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The phoenix is an ancient mythical story describing the human ability to transform ourselves. The phoenix is a mythical bird which will build a funeral pyre out of its own nest only to rise again born anew out of the ashes. It is a symbol representing the ability of the human consciousness to recreate itself and the world it inhabits. The phoenix is just a poetic description of the required sacrifice of creation and the destruction of an aspect of who and what we are to create something new. How big a destruction depends on what we desire to create.  We need to remember that energy can neither be created or destroyed and the same is true of energy consciousness. Since the inner is reflected in the outer, something must change both internally and externally to create something new..


The gentle phoenix is about a way that a human consciousness can recreate itself and the world it inhabits in a relatively faster, easier and gentler way that is otherwise possible. Gentle is of course relative but there is a faster, easier a gentle possibility. Faster and easier is created by following the path of least resistance. The path of least resistance is reflected in aligning with the flow path of the energy for energy always flows the path of least resistance. Accessing this path requires surrender to our own internal compass and internal guidance. Gentler comes through understanding. It  is to use the lessons learned of others and the wisdom within ourselves It is to hold our creativity sacred and allows effectiveness to be the measure of truth


A gentle phoenix arises from seeing in the moment and to experience what is as it is within the understanding we have  That is, mind can only characterize based on what is has experienced. Mind will not have that minimum set of experience to characterize the path of a true creative endeavor and any attempt to do so will not be correct. However in becoming the detached witness, we can stand outside of our mind in an unattached way to look at where we are inaccurate. 


Additionally, it needs to be understood, we are multidimensional beings. The optimum gentle phoenix is to find the path that is the fastest, easiest and gentlest way given all facets of our being.  We need to realize one aspect of our being may cause us to become terrified because of what we will need to face. However, facing that one terrifying aspect may be the door way to fastest, easiest and gentlest way for all other aspects of our being.


The way we need to deal with any areas will be unique to our own being and the nature of our mind and what it thinks and believes.  However, it has been observed there are things that can make our journey easiest and gentler such that there exists a spectrum of possibilities. At one end is where nothing is done. At the other extreme is where we create the optimum gentle phoenix experiences. How big a difference that exists between the extremes depends on what we desire to create and our starting conditions. Additional discussion on creating a gentle phoenix is found in the topic, "Creative Phoenix Creative Guidelines@  Some of the things that have been observed that can be done to help create a gentle phoenix are found in the topics, "Creating a gentle phoenix" and "Key to the optimum gentle phoenix.@   


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