Too Much To Be Believed

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Too much to be believed
A true self awareness is ultimately God awareness

Too much to believed in three ways

The finite nature of mind

Mind and the ego it created is the door way

The greatest single stumbling block individuals have to embracing an experience of the source/Source of one’s being and many of the concepts provided in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity is the fact that a true self awareness is, in fact, ultimately God awareness. Or maybe better said, self awareness of one’s creativity is awareness of the Creative Power of the Universe  that most attribute to God. Although we each have much of the creative power we attribute to God inherent within our being, we don’t believe it because we can’t seem to do what we think God would do in the way God would do it. We think we know what God would do but we really don’t. It is a supposition on our part. As a result we never recognize the God-like Creative Powers that lie within our own being and accessible to us. In many ways it is the height of arrogance on our part to think we know what God thinks and would do. Our problem is a finite mind cannot grasp the infinity of the Consciousness that permeates Creation. All we can really do is look at what unfolds in Creation to understand what God does and doesn’t do.

A way to understand how and why a true self awareness is awareness of the Creator is true is provided in the “Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective” and the discussions on energy and consciousness either “Energy - an invariant in the creativity perspective” or “The Interdisciplinary Aspects of the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Technology.”

Understanding and experiencing the depth and breadth of the creative power that lies within our being is to experience the Creative Powers of Creation. To go to the source of our creative power and/or our being is to go to the Source of Creation. They are one and the same. That is too much for the normal human mind to believe. For most the evidence and experiences of life seem to speak otherwise. The only concept you need to be able to embrace and understand the truth of this statement is that you have choose to have a physical experience as the physical experience is defined for the time and place in which you live. The creativity perspective as applied in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Technology will give you the tools for your mind to be able to understand and embrace this concept and how and why it is possible.

Too much to believed in three ways (Top)

The above statement is too much to believe in three ways. One is a result of the nature of mind does not readily allow mind to understand how it is possible to have the creative power it does. An example on this point is flying is not natural to the human mind. The human mind cannot readily understand and comprehend how it is possible for a human to fly. For a bird, flying is not an issue. It just does it and flying is natural to the bird’s being. A human must first learn how it is possible for a human to fly and then find a away to apply those principles. So too creativity and the statement that a true self awareness is ultimately God awareness. It is something that one must learn how it is possible before they can act on it.

The second reason is that many think “If I have the awareness of God inside me and I have access to the Creative Power of Creation, why would I create such problems in my life. Surely I would have not created such a thing. I would simply create something else. Something more to my liking.”

The third is that many never really explore what their concept of God and the Creative Power of Creation really are and what they really mean. These two concepts are different. Most do not see that their concept of God may or may not appropriately address the Creative Power of Creation. In particular, many never look at their own personal experience and understanding of God and the Creative Power of Creation. They never look at how they individually understand God and the Creative Powers of Creation as they have personally experienced them. Many rely on what they have been told and have never checked for themselves.

The finite nature of mind (Top)

Our problem in experiencing the source/Source is that mind only knows what it has experienced. It does not know, and cannot necessarily understand, what it has not experienced. Simply said, when our mind has a conscious experience of the Source of Creation and/or the depth and breadth of our creative powers and abilities, it has no way of properly characterizing it. Mind is finite where as the Source and what can be created and experienced through the source is infinite. So mind as we know and experience it will never be able to fully characterize the Source. We need a different  mind or a different way of seeing. Hence to talk about accessing an unlimited creativity ability and creative power from within our own being with the mind as we currently know it, is too much for mind to be believed. Yet it is true that we have such great power. The “Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective” is an attempt to provide some understanding of how an incredible creative power within our being is available to each of us.

Mind and the ego it created is the doorway (Top)

The fact that self awareness of one’s creative power is awareness of the Creative Powers of the Universe is the basis as to why Step/Guideline #4 of the Fifteen Creative Steps/Guidelines states: “Understand and accept that there is a Creative Power greater than what your ego can understand. Yet this Creative Power is only accessible through, and within your own being, when you harnessed your ego. Learn to harness your ego. One of the quickest ways found to harness the ego is to seek to create something for another which your ego considers impossible or highly improbable with no expectation of direct personal return and surrender to the lead of your intuitive guidance to create it.” Acting on this step is the doorway to the Source of Creation. You don’t have to believe this is true. You can do your own experiments and prove its truth to yourself. But you will find in proving its truth you will come to a different awareness about yourself, the Creative Power of Creation and Creation. In doing so, you can come to see how you are the creator of your experiences and the reality in which you have those experiences.

The understanding provided in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity technology is about a creative ability and power that is orders of magnitude greater than what most access. Yet, it is a power and an ability different than what mind expects. It many ways it is the metaphysical equivalent of nuclear energy within one’s being. Like nuclear energy, it is frightening to many. Yet, this creative power and ability is inherent within each of us all the time just like nuclear energy residing in each of the atoms that make up our body. However, it is not something that is readily accessible to be tapped.Our normal life experiences do not show us how to do it. We have to create the correct conditions to access and harness the energy and power that is available. When we access it, we need to put it into a form which can be used. In understanding the energy within our being one can learn to readily tap into source/Source in ways that are safe and very beneficial for what one desires to create in, and with, their lives. The biggest issue most face in tapping into this energy is putting it into a useable form.

Whether you realize it or not, or accept it or not, you have within your being the ability and power to change the world. The questions are, “What do you want to create, how do you want to create it, why do you want to create it and why do you choose to create it the way you chose to create it as opposed to any other way?” The answer to these “why?” questions is what will determine whether or not your actions will ultimately serve your best interests and those of humanity or cause damage that will take you years of recovery.

It has been found there is no reason to justify the principles and concepts presented here. They are too much to be believed. Yet, each individual is able to do their own exploration as to the truth and validity of them. One only needs to have the desire and will to do so. It is much easier than one would imagine. You simply need to use clarity of intent and your own intuitive guidance to guide you. If you believe what you read here and it feels right to you, use it. If it doesn’t feel right, look at your objections and explore the truth behind the objection. Do your own experiments to verify the truth of what is said here. In doing so, you will go a long way into releasing your unlimited creativity.

In your exploration, you will find that a second individual is often needed to help you keep a constant single point focus so as to (1) not become distracted by the mundane of living and (2) not to become lost in the infinity of what you access in, or on, your journey. However, most do not realize Creation/creation is not done alone and you need another to give you the experiences your desire.

Without another most of us will lose focus. Most will say they don’t need someone to hold them focused. They think they can do it all themselves. However, most do not realized how they lose focus from their initial intention by simple little shifts in their attention as the world responds to their actions. We are a creative living process continually recreating ourselves by the experiences we have. Most adjust their intention based on what they experiences as they step out into their creative endeavor. They respond to the world as it currently exists rather than realizing what they desire may have to change their world Most say, and do keep focused on their intention, but they do not realize their intention changes and shifts in response to the world. One must hold focus with a single point unwavering focus on their original intention without changing it. In many cases, all  the author does for an individual, as does the material on this web site, is keep the individual’s mind focus on the intention they hold. This understanding about the need to have a single point focus lead to creating “Meditation Principles and Concept for Creativity” to help individuals hold a single point focus for their creative efforts.

One side effect or result of the journey itself and what you discover about your own creativity and its source/Source can be overwhelming and overload the most brilliant minds. This is one reason why the journey is actually easier for a more innocent and limited intellect. The shear magnitude of what is experienced will challenge the best of minds to put it all together into a coherent form. Similarly, if you are successful in getting your arms around what you experience, trying to communicate what you discover will tend to overload individuals with information unless it is somehow “in measured portions” and provided is digestible and manageable portions. Yet, the individuals to whom you try and give the pieces become lost in the pieces. Quite simply there are too many pieces or aspects to explore without becoming lost. It is too much for mind as we know it. These phenomenon are simply are result of the infinity of what you access. To not get lost you must hold a single point focus and the assistance of another can make it a much easier.

If you choose, and you do not have to choose this path, to explore the true depth and breadth of your creative ability you will discover you are infinitely creative and are an infinitely creative being that never dies but only continually transforms itself. You will access and discover for yourself how the mystics can say “I am God” or “I and the Father are one” and yet not have the power to stop an outside authority who kills them because they have blasphemed or they upset the status quo. You will come to understand this and how it is possible and what it means for your life. Such an understanding will transform your life.

Some thoughts as to whether or not you should believe what is stated here are provided in the discussion “Some results of the journey to find an alternative way.”

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