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Although there are a variety of applications that we can find for using the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity understanding and material, there are primarily three ways to use this material. Two of the ways lies at the opposites ends of the same spectrum. One end of the spectrum is to blindly follow the guided paths and what is provided. The other is to explore this material in your own way. Hyperlinks and a list of topics are provided if you wish to pursue this latter approach. The third way lies somewhere in between - a mixture of following what is provided here but doing whatever you feel you need to do when you need to do it.

There is no correct way to use this material. There are only ways which better serves us, are more enjoyable, less painful and the like. It is recommended you choose an approach and/or techniques which allow you to creatively play as much as possible and allow effectiveness of the playfulness to be your measure of truth. The approach and techniques which allow you to reenter that most creative state of being you will most probably find are the most powerful and enjoyable.

Following the guided path: Following the “guided” paths is simply following the material as it is presented. Click when directed by the statement by “The next step” (or its equivalent) found at the end of the page. Or, where applicable, you can click on the path in the header for a particular application. The guided path for a given web site is directed toward fulfilling the stated intention for the web site. It is recommended you read each of the hyperlinks with any given web page or topic to develop a creativity perspective. You need not agree with what you read. But the dialog you have with yourself about what you read will clarity your own beliefs. You, of course, can leave and return to the guided paths whenever it suits your needs.

As a consciousness within a creation, we have three ways of creating available to us. One is to create solely through the power of our consciousness to mold our reality into whatever on which it focuses its attention and awareness. The second is to work with the creative principles of earth itself and follow the rules governing the physical plane and the planet earth. The third is to use a combination of both. The Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity approach give the understanding and all you do is choose how you wish to use it. There are five primary ways to use this material. Each is discussed separately in the associated hyperlinks. They are:

Free and obtain the necessary energy and a pathway to create what we desire
Create an alternative way to live life
Recreate our life
Explore the depth and breadth of our unlimited creativity
Recreate our life based on what we find in our exploration of our unlimited creativity

Exploring in our own way: The Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Approach nor do the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity program and services need to be employed to benefit from the understanding. The way this material is presented may not be the path most appropriate for an individual creative need and/or interest. Selected hyperlinks and a list of topics are provided for you to move in the direction most appropriate for your creative need.

Fifteen Creative Steps/Guidelines: Creation is experiential and we each need to do our own experiments with this material to know what it can really do for us. However, creation is not something which can be done alone. We will always need another or other to gives us the experiences we desire to have. This is especially true when we are learning to step into our creative passion. We needs someone to hold a safe and secure space for our creative spirit to come out and learn to freely express itself. To help achieve this end, the Fifteen Creative Steps/Guidelines were develop. The can be used by any two individual who desires to support the creative efforts of each other without the need of a coach, teacher or employed services of another. In this regard, money and/or finding a “qualified” teacher cannot be used as excused to purse your creative dreams.

The next step

The next step depends on your creative needs. The primary options are to explore one of the five primary ways listed above, explore the applications or review the “List of Topics” for topics of interest.

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