept of points of consciousness arises from the equivalency of energy and consciousness. It is understood in the application of Einstein’s assumptions on the nature of the Universe to consciousness and discussed in the topic, “A Different Application of Einstein’s Assumptions.” Einstein’s assumption states that a photon, a packet of electromagnetic energy, is a physical reality and its electromagnetic field thins out to zero at great distances away from the center of the vibration or source or center of the energy.

In applying this assumption to consciousness through the equivalence of energy and consciousness,  each point of consciousness, no matter how big or small it perceives itself to be, is an entity. Its consciousness and subsequent awareness is infinite and thins out to zero at an infinite distance away from its perceived center or source of its being.

This principle coupled with the Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective give rise to concept that we each are unique infinite individuated points of consciousness or, alternatively said, individuated points of consciousness with an infinite  consciousness.

As an individualized consciousness, we have a unique view of creation and no one has one like ours. Each of us and the world we perceive and experience is an independent reality unto itself superimposed with others to give rise to a common experience. The topic “Implications of Pair Production in Our Creative Endeavors” and the “Music analogy for creation/Creation” provide some thoughts as to how this is possible.

Analogously, we can look at individualized/individuated point of consciousness as a view from a ship with many portholes for observation. Each porthole is a point of observation providing a unique view outward. Some views appear similar and some are very different. We each are one of many views that Consciousness can take to experience Creation. A ship is a good image for several reasons. It represents a journey, travel and movement. In a similar way, the universe is constantly moving if only to reform what it is into something new. We are an aspect or portion of this Consciousness.

Another analogy is we may look at  ourselves as a frequency of energy. For example, we can see ourselves as a note of music arising from one of the individual keys of a piano or as the piano key itself. The piano would be incomplete if one of the keys or the note that key makes was missing.  Or, we can look at ourselves as one of the frequencies of the infinite spectrum of electromagnetic radiation of which the light of the rainbow is a part. Every individualized point of consciousness operates essentially the same way only different. It is in the way analogous to the keys of the piano or the electromagnetic spectrum where each would be incomplete if our key or frequencies were missing.

As a pure individuated point of consciousness, as a result of the wave particle nature of energy, our consciousness permeate everything and extend to infinity. As individuated Consciousness we are the same as Consciousness and create in exactly the same manner with exactly the some rules, concepts and principles. We have a free will and we are free to choose what we wish to create. There are no obligation on us in any way what so ever. Nor are there any limits or barriers on what we can or cannot create. We have only chosen to limit our creative power for the purpose of having an experience of Physical Creation. We are free in every way. The only issue we will face is that we are playing a role in a larger orchestration. That is we have elected to play consciously or nonconsciously at some level of our being.

An important note and comment needs to be made here. When we are creating, we are at one which the Consciousness which give rise to creation//Creation. That is, we are the creator/Creator creating. It is in these moments we have a clear communication path with the Creator and communicate creator/Creator to Creator/creator. We only need to understand our inner language and how it communicates with us.

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