Why Truth in Labeling and Full Disclosure

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Why Truth in Labeling and Full Disclosure

Why truth in labeling and full disclosure

A Recommendation

Truth in labeling and full disclosure topics

From the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity home page: There is an old saying. An individual learns from their mistakes. A wise individual learns from the mistakes of others. A fool never learns. The Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity approach looks to help you to become wise in your creative endeavors no matter what they may be and learn from the experience and, sometimes, the mistakes of others.

Modern society encourages truth in all labeling and/or “up front”full disclosure on all products. It is encouraged so that the user can be aware of any hazards or side effects to any products that are used and/or prevent false advertising. It is to help ensure the user is not deceived or advantage taken of their lack of understanding or lack of appropriate information

Relative to our creative endeavors and/or pursing the release of the depth and breadth of our unlimited creativity there are several topics that fall under truth in labeling and/or up front, full disclosure considerations. In these considerations, we can learn from the experiences and/or mistakes of others who have gone before us into exploring the world of creativity. (More ... on truth in label and related issues)

Why truth in labeling and full disclosure (Top)

The logic behind truth in labeling is so that each individual can determine their own level of safety and the risk that they will accept in life and/or what they will accept in the use of the product. In knowing the hazards or the overall intent, the individual can also then determine what compensatory measure they may wish to put into place to prevent, or mitigate, whatever it is they fear may, or could possibly, happen. However in many cases, what is safe for me may not be safe for you, and only you can determine the level and environment of safety that you need to experience life. Therefore, it is only appropriate to talk about some of the experiences or phenomena you will experience may be perceived as hazardous.

The logic behind full disclosure is, as said above, to ensure, or at least to help ensure, one is not deceived or advantage take of their lack of understanding or appropriate information. In this regard, it is appropriate to present in a clear and as straight forward fashion as possible what one may expect to find in using a product or in pursing a particular pathway in life. However, there are a few problems in full disclosure when dealing with any creative endeavor. The problem is inherent in creativity.

The problem we all face is that creativity takes us into the unknown. There may, in fact, be new hazards that you and no one else has ever experienced. But you cannot fear the unknown that a creative endeavor will cause you to enter for you do not know what to fear. It is unknown. We can only fear the past and the projection of the past into the unknown. In truth, you don’t know what you will find when you enter the unknown in a creative endeavor. But that does not mean you cannot prepare yourself in the best way possible. We cab learn form what others have experienced when entering the unknown and look at the types and kinds of problems, obstacles and/or phenomena they faced.

What needs to be realized is that if you fear one thing or another, it is only the past surfacing to obstruct your creative endeavors. When fear does surface, one can use the wisdom of the past. On can wisely use what they fear to provide ways to address any hazards, new or old, that may be found in the unknown. The key to making any journey safe is to not walk blindly. It is to walk both internally and externally in mindfulness and awareness of the conditions you face and incorporate the lessons learned by you or another, as appropriate, for your creative endeavor.

In becoming mindful and aware of the conditions we face in our creative endeavor, another problem surfaces that can interfere, if not blind us, as to the true conditions. The problem that surfaces is our expectations. We all have expectations. We expect certain things from life, certain things from our creative endeavor and certain things from others. Some expectations we have do correspond to what Creation can provide us and/or correspond to what it means to be human in this time and place. However, we also have many expectations that cannot be fulfilled no matter how hard you try. Quite simply, they conflict with the “laws” of Physical Creation as Physical Creation currently exists, thy conflict with the “laws” of the Unseen/Unknown Creation, and/or they are under the control of another.

Part of any creative endeavor will be to explore the “laws” of Physical Creation and the Unseen/Unknown Creation as they apply to your creative endeavor and to explore what is controlled by others. So you can expect that many of your expectations will either be unmet or change as you begin to see the truth of what is relative to what you desire to create. Somewhere in your creative endeavor, you will have to give yourself permission to explore what you don’t know.

A Recommendation (Top)

The recommendation made here is before you blindly step into any creative endeavor see what may be available as to what you can learn from others. Use what your mind knows about the topic of interest to explore all that you can. However, realize that since you are stepping into a creative endeavor, mind does not have the experience to guide you into the unknown. If it knew what to do, you would not have to become creative. You would already have your answer and know how to get what you seek.

To make your journey easier, it is recommended you ask your intuitive guidance to lead you to whatever accurate information you can find about what you desire to create. Then honor the intuitive guidance that you get. What your intuition leads you to do will most probably not be what you expect. However, if you do honor your intuition you will find you will be lead to what information is available for what you desire to create. However, you need to remember that you hold conscious and subconscious intentions. Your intuitive guidance will honor all that you intend. If you are looking for a challenging and exciting life but your current intention is simply to find a new place to live, you may be lead to do both simultaneously. You may not be directly lead to the available information. Rather, you may be lead on an exciting and challenging path to that information. So, become aware of all that you intend with and for your life. Your intuitive guidance is exceptional at honoring all your intentions - even the ones your conscious mind is unaware.

It any case, it needs to be understood, first and foremost, what you experience will depend on the conscious and subconscious intentions you hold and what you desire to create with, and in, your life. As said in a several places, the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material will only help you to do consciously what you are already doing subconsciously. That is, creating the experiences you have by how and what you think and believe.

Creative undercurrents (Top)

As stated above, your intuitive guidance honors all your intentions - even the ones your consciousness is unaware. As you move deeper into the creative process, this concepts becomes very important for you come to see and experience there are undercurrents to anything that is created. To get conscious control over your creative endeavors, you will have to become aware of the undercurrents that may be influencing what you desire to create and learn how to work with them.

The easiest way to understand these undercurrents is to think of making a movie. I can make a movie that tells an exciting story of how a child or adult rises to overcome significant limitations. That story itself is very entertaining and people will love the entertaining story. How I choose to package and tell that story creates an undercurrent which will influence each member of the audience to one degree or another. That undercurrent, without the audience realizing it, influences what the audience thinks and believes because they saw that movie.

For example, a young boy is floating at sea in a life boat by himself because the ship on which he was traveling sinks in a storm. The boy is then rescued by a ship and taken to the nearest port and released. The transit in the rescue ship can be made important to the story or not. For our purpose here, the rescue ship is not important to the story but is used only to show where the boy learns about the sea. But an undercurrent can be created by what is presented.

In one case the boy is rescued by pirates. The pirates can be shown as a crew loyal to each other and to their captain with a code of honor they all respect and follow. Or, the pirates can be shows as cutthroat ready to overthrow the captain as soon as they get their chance. Here the code of honor is every individual for themselves. In fact, simply how the crew dresses and the condition of the ship with nothing more being presented sets a tone about pirates. But, the rescue ship could be navy ship. Here again, a image is created. The navy ship can have a crew of sailors loyal to themselves, to God and to country willingly serving the good captain. Or, the navy ship could be a crew of oppressed freemen, shanghaied sailors and convicted criminals with a set of ruthless officers and a despicable captain. Whatever crew is chosen, and image is created that the audience will carry away. How much it biases what any individual member of the audience holds about pirates or the navy is another issue. But in any case, there is an undercurrent created simply by how the story is told.

So too his material. There is an undercurrent and underlying intention for this the creation of the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Technology. Each web site created as a result of this material has a stated goal or intention. However, there is an underlying and overall reason why this material is placed on the web. This overall intention will influence what you read to one degree or another. The overall intent is available for your review on the hyperlink entitled, “The Overall Intention for the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Technology.”

The recommendation made here is to choose to become aware of the underlying intention of anything that you use in your life that you did not create yourself and/or discover yourself. You will be surprised at what you being to discover and being to see what is influencing your life.

Truth in labeling and full disclosure topics (Top)

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