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Creating a form through the use of the vibrating string is way to understand how it is possible that consciousness can mold reality into what it desires to experience. When we look at the form that a vibrating string can create we can see how energy can become localized to create what appears to be a solid object. This phenomenon lends itself well to the quantum mechanical effects of nature where the atom is not solid and fixed but only gives the illusion of a precise structural form. Rather, the atom appears to have a form with defined orbitals only because of the probably of finding the electrons in the orbitals is greater than somewhere else.

Looking at Creation as arising from a phenomenon analogous to the vibrating string fits well with the mystical statements that Physical Creation is really only an illusion. It also seems to fit very nicely with current emerging String Theory of physics.

In this view, Creation is the superposition of the creations of many independent points of consciousness. It is much the way a symphony makes it is music. Each instrument creates it own music and the total sound of the symphony is the superposition of the music made by each instrument. The way the process is seen to work is analogy to the way a vibrating string creates an illusionary elliptical envelop.

The vibrating string analogy of consciousness manifestation is based on the way music is made in a guitar or piano. If you hold a string fixed between two points and pluck the string or hit it with a hammer, it will vibrate. A rubber band strung between your thumb and index finger and then plucked gives a simple demonstration of this phenomenon. If you watch the rapidly vibration string or rubber band, you will see if forms an illusionary envelop that almost looks solid. If the string vibrates faster the envelop become more and more solid. It looks very real but doesn’t exist a physical form. If it vibrates fast enough it will give the illusion of a physical creation. If you change the position of the boundaries, that is increasing or decreasing the length of the string that is vibrating, you will produce a larger or smaller illusionary envelop. However as long as the boundaries are present, the standing wave pattern, that illusionary envelop will exist as long as energy is added.

In this vibrating string model fixed beliefs causes the flow of our creative life energy to resonate in a particular way to cause a form to come into existence. In this regard, we can see creation/Creation as a flow of energy that gets “captured” and resonates by the beliefs we hold and what we desire to experience. The captured, resonating energy then create an illusionary form that we experience as Creation.

The way this is seen to work is the consciousness is the ability to make things happen. In this understanding, energy and consciousness are one and the same thing. Consciousness hold a belief in what we call mind. Holding a belief is like fixing a string at two points. As consciousness focuses its attention and awareness onto or into the belief, it forms itself into creating a vibration pattern determined by that belief. The longer an intention is held, the more and more energy goes into that intention and the more “solid” the intention becomes. The more intensely and the longer consciousness holds that belief a pattern begins to emerge and take form until it eventually manifests into an experience or physical creation. Consciousness then experiences the pattern as separate from itself and experiences Creation in the illusion that it is separate from what it has created.

In this analogy, it is the intention held by consciousness that defines the boundaries for the shape of the experience or material creation that forms. In this analogy the particular intention acts as the point between which the sting vibrates. If consciousness changes its intention, both the shape and size of the envelop will change. If consciousness keeps changing its intention never enough energy accumulates to produce a given solid form. Similarly, if consciousness continues to hold an intention, the form becomes very solid and difficult to dissolve back into its essence for a new creation to form.

Yet we are multidimensional and infinitely creative beings. We hold many beliefs and they form a unique belief structure. Each of the beliefs we hold cause a form to be created and all the individual forms create a composite unique to the belief structure we hold. That overall pattern is then experienced as a Creation with many different aspects. As we change what we believe we experience Creation differently. By varying what we think and believe we can tune the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspects of our being to produce different types and kinds of experiences. From a consciousness point of view, the illusion will exist as long as you continue to hold the focus of your attention and awareness on the belief that create it.

One set of beliefs we hold collectively or which are shared beliefs is what it means to be physical and what it means to be human. In this regard, we can have a physical experience in one of two ways. One is for our consciousness to create such a world unto ourselves. The other way is to have a physical experience in an existing physical world and play by the rules of that world This is what we have done. The pair production phenomenon is a way to understand conceptually how energy transforms into a creation within a creation as opposed to rearranging the parts of an existing creation into a new creation.

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