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You have a choice. You can read the about our creative spirit and our unlimited creativity found in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material and take what you wish keeping the material in an intellectual understanding or at an arm length. Or, you can read the material, ask questions and begin a dialog with yourself and/or another about what you read and begin to act on what you come to understand. In doing so, you will find yourself being guided on a journey into your own heart.

It is what the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material is all about. But to go on this journey, you will need to be willing to recreate your life and take a different perspective about who you are and what you came here to do. It is not about teaching you. All that really needs to be communicated in the way of teaching is on the web and made available for people to take it if they want it.

What is suggested is about you coming to learn your own truth and what is true for you. That is the journey. The material on the web only gives a framework to take that journey. It is a journey you can leave and any time or go as deep as you wish. But it is one you take. It is about this material calling forth that which lies within your being and giving you a safe and secure space and a framework for it to come out the best it can.

The true guide for you on this journey will be your own feelings. You need to look nowhere other than inside yourself. In particular, look to the feelings which allow you to feel the expansion, freedom and growth of your own being.

Most are actually frighten by such a journey. Some have described it as a feeling that they will explode like an overly inflated balloon. Others have described it as falling into an bottomless pit. Others have describe it as an eagle taking flight. Some experience it as pure play - simply spontaneous and innocent childlike play in the discovery and exploration of oneself and one’s world.

You do not have to decided now. This material and its invitation will be here whether or not you elect to take the journey. You are the one in the drivers seat. What you read here only pushes you a little in a particular direction, namely into your own heart to access your creative spirit to give it freedom and to know what it is you are here to do. You are free to choose whatever you wish.

The recommendation is to think about what you feel when you read what is written here. Pay attention to see if you have any response and feelings in any part of your body and what part of the body no matter how quick or persistent what you feel in the body. If you felt excitement, expansion and what you would call enjoyable feelings within your being with or without body feelings, then what is suggested here will probably serve you. If you felt contraction, restriction or negative type feelings, then probably what is suggested is not for you. If you have body feeling of any type, pay attention what part and what type and kind of feelings you have. There is information in those feelings and something with which you will find useful in the future relative to freeing your creative spirit.

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