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The Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity understanding, material and each of its application is an invitation to an dance. It is an invitation to consciously experiencing the dance between the two views of creation. A dance between the view of the heart and the view of the mind which subsequently unfolds into the dance of the creator with its creation.

The dance can be seen and experienced in a variety of ways. As discussed in the topic, "Dances of Creations," the dance can be experiences as: a dance between the inner masculine and inner feminine; a dance between our inner world and the outer world; a dance between energy and consciousness; an ebb and flow of creation into and out of form; a dance of duality; a dance between the observe and the observed; a dance between awakening and going to sleep of awareness; a dance between the enculturated mind and the truth of our being; a dance of identity; a dance between the inner creative power and outer creative power; a dance of the creator/Creator with its creation/Creation and the ultimate dance.

The dance we experience depends on the perspective we hold and what is effective in our life for what we choose to do and/or experience. The Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material seeks to help the individual make whatever danced one chooses to do a conscious dance. The material seek to help the individual become a conscious creator of the experiences we have and the creation we experience. The material does, and will explain at how we create our reality and how the external reality we experience will reflect our internal state. It shows how the internal can mirror the external conditions and how the external condition mirror the internal.

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