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This Overview of the Professional Path provides a compliment to the author’s Employment Experience and Highlights which provides the more detailed employment history.

The author has more than thirty years of diverse professional leadership and managerial experience. He pursued studying creativity in order to better understand how to get the creative solutions needed to solve the problems he was facing in managing nuclear facilities, safety oversight and nuclear facility upgrades.

His primary areas of focus has been in the application of creativity and innovative solutions to both the educational/human development needs of technical organizations, and advanced or emerging nuclear and radiation technology and methodologies to the military, civilian, research and medical applications. Twenty-five of these years have been spent in the technical areas of in the nuclear sciences and engineering.

His technical background included both line management and staff positions in the functional areas of: radiation effects, health physics, medical physics, training, human development, reactor and nuclear engineering, operations, emergency preparedness and response, management, nuclear research, and weapons effects as applied to: commercial and naval reactors, medical facilities, radiation experimentation facilities, nuclear weapons, and nuclear production and fabrication facilities. He was certified by the American Board of Health Physics, and was a Nuclear Regulatory Commission operator license examiner for Westinghouse pressurized water reactors, research reactors, and fuel handlers.

He excels in the development and management of re-engineering and reorganization efforts or startup of programs of all types requiring the blending of creative and innovative solutions coupled to the traditional and/or existing methodologies. His experience includes all phases of project coordination and management from research and development, initial design through startup, and operations and subsequent oversight for disciplined operations and adherence to design requirements. Experience included the development of annual, strategic or long range plans, resource allocations and cost-effective methodologies to support successful completion of these projects.

Subsequent professional training was focused in the areas of management, training, qualification and human development of personnel for high hazard operations. It was as a result of the experiences in these areas that he began to pursue the nature of creativity and why it was so hard to get really creative and ”out of the box” solutions for the demanding technical needs of the organization and workplace.

He has extensive, investigative experience related to accident scenarios and accident mitigation. This investigative experience and pursuit of creativity lead to understanding why government and corporate organizations fail so often to meet defined goals and objectives when they seem to have followed the best recommendations. In this regard, his primary talent was in aligning organizational and individual talents and ability to changing mission needs including creating the needed culture change. He is intimately familiar, and has extensive experience, with the obstacles and impediments which interfere with the implementation of desired programs, both at the individual staff and organizational level.

Being a very rapid learner with a catalytic personality, he stimulated others to growth with the end result of improving the overall capabilities and adaptability of the organization for which he works. He possesses a keen understanding of how the goals of individuals and/or organizational entities move out of alignment with the organization goals. Then, in turn, upset the balance between the two and interferes with achieving organizational goals and mission at all levels. This later issue had directed an additional intense seven-year professional effort into exploring how and why individuals and organizations fail to provided creative solutions to their problems that will ensure long term success.

He reached the highest levels of management as the Acting Director, Office of Research, Development and Testing Facilities under the Assistance Secretary for Defense Programs of the Department of Energy. In this capacity he oversaw three of the then premier National Laboratories (Los Alamos National Laboratory, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Sandia National Laboratory) and Nevada Test Site. He left government service shortly after spending several years researching and exploring organizational creativity to improve quality, safety, health and organizational responsiveness. He opted to leave to further study creativity and to document his findings. He is best described as an architect, orchestrator and "startup" person establishing new, or reengineering existing, organizations or organizational programs.

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