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Health as viewed from the creativity perspective is quite different than from the healing perspective and other philosophies of life. The creative perspective can provide the ultimate link to, and understanding of, the mind body connection. However, that link and understanding does not mean we will cure ourselves with or without the assistance of traditional and/or non traditional healing modalities. Although it is possible to heal oneself without the assistance of a traditional or non traditional healer, whether we can do so depends on what our creative spirit desires to experience, that is, the intention for our life, and how and why we have created the condition we wish to heal.

The creativity perspective see each of us as an infinitely creative being. We create the experiences we has by how and what we think and believe and the choices it makes. For some this is too much to be believed that we are the creators of the experiences we have. Nevertheless, quite simply, our creative spirit, that flow of energy consciousness that energizes our life, incarnated to have a certain types and kinds of physical experiences. The experiences desired by our creative spirit is determined by the intention for our life. These experiences may or may not be what our current mind has come to want to experience. Additionally, the experiences our creative spirit desires may be judged as unacceptable or somehow undesirable. In fact, some of those experiences may be judged by our mind as unhealthy conditions.

The difference between what mind wants and the creative spirit desires, in turn, will create a tension within one’s being. That tension may become so sever that it may result in some level of pain. Here lies the gift of pain. There is something the pain is trying to communicate about the experiences we are having. Unless we explore the origins of our pain at the deepest inner levels we will not understand why we are creating the experiences we have. If we try and numb the pain or suppress the pain we will most probably end up in some type and kind of addictive pattern or behavior. Most of us end up with a thinking addiction so as to not feel this tension. We prefer not to feel how out of alignment the desires of our current mind are from the desires of our creative spirit.

One experience that we either chose to have, or agreed to have, is that of a human being in this time and place - that is why we are here. Additionally, we have some overall specific goals or objective to achieve and/or to have specific type and kind of experiences as a human. So, the first question we need to face in some way is “What exactly do I think and believe about what it means to be a human?” The second is, “What exactly did I incarnate to do and/or experience as a human?” It is here, in what we think and believe about what it means to be human and what we incarnated to do, that will determine if we can heal ourselves or we need the assistance of others. How much assistance we need, if any, will be determined by the answer to the question, “What exactly do I desire to experience?” Of course, the answer to this question has a conscious and a nonconscious portions. Here in lies the need to make portions of our nonconscious conscious so as to get at the root of our pain and/or the experience we have whether judged as healthy or unhealthy.

What needs to be understood is two things. One is that healing is something that comes from within. Healing arises from our ability and desire to create an experience different than the one we are having and calling unhealthy or calling illness, disease, injury or wound. The “healing ability,” as in obtaining a “healing ability” or “the ability to heal” we associate with healers, is not something you can “obtain.” Rather, healing comes from within and is the manifestation of the creative power within the individual. We each are quite capable of healing ourselves. There are individuals such as doctors, therapists, shamans, and the like that are seen as having healing abilities within themselves or in the tools they employ in their work to heal others. However, rather than healing others, what they do is create external conditions that allow our inherent creative ability to unfold in a way that heals the condition. That is, they help provided us an experience we desire to have for whatever reason at some level of our being.

This brings us to the second understanding. Creation is not done alone. Inherent within Creation and the creative process is the need for another or others to gives us the experiences we desire. The “Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective” provides one way this can be understood from the myth, story or consciousness perspective. The discussion of “How an Energy Localizes in an Existing Creation” provides an energy perspective as to how this is occurs and why we need another.

Now the question is “Why do we need the particular other as opposed to any other?” There are billions of people on this planet. There are millions of individual who call themselves healers or to whom we would refer to as a healer. Out of all the healers that exist on this planet, why do you need a particular type and kind of healer to heal your condition. Why will any healer not work - or would they? There are healers and healing modalities that medical science cannot explain. Miracles also still exist. Placebos work - some of the time. But then, some therapies and pharmaceuticals only work some of the time. Why is that?

What is not realizes is that our creative spirit incarnated to have certain types and kinds of physical experiences. In addition to a general physical experience for this time and place, it may include experiences with particular people, experience of certain physical experiences, experiences of certain places and/or to do or create something in particular. Similarly we each have a gift to give to others and certain individuals are necessary to call forth our creative spirit to give our gift. So when we begin to put all these possibilities together and look at a particular condition of the body we find it is beneficial to see through to a larger perspective about our life and what we experience.

What may not be considered a healthy condition or a condition of illness, disease or injury the result of an accident may only be the tool we use to achieve the experience we desire. Or, it may be to call forth our creative spirit in the way it needs to be called forth to have the experience we desire. The condition may be the vehicle we use to meet the people we need to met or the experience itself may be what challenges to go beyond our own mind.

When faced with an undesirable experience or condition we need to go within and explore deep within our own consciousness to see what is creating it. We need to transcend the idea we are our body or we are a spirit having a physical experience. We need to give up our victim consciousness and the belief that we are being held prisoner or captive by something, like a virus or bacteria, or by another, including God, in any way. We need to embrace the idea that we are perfect creators. We have created the condition we experience because of something we consciously, nonconsciously, or unknowingly created or within which we agreed to participate.

How we get in touch with the reason we created what we do can be done through a combination of two things. One is asking our intuitive guidance. Then listening to and following its lead. We need to honoring our intuitive guidance, as to what answer it gives. Second, we need to understand creativity is the language of consciousness. The life we have, and are, creating, and the events we experience, are a communication of our consciousness to our conscious mind and the world. Our consciousness tells us what it does, and does not, want to experience. Our feelings, in particular the feeling of the fullness of being will tell us what serves and doesn’t serve our creative spirit. Exactly what we experience is the best expression of how our consciousness knows to express what it desire to communicate in this time and place. By learning to “read” our life, we can know how and why we have created the conditions we experience.

In many ways we are a being that stands between two worlds. There is an inner world of our consciousness that is ultimately totally under our control. It is a world unto itself. Then there is the outer world in which we have chosen to have a physical experience. Relative to unhealthy conditions or illness, although there are six kinds of illness we can talk about, overall we can see illness lying on a spectrum you could say there are three categories that result from these two worlds.

At one end of the spectrum, one category of illness can be called a “Placebo illness.” A placebo is a harmless and ineffective substance given to one group of patients in medical studies to test the effectiveness of a pharmaceutical in test trials. One group get the placebo and the other group gets the pharmaceutical. An effective pharmaceutical will have a cure or healing percentage much greater than the placebo. The issue with placebos is that some individual are cured or healed with the placebo.

Within the creativity perspective, these kinds of cures are seen to originate in the unique beliefs and current thinking of the individual. Since the individual believed they get a healing medication, they are healed. Or, because they took the physical action of participating in taking the medication, their action becomes a ritual and focus of their attention and awareness to effect a cure. In essence, the conscious action taken to heal is what heals not so much what is done. Obviously this can become very convoluted and intertwined with what action is taken and what one thinks and believes. Nevertheless, the individual is cured or healed by nothing other than one’s own beliefs. It is only their belief in what is done and the action taken which appears to effect the cure.

The bottom line in the “Placebo illness” is two fold. One is that we each need to take responsibility for the life we are creating. The question here is how are we living the role we elected to play and why did we create the unhealthy condition in the first place that can be cured by a placebo. What experiences are provided in using the placebo that could not otherwise be had. Or could the experience be had another way if we had gone exploring within to consider the source of our unhealthy condition.

Second aspect to the bottom line on the ‘Placebo illness" is if you never pay attention to what your nonconscious mind presents, the nonconscious mind will most probably utilize pain, accident, illness and/or nightmares or their equivalent to get your conscious attention. The nonconscious will yell at our conscious mind only as loudly as necessary to get its attention. In learning to understand how our creative life energy is communicating and how the nonconscious mind brings this information to the awareness of conscious mind, it is necessary to look at pain, accident, illness and disease for the simple reason that when we experience any of these phenomena, our nonconscious is trying to get our attention. There are easier ways to process the energy we need to experience than accident, illness, disease or misfortune. However, until we have some understanding of how we are manifesting our illness, there isn’t much we can do about shifting the energy flow.

At the other end of the spectrum is the second category of illness can be called a "Vehicle Illness." There are illness that we have because we have elected to participate in Creation as a human being at this time and place. These illness are a result of the physical experience. That is, they are illness that arise out of what it means to "be physical." It is reflective of our role in life and the physical human drama as it is currently playing out.

Epidemics would be a good example of "vehicle illnesses." That is, to be a human being is to be susceptible to epidemics. A certain percentage of the population will get sick in an epidemic unless, of course, we are inoculated. We may get sick as one of these individuals. We do not get sick because our creative spirit elects to create an illness for the experience of it or it has failed to finance health. Rather, our creative spirit creates the illness because we believe we are part of the human race and this is what happens to humans. In this case, we will be hard pressed to cure ourselves for we believe we need the cure that works for the community. Hence we go to the doctor or other healer and take whatever the current remedy is. In doing so, we reinforce the all the social beliefs we and others carry about how we get sick and how we get cured and who does the curing.

To cure ourselves in this case without the need of medical assistance, we would need a different perspective. Unless we see ourselves as participating in the human experience but not of it, we will most probably need medical assistance. It is to understand we do not have to participate in all of what it means to be human to be human. However, to do this we often need a very strong strength of will or an understanding that can escape the pull of the collective conscious. Escaping the pull of the collective conscious is like trying to escape the pull of gravity and fly to the moon in a rocket. It takes a tremendous amount of work and effort to figure out how to do that. However, once we do it once, it becomes easier and easier. It may still be difficult but it nevertheless becomes easier.

The third category of illness is simply a mixture of the two. These illness lie on a spectrum. At one end is the "Placebo illness" where we control the whole process and all that we experience. At the other end is the "vehicle illness" where we are totally a victim of being human. Here we are at the mercy of what the collective thinks. If the collective thinks the entire village of which we are a part will be wiped out because of disease, then guess what - we die. But this is only our creative spirit participating as a human at this time and this place. It believes we are human and fulfilling the experience we incarnated to have - that of being human.

It needs to be noted, to incarnate to have a physical experience as a human will most probably keep us from obtaining "superhuman" abilities as discussed and presented in many spiritual and mystical traditions. To gain superhuman ability we will either have incarnated to play such a role or we will need to access the intention for our life and change it. This is why so many try so hard and yet so few achieve such abilities. They are looking in the wrong place for what they seek. They must first go within and find out what they are here to do. Looking for superhuman abilities may actually be opposed to what they incarnated to do.

The following topics are provided to help you to explore how and or why you are creating the experiences you have and how they related to the types and kinds of experiences which we call accident, illness, disease and related misfortunes or unhealthy conditions.

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