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Within the creativity perspective, free will is an extremely important and powerful concept. Whether we realize it or not, each of us are ultimately challenged to make a choice in life. That choice is whether or not we believe we can be self determined and have a free will and then choose to have it. How and what you believe about whether or not you have a free will and what you are free to do greatly influences what you can, and cannot, create. The choice we make about free will, and how we choose to act on that choice in our life, makes a tremendous difference in the creative power and ability we can access.

But then, one may ask, “How can we chose to have a free will? Is that not something beyond our control?” For issues that will be discussed, believe it or not, the issue of free will is not whether you ultimately have a free will in your life. Rather, simply said, the issue is do we have the freedom to choose how we look and observe the experience we have. A mind that is free to choose to believe a solution to a problem exists or is possible, looks for the solution. A mind that is not free to choose to believe a problem has a solution will not see what is possible. That difference in perspective makes all the difference in what becomes possible and can and will be created. That in turn, makes for an entirely different life.

As addressed in the discussions below, there is nothing that can be done to prove to you that you have a free will and the depth and breadth of the free will that you do have. Some simple examples are provided that will allow you to see whether or not you have a free will. But, ultimately you will have to decided for yourself whether or not you have a free will and how much freedom you have. That is, you will have to decide to act or not act on what you believe. One of the more important actions you can take to access your creative power and ability is to take your concept of free with to it full implications. The discussions below will provide you some ideas for your consideration in this area.

Also there is a creativity perspective on free will. It follows directly from “A Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective” and the discussions on energy consciousness. This perspective will help you to access the maximum creative power available to you.

Although you may already have your ideas and opinion on free will, it is suggest you at least browse the discussions below. In doing so, consider how important what you believe impacts your creativity and the creative power and ability you can access.

There are several discussion on free will depending on what you choose to explore. Exploring the following list of topics according to the associated number will provided you with logical flow path to the discussion of free will.

Topics for consideration on free will

What do we mean by free will
- Do we or don’t we have free will?
- Free will and programming

Free will short subjects
- The first challenge of free will
- Free will and early programming
- Free will and your life purpose
– Responsibility and free will

How free are we?
Acting on free will
The full implications of free will
No judgements on what we choose
Creativity Perspective on Free Will
Working with the free will of another
Destiny and free will - Exploring a promised land
What if I can’t accept the creativity perspective on free will
God, creative power and free will (God in the Creativity Perspective)
Two types, or aspects, of knowledge, understanding, awareness and knowing

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