The Dance Between the Heart and the Mind

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The dance between what is symbolized in the heart and mind is the first dance we need to learn to become a conscious creator.

If you look carefully, you will come to see there are two views of Creation or ways to experience Creation. One view or perspective is the view of the mind. The second is the view of the heart or better said, what is symbolized in the heart. The dance between heart and mind is to learn how to move from one to the other in a proper sequence to create what we desire.

Ultimate the dance is between the energy and consciousness and experienced as a dance between the masculine and feminine aspects of creation. But our initial experience of the dance is the dance between the view of the mind and the view of the heart.

To learn this dance, we must learn to realize what gives us a feeling of deep satisfaction in life for the world we inhabit. We must learn to use mind to find a way to live in that world in a way that serves us and enables us to be free to express the truth of ourselves. The creative life energy within our being flows from the source/Source. Creation wants to dance and it wants to dance with us in a unique dance to be made manifest in the physical world. Creation will work with us only to the extent that we are willing to work with It. This is simply the result is that energy follows the path of least resistance.

The path of least resistance to the fulfillment of our desires is set by the environment in which we find ourselves. If we are free to flow in alignment with the flow of our creative life energy within our environment, our path is made much easier than if we fight the flow forcing it to go other than along the path of least resistance.

Since the energy if flowing along the path of least resistance, it will always initially lead and mind must initially follow. But our creative spirit will freely allows our mind to lead and as you learn to dance with it. Some have called this dance a dance on a razorís edge. On one side there is the risk of losing oneself in feeling the flow at the expense of reason. On the others there is the risk losing oneself in reason at the expense of feeling. But it is nevertheless a dance we must learn.

The truth of the matter is that the dance between heart and mind is as easy to do as learning to walking. But it is easy only if mind is out of the way. If we try and control the process of learning to creatively walk we will always fall. Remember learning to ride a bicycle. We need to feel our way through the process and not try and think our way through. When we knows how to walk one can learn to dance. Only the tempo and the foot steps of a dance are different. The process of learning to dance starts with knowing what the separate views of heart and mind look like and learning how to work with each independently and together. We need to learn where mind and heart converge and diverge and, ultimately, why.

To learn to dance with our creative life energy , we have to follow its lead. Its lead arises in what we feel and what is symbolized in the heart. We must first to learn to walk with it and learn how it communicates. It already knows how we communicate for it has heard all our pleas, wishes, desires and prayers. It has heard all our thoughts. It has felt our feelings for it is what is sustaining us. It is what allows us, to act and do what we do without judgment and in the complete freedom to be whatever we wish. It only asks that we learn to see how it communicates and allow it to be free to flow.

Our creative life energy and the Source from which it flows sees us as an equal and as vitally necessary for the Source to express Itself and experience Itself for we are Its creation. We are a reflection of the Source. We are the Source expressing Itself and It does so in the dance the occurs within our being and the dance that we do in the world. We dance in the world and with the world in exactly the same way we dance in the creative life energy within our being and with that energy. The two are a direct reflection of each other. As we learn the inner dance of mind and hear, we learn to dance with the world. In learning to dance with the world, we can create a life worth living an done that truly serves us.

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