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Creations within creations
A common introduction
Creation within creations

How it works
Layers to the creation we experience
Composite intentions and undercurrents
The key to the mind body connection
An experience of standing between two worlds
The insights available in creating within a creation

Working with the fact we are a creation within a creation
A closing summary

A common introduction (Top)

The basic essentials and concepts supporting the concept of creations within creations are found in the topic, "The basic essentials and "physics" of: A world unto our self, World of the other, World of Om, Shared Realities, Creation within Creation." It is recommended this file be reviewed before preceding. However, the key points are as follows:

  • Each individuated consciousness is independent and a separate reality. No one will experience a situation or event like we do even if they are right there with us sharing the event. That is what it means to be unique.

  • The only truth of which we can be certain is our truth. That is, what we ourselves feel, experience and understand. It is the truth that, we ourselves, have experienced.

  • Remembering that a consciousness defines itself by the experience it has and consciousness awaken consciousness, one can use its creativity to figure out how to communicate and share itself to another such that two independent points of consciousness literally live in, and share, the same reality.

  • In essence, any consciousness has four primary ways to experience reality summarized here and discussed in the topic, "Four ways we experience creation/Creation, any creation/Creation."

  • (1) Live in our own isolated world protecting and defending the truth that we know to the point of denying information from the external world that does not fit what we have experienced;

  • (2) Deny any internal truth and live according to what the external world directs;

  • (3) Keep the internal truth separate from the external truth and live within literal standing between two worlds;

  • (4) Modify and evolve our truth neither denying the truth within our being nor the truth of the external world but merge the understanding into a wholeness and living in that wholeness.

  • In modifying and evolving our truth, we can experience a shared reality where we all live to a common set of "rules" to which we are held in some agreed upon way.

  • Each of us will experience living each of these four ways to one degree or another.

  • Each of us of course live somewhere between these extremes and a mixture of all four. However, most of us share anotherís reality. Normally it is the reality of our early care givers and/or our society. We share it until we can claim our birthright and learn to consciously create our own and the share that reality with others.

  • Creation within creations (Top)

    The essence of creations within creations is that any individualized consciousness can copy and mimic any other individualized consciousness. Additionally, we need another or others for the experiences we desire to have. It is in the experiences we have that we awaken and come to understand to who and what we really are. Whenever we follow the rules and/or beliefs of another, we are copying and/or entering the creation of another. We do it all the time but never realize exactly what we are doing. Creation within a creation is a creative process as apposed to an experience and can be characterized as an ebb and flow into and out of form within an existing creation.

    Creating within an existing creation is the way we experience our creativity within some creation. When we are creating within a creation we participate and share with other independent consciusnesses and the host creation. We limit our unlimited creativity by the limits, boundaries and "rules" of the host creation. While in host creation we are free to create any experience we desire as long as we experience it from within the rule of the host creation. Yet, because we are and individualized aspect of the consciousness within Creation, we are free to recreate what is means to be a creation within a particular creation if we so choose and are willing to do the work.

    When creating within an existing creation, we each are still an independent, individualized consciousness who creates a world unto themselves. We share realities and experiences but nevertheless, we each are a world unto ourselves. This is extremely important to realize when we are attempting to create anything. This fact gives rise to essential two level to our creative endeavors. There are things we can create totally totally the way we want determined by what we think and believe by how we have focused our attention and awareness. Then there are things which totally depend on complying with the "rules" of the host creation.

    Additionally, there are two primary ways to create and experience the depth and breath of our true creative abilities. One is to manifest a new creation never before seen in existence by ourselves or any other creation. The second way is to experience an existing part or aspect of Creation and create within the limits, boundaries and rule of that existing Creation an experience we or others never have had.

    This second way is much easier than the first for there is less of an unknown to face. It is the way most choose to experience their creative abilities both consciously and nonconsciously. Most of what we create are actually creating within an creation, either within the rules of Physical Creation or the rule given to us by our early care givers and our society.

    Both methods of creating are accomplished the same way. We only needs to focus our attention and awareness as a single point focus on what we desire. Then act as lead by our intuitive guidance. What needs to be understood is that there is the need for us to do our own experiments for we are a creation and a world unto ourselves. Only we can explore our uniqueness by doing our own experiments and investigations into that uniqueness. It means to explore where no one else has every gone or can go - into our own uniqueness.

    How it works (Top): Consciousness fragmenting itself into an infinite number of individual points of consciousness, each an aspect of Its Being. In this regard, each is a creation within a creation and yet each is a consciousness that can separate and fragment themselves into an infinite number of parts. This process can be endless. Additionally, each individual points of consciousenss is a separate reality. Given the wave particle nature of energy and consciousness the energy of each and every individual points of consciousenss permeates all of reality. The consciousness within the energy is capable of placing its attention and awareness wherever it wants to localize its self at that place. It chooses if its going to create a reality unto itself or create an experience within an existing creation. In any case, each individual points of consciousenss is the creator of the creation it experiences.

    Layers to the creation we experience (Top): When we actually assume a role within an existing creation, we become a creation within a creation. Whenever the role we play is part of something else which plays a larger role, layers of creations within the creation begin to form. In this regard, the physical experience as a human being is a creation within a creation and there are many ongoing creation within and without any one human physical experience. Outwardly, there is the human being playing a role within the human species of earth. The human species is part of the mammalian life form of Earth which, in turn, is part of life on earth. The Earth itself is part of a solar system which in turn is part of a galaxy. The galaxy is part of a cluster of galaxies within a Universe of many clusters of galaxies and it is debatable if our universe is similarly part of a collection of Universes within something physically larger as of yet unrealized. In this regard, it can be said an individual human being is eight layers down in creation

    Similarly, there are layers within us. Going downward, there is the human being made up of a collection of organs. The organs are composed of tissues. The tissue arise from the specific arrangement of cells. The cells in turn raise from a certain type and kind of expression of the genetic material within the cell.

    Each of these layers whether experienced internally or externally give rise to what is normally experiences as a collective consciousness. That is, each of these layers is a collective. As a consciousness, each of these layers have a belief structure and an awareness unto itself. We donít see and experience such collectives because our attention and awareness is focused on being human.

    As a human being, we are multidimensional or multifaceted being and are the composite and superposition of many large and smaller creations. We, as human beings, experience an unfolding Creation from within an unfolding creation. There are a variety of unfolding levels or aspects within Creation that we can experience. Each of these levels or aspects is unfolding at its own pace. As a result, we do not necessarily see how consciousness in any one case is transforming the thoughts it holds into experiences, including the thoughts we hold in our consciousness.

    As a composite of creations within a creation, in any one moment we are in the creative process at a variety of levels within and outside our being and at different points in the process inside and out. At any one moment, all the various aspects of our own being and Creation are at one point or another along the creative/creation process proceeding at different paces.

    Composite intentions and undercurrents (Top): It talking about creations within creations, it needs to be remembered nothing occurs in Creation without a flow of energy and given the rrelationship of energy and consciousness, it is the focus of the attention and awareness of a consciousness in an intention which gives rise to a flow of energy. Consequently the experience of any creation within creation arises from composite of many flows of energy which act as undercurrents pushing any one creation in a given direction. Additionally, any creation within a creation is the fulfillment and expression of as many intentions as there are undercurrents of energy. In this regard, the human physical experience is a produce of many ongoing undercurrents given rise to many ongoing creations within and without.

    The key to the mind body connection (Top): From an energy consciousness perspective, creations within creation provides a way to understand the mind body connection of health. One view of our health within this perspective is that our health arises from the composting of many undercurrents of energy which come together to create our physical body and the experiences we have. Each of the organs, tissues, and the like are the product of an the intention of an aspect of some consciousness. Any intention is only the focus of the attention and awareness of consciousness coupled with the desire to act. Given we are an infinite creative being and our nonconscious mind spans all of creation, what is giving rise to our health is some aspect of our nonconscious mind has focus a part of our attention and awareness to cause an unhealthy conditions to be experienced. To create a healthy condition, it is necessary to raise the beliefs and understanding of that aspect of the nonconscious mind to consciousness. In doing so, the beliefs and thinking patterns can be changed to something which better serves what we desire to experience. Of course, it may be difficult finding that particular aspect of our nonconscious mind and may need to learn to explore the nonconscious mind.

    An experience of standing between two worlds (Top): If we have the experience of a creation within a creation nonconsciously without the awareness of our conscious mind that we are a creation within creation, we will never see or experience that we are standing between two worlds. That is, we will never see the world of the creation we experience and the world unique to who and what we are. However, we may seem puzzled in that there will seem to exist forces well beyond our control or influences on our life that seem to push or pull us in a given direction.

    If we consciously experience being a creation within a creation without the understanding that we are a creation within a creation, we will seem very out of place. We will feel a separation within our being. We will know an internal world that does not seem to completely fit the external world we experience. Similarly, the external world will seem real and, at times, puzzling and well beyond our control. What lies within will seem unreal and only a product of an active creative imagination  for there seems to be a lack of correspondence with the external world. We will either have a constant struggle between the inner and outer world which can result in pain and the desire to numb or somehow suppress the pain we feel or we find some way to live with the differences and separation.

    If we consciously experience being a creation within a creation with the understanding that we are a creation within a creation, we will come to see two things. One is we will see how  our inner world is reflected in the outer. The other is how and where we have limited our creative power to have a particular type and kind of experience. We will see that we are not a being that stands between two worlds and begin to use the experience to awaken ourselves to the true depth and breadth of creative ability and creative power available to us and how to use the fact the inner world reflects the outer.

    The insights available in creating within a creation (Top): There is a tremendous insight as to what is in our nonconscious mind that is available in creating within creation. That is who and what we are becomes a one to one physical mapping into the creation we experience. Or, alternatively said, our consciousness is reflected physically. How this is done is reflected in the phenomenon of pair production.

    In the pair production phenomenon, energy in the form of a photon without any mass gets converted directly to mass. That is something that is "non physical" as being defined without mass is converted into mass. In this phenomenon the massless energy takes on a physical form. When it does so, it create a particle and an antiparticle or a hole and a cutout if we choose to see it that way. What is important to realize is that we need to look at both the hole and the cutout, or the particle and the anti particle, if we wish to see the original energy which gives rise to the cutout.

    The human physical experience allow us to manifest who and what we are directly into physical form. But how and what we are is split between our consciousness and energy. Name, energy expressed as our body and the world in which our body exists. However we look at it, our inner world is reflected in the outer. The world of our consciousness is manifested as our body and its environment.

    Working with the fact we are a creation within a creation (Top)

    If we desire to talk about miracles and magic in the physical world, it is in the experience of a creation within Creation that such a statement can be most applicably made for it will appear to be the second most miraculous aspect of creation. The first, of course, is putting infinity in a box. That is, our infinite nonconscious mind contains all of Creation.

    Each individuated point of consciousness is a separate reality and every other individuated point of consciousness has the choice to experience the reality created by the first individuated point of consciousness, or the reality created by itself, or the reality created by any one other individuated point of consciousness. There are an infinite number unique permutation to shared realities and the choice is ours as to how we wish create an experience in any of these realities.

    Sharing realities and then giving meaning to the reality we share is what we all do only we donít realize it. Any time a human creates a new understanding it is a creation and interpretation of Creation that only exists because that particular human has conceived it in the way they have. We need to remember there is no meaning to creation other than the play of consciousness with itself. Any story we create, any explanation we create is a new creation and is only that - a story or explanation we create. They do not necessarily represent any truth about what is.

    Any time any others join in and use that understanding they are actually creating within a creation for it is that human who created the understanding. The vision of flying started as a creation in the mind of one person. There is an old saying, "Man was not meant to fly, if he was, God would have given him wings." There is a truth to this statement. Man as a physical creation does not fly and was not meant to fly. It is not in his physical nature to fly. But it is in the nature of the consciousness that inhabits the body to create whatever it desires. Since it desired to fly while in a physical body, it figured out how to do so. Others joined in. The biplane, tri-plane, propeller, jet, rockets, balloons and dirigibles are all creations within the creation of many flying above the ground. While in a body, our consciousness that inhabits our body can do anything it wants as long as it done from within the body, anchored to that body.

    To understand this process, look at the world as created by Walt Disney that evidence suggests grew out of his love of toy trains. Walt Disney created an amusement park in Anaheim California in the 1950's called Disneyland. Walt Disney had an idea to create a place were individuals could go and experience different worlds or times of history, and of course, the train was one of the vehicles one could use to take you to these different lands. Disneyland and subsequently Disneyworld were the creations that unfolded from this idea. He created a place called "Frontier Land-" - a recreation of the old West, "Adventure Land" --a recreation of a jungle journey of Africa or the Amazon, "Fantasy Land"-- a land of make believe characters of the story books, "Tomorrow Land"-- an experience of what the future might look like, and "Main Street USA"-- a recreation of a typical small town of the United States around 1900. All is accessible by a railroad that circles the park. Disneyland is the fulfillment of a dream and creation of Walt Disney. When you go to Disneyland, you enter the dream and creation of Walt Disney. Individuals who go and work there or enjoy the entertainment and rides are creating an experience within this creation. They are creating a creation within a creation. Any experience we have is a creation within a creation.

    Walt Disney has since died and Disneyland, Disneyworld, and the other facets of Disneyís dreams go on having a life of their own. All the individuals who now support the Disney infrastructure are living and manifesting the dream of its creator, Walt Disney, and it subsequent unfoldment long after the creator dies. But those who live his dream and also evolving his dream in to something different that originally intended. It is much the way Creation works. Our dream and our acts live long past the one who created them and maybe even evolve Physical Creation past the intention of its creator.

    Creation is consciousness at play. Consciousness and any one individual point of consciousness can create a reality that others enjoy. If the individual point of consciousness that created the world gets tired of what they created and decides to move on, others can continue to manage that creation. As long as they follow the rules and premises established by the original creator, the creation will remain relatively unchanged no matter how many individuals experience it. Otherwise, if one begins to change the rule and premises, the creation evolves over time into something different. This is why Physical Creation is hardwired in our body. Our body keeps us constrained to the rules of Physical Creation so that we do not evolve Physical Creation into something too different as done with Walt Disneyís dream.

    It needs to be understood as basically explained in the topic, "The problem of mind and the experience of the Source of Creation," the concept of God is also a creation within creation. Any concept of God is only a creation of the mind of man or woman which others join in and use it and embellish it. Any one concept of God can be empowering and constructive or it can be limiting and actually retard the development of people who believe it. The concept or idea which we are using to explain and describe what God is suppose to represent is beyond the comprehension of the human mind and the body for both the human and the human mind are creations within a creation. One has to be out of mind to even being to see the depth and breath of what the concept of God is really trying to describe. Although not necessary, for many of us it can not be fully experienced until we are out of our body.

    The reason for this is we humans are creation within creations in the process unfolding both as individual humans and the human collective. To view the "plan," intention or the total flow of energy manifesting Creation as a human is very difficult and we cannot see them if we stay in our human view of reality. It is much like living along a river not knowing where the river comes from or where it is going. Many may have stories about it source and its end but as far as we know they are only stories. The only way you find out is to leave the place we call home, that place where we are comfortable and explore up stream and down stream. Or we can build an airplane or rocket that can fly high enough to view the entire river system. In any case, we have to leave where we are safe and secure to explore the unknown.

    The unknown we have to explore is our inner world. We have to leave how we think our world works and who we are to explore the flow within our being to see where it comes from and where it is going. No one can do that for us. However another can create a safe and secure external space in the outer world for us to become who and what we are true to our nature. In doing so, that external space will be reflected in our inner world and give us the safety we need to explore what we need to explore about the energy that flows within our being. Once we discover who and what we are, we can then choose to share or not share the reality that is us.

    A closing summary (Top)

    Whether we realize it or not, we are a creation within a creation. Although we can give reasons for what we create, there is no meaning to creation or what we experience. The only meaning is the meaning we give it. That doesnít mean there isnít a plan. Creation is intentional and we create through intention and we may become intentional because of the meaning we give to what we experience, but it is none the less, totally the play of consciousness. Creation comes from nowhere and is going nowhere. But it is always in flow into and out of form as desired by consciousness, both with a "C" and "c." It is only our mind which have judged Creation to be other than consciousness at play and have given it meaning. There is no meaning play. Play is play. However, one ultimate achievement is to create a creation and then have others join in what we have created. That is, to freely live what another has created and to freely and equally share our creation so they can live ours.

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