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To know if anything we create was worth the effort, there is a simple test. We simply need to stand back and look what we created and ask, “Is, or was, it good?”

If the answer is “No,” then it is rather obvious that we may wish to look at the lessons learned so as to not repeat the past. We may need to look exactly at the decisions and choices we made that lead us to create what we did . We need to see which caused us to create something that we do not judge as “good.” We may need to explore the root as to why we made the decisions in the way we made them. By addressing their root we can prevent ourselves from making a similar decision in the future.

If our answer is “Yes,” then we need to ask ourselves another question. This question is, “Is what we did something we wish to do again?” Whether are answer is yes or no, we will again have to look at the lessons learned. If our answer is yes, we need to see what we did that will allow us to repeat the past and have more of the same. If the answer is no, we have to look to see what we did so that we don’t repeat the past.

Something worth doing

Any creative effort we undertake will take our time and our creative life energy. In essence we give our life to create what we desire. To know whether or not something is worth doing, you need to ask yourself if you are willing to give your life to doing or creating it. In reality, that is what you will do. In essence, from a creativity perspective and holding your creativity sacred, you should be willing to die for what you do for a part of you does die in everything you do.

Your life, your time and its energy, should be of value to you, especially your creativity. If you are not willing to die for what you do, then it is not something worth doing. You may say that is ridiculous. We all have jobs to earn an income to live and the jobs we do are not dying for. However, a part of us does die whenever we do something that is not embraced and endorsed by our life giving creative spirit. If our creative spirit withdraws because it is not free to express itself, part of it does die. Or maybe better said, become dormant, goes unconscious or goes to sleep. Whatever it does, it is no longer available to us to give us life. The absence of life is death. If there is no life in something it is dead.

Our creative spirit is what gives us enthusiasm and energy. It is what gives us passion. It is what allows us to be alive. When the passion and enthusiasm is gone we, creatively, become a walking zombie. It time, living life as that creative zombie takes it toll on our physical life.

Something worth doing is something to which is worth give our life. It is to give our time, our energy, our passion. It is to give our life itself. It is something for which it is worth dying.

A life worth living

To determine if anything you do is helping to create a life worth living there are two test that you can perform. One is a feeling test. The other is a mental test. You can apply these test to anything you do in life.

The feeling test: If what you read, learn and/or what you do in life give you feeling of a fullness in your being, a calmness, a feeling of expansion, a lightness of being, you appear to become more awake and/or aware, your curiosity is awakened, or you experience any other feelings of freedom and/or that you are being encouraged to become more than you perceive yourself to be, then what you do is probably in some way for you. If however, you feel there is a constriction, a confinement, or any other feeling that your freedom is being restricted or you are being pushed to become less than you are or becoming bound, then what you do is not for you and will not help you create a life worth living. Or at least, not for you at this point in your life and you should look else where for what you seek.

The mental test: In looking back over your life from this moment, can you answer yes to each of these questions: The first question is: “If I had to live my life over - all of it - would I choose to live it more or less the same way - it has been a good life and I created well?” Alternatively said, “The life I am living is so rich and full that I cannot fully savor all that I experience in the time that is available.” The second question is, “If I had to spend eternity living the life I have lived - all of it - I find my current life to be a very acceptable way to choose to live eternity?”

If you can answer yes to these questions, it is recommended you enjoy the life you have, make a toast and be grateful for the experience of life and wonderment of the universe. You are living a life worth living. If, however, you answered “No” to these questions, whole or in part, at some level you may be feeling life can be better and you are invited to consider what you are doing in life for whole or in part, you are not creating a life worth living.

Creating a life worth living

Creating a life worth living is unique to your truth. Only you know what will help you to create a life worth living. You will have to look inward to see what really makes you feel alive at each and every level of your being. There are four recommendations that can assist you to create a life worth living.

Explore your own truth: Learn to focus on and explore your own truth. Become aware of what is you and what arises from deep within your own being as opposed to what you think and believe. Much of what we think and believe is based on enculturation, the early programming by our early care givers and society. Look to see what is your truth that you know and can feel is your truth

Use your internal compass: Learn to use your internal compass. Calibrate your internal compass and learn what thoughts, words, actions and memories serves and don’t serve your truth.

Write your eulogy: One’s death is probably the clearest end point we each are capable of contemplating one way or another. It is the end point for all that we do in our current life. All of our efforts are brought to an end at this point. The question that can then be asked is, “At the time of my death, whenever that may be, will I have completed all that I desire, and will I be remembered in a way that I would like to be remembered?” This question, of course, raises the issue that we normally don’t know when we will die and begs to ask the question, “Am I living my life such that I am moving closer and closer each day to what I wish to create in my life such that if I die today, I will have gotten as far as I possible could?” Write your eulogy and life your life every day in a way that it is fulfill no matter what the moment is when you die. Some thoughts on writing your eulogy are provided at “Your Eulogy and What You Wish To Manifest With Your Life.”

Creating a future: One of the more intriguing questions we can ask about life is, “How long do we need to live in the present before we arrive at the future?” What needs to be realized we are creating the future every moment we live by the choices we make. What we know about the future is that is will most probably be a combination of the past and what which is unknown. The unknown we have no way of knowing as to what to expect. As for the past, if we don’t change the way we made , and make, our decisions we will recreate the past in a new way. You may wish to consider some of the exercises in the topic “Looking to the future” and incorporate your response into your eulogy. Although you may not know what the future holds, looking to the future will cause you to create a future more to your liking than one controlled without your input.

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