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Frequently Ask Questions about the
Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Material

You seem to find a way to make everyone else wrong so that people will see your view as being right - why is that?
If people follow their internal compass and do what they think will not anarchy result
Why a website on Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity?
What is the purpose of this material?
This (the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material) sounds very religious
This sounds "abstract"
This sounds like something to do with philosophy
This sounds like something do to with psychology
It is really beyond my comprehension?
Is it something new?
You must have been into this deeply; otherwise, why did you retired to further explore creativity?
Why does accessing and releasing our unlimited creativity seem so complicated and hard?
Who are your clients?
How much do you charge?

It talking to you and/or reading some of the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material, you seem to find a way to make everyone else wrong so that people will see your view as being right. Many people have much good to offer and help a lot of people - why do you make them wrong? Why is that? (Top)

The goal of the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity technology is to create an understanding. It is an understanding which individuals can use to free their creative spirit from the past limitations so it can unfold true to itself. It is not about looking to make any other path or way “wrong” and the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity way “right.” Rather is it is about looking to see how any approach, including the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity approach, is effective at achieving the stated goal. It looks to see if any approach, whatever one does or whatever is recommended one does, allows the creative spirit to become free.

Each of us are unique and each will have a unique way of releasing our creative spirit. The question pursued by the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity technology and approach is, “What is the most effective and efficient way or ways that can be useful to the most people?” In pursuing this question, only two items have been found that seem to work generically for all. One is to have a creativity perspective that hold our creative spirit and that of others as sacred. The second is to act and make decisions in an way that holds our creativity sacred and allow effectiveness to be our measure of truth. If what we think, believe and can act on in the world is effective for holding our creativity sacred, then use it. If not, then find something that is effective. If something we think, believe and/or do binds our creative spirit and/or is painful in some way, look to see how and why we are being bound and from where does the pain arise. If the limitations on our creative spirit and/or the pain we experience serves what we desire to create, as in the birthing pain of a new creation, then continue to use it and endure or seek a faster, easier, and gentler way. If what you experience is not serving our creative needs, the do, or use, something else.

The Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity approach is to look to see how our creative spirit is bound, or being bound, such that our creative needs are not being served for what we desire to create. What seems to be a criticism offered by the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity view against other programs and approaches is only an evaluation of these programs against the stated intent. It looks to see if the individual’s creative spirit is being served in the way it needs to be served for what the individual’s creative spirit desires to create. The evaluation does not look to see what the program or approach desires to create but whether or not the individual’s creative spirit is being served.

Some approaches look as thought they serve the individual but they build walls to keep out the world and what the world has to offer by allowing the individual to live in the illusion of safety. This is then called freedom. True freedom is for the creative spirit is to be true to itself and freely unfold into the world in a way that it is safe yet provides for the free unfoldment. It is to freely unfold in a way that walls are not needed to create the illusion of safety. It is believed Creation is magical enough to allow each of us to live true to the truth of our own being and free unfoldment of our creative spirit and yet allow the other to remain free to do the same.

If people follow their internal compass and do what they think will not anarchy result and each person doing their own thing at the expense of another or others? (Top)

This is the perception of mind. When you access the source/Source of our creative life energy, our whole perspective changes. In seeing and feeling what is within our being that flows from the source/Source, we cannot deny that to another. All we desire to do is create the space for the other to experience the same inner joy, satisfaction and contentment. It is much the way a young child passionately desire to share what they have learned with another. They desire to give it freely and willing so that another also has it. This is our true nature. Our true nature is that of a spontaneous and innocent child discovering and explore itself and their world.

Creation is magical enough to allow each to live true to ourselves and find a way for each to unfold without constraining another. However it must be realized we have chosen to have certain types and kinds of experience. The “other” individual enters our life to allow us to have that experience. When we have experiences in life that seem to harm, injury or otherwise cause us pain, we must look with to understand exactly what it is we desired to experience and why. The outer is not the cause of what we experience but the occasion for the experience. If we do not look within but think what we experience is totally caused by some one, or something, outside ourselves, we will simply create a victim consciousness. In creating a victim consciousness we hold our creative power and ability in a prison of our own making.

Why a website on Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity? (Top)

The answer to this questions, “Why a web site on releasing your unlimited creativity?” is quite simple. Whether or not we believe we are unlimited in our creativity and are capable of creating the reality we experience, if we did understand how to create what we are experiencing at any moment, we would then be free to let go and be untroubled no matter what is happening and no matter what we were experiencing. We would be free because we know we could recreate the experience we were having, or any other experience, whenever we chose to do so. If we didn’t like what we were experiencing, we would know we could create something more enjoyable. If we liked what we were experiencing, we would know we could create more of the same. In having such an ability and knowing how to use it, we would be free to be self determined at every level of our being in every way.

It is the premise of this material that we, in fact, are capable of creating the experiences we have, and we are capable of becoming self determined at ever level of our being. It is only because we have either forgotten how and why we are creating what we are experiencing, or we were never given an effective explanation as to how we do so to consciously change the experiences that we have.

It is hoped that this material creates the space within the beliefs that you hold to either awaken you to what you already know or give you a way to understand how to access use the unlimited creative ability that you already have.

What is the purpose of this material?(Top)

The purpose of this material is to present an alternative view of the reality we experience and the role we play in creating that reality. This view is in many ways quite different than the way many of us have been taught.

The human stands between two worlds. On one hand, it is hoped that you will come to see and experience, is that we each of us have the power within our own being to create the reality we experience. However, on the other, given the world we each experience every day, the concept that we have the power to create the reality we experience is just “too much to be believed.”

In regards to these two views, some individuals do come to the understanding of their unlimited creativity. Whereas, others simply find it too much to be believed. The reason, of course, for these different views is each of us have a different set of experiences from which to draw our conclusions. Until we have an adequate set of experiences, which this material hopes to give, there are some things that just cannot be understood.

If you accept and experiment with what is presented in this material, you will see that you are a being of unlimited creativity. However, from the viewpoint of what most of us currently believe about reality and seem to experience, it is too much to be believed. So it is necessary to present some new ideas, to help individuals to see differently.

In any case, whatever view you come to accept, your view does not make the concepts in this material wrong. This, in itself, is a very important understanding. Reality works well as it is no matter what you believe and will continue to work well in spite of what you believe. The questions is whether what you believe is in optimum alignment with the way reality works. It is only in that alignment that you will access your most powerful creative energies to create the reality of your choice. It is hoped that these concepts will provide you the framework for you to create the opportunity to come into that optimum alignment.

Whether the concepts in this can be believed, and whether there is too much to be believed is a decision you will have to make. The recommendation made is that you eat and digest this material liken any food you eat. Take and use what can be effective in your life and leave the remainder.

This (the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material) sounds very religious (Top)

The Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material is about creativity and how we create our experiences and the reality of those experiences. Since all of Creation arises from the same Source of Creation, as does our creative ability and creative power, the Source which spiritual and religious traditions try and access through their traditions and practices is the same Source of Creation. To many individuals, many aspects of the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material, understanding and work looks spiritual. Some will think it is about spirituality and religion. However, the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material is not about religion or what spirituality tries to address. Although the Source that is accessed is the same, the end creation is quite different and more reflective of the perspective of a physicist and scientist create when the access the Source. The Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material is about creativity and how we create and can become more creative in and with our lives. If you wish, you can look at what religions and spiritual traditions try to address and creativity as different sides of a multifaceted crystal. They are related but different.

This sounds "abstract" (Top)

The principles and concepts are abstract just as much as any other thought or idea is "abstract." It is in the application of the principles and concepts in our life where we see what this material is all about. It is like having an intellectual discussion about skiing and talking about sliding down a mountain side on a piece of wood, fiberglass or whatever material of which a ski is made. But you don't really understand what the concept of skiing is all about until you either see someone do it or try it yourself - and of course trying it yourself gives quite a different experience that watching someone. Creativity is an experimental/experiential science/subject and it is something in which we must act.

This sounds like something to do with philosophy  (Top)

Because many of the ideas presented in how we create our experiences and the reality of those experiences have been discussed by philosophers and scientist since the first individual became conscious, many individuals will think this material is philosophical with little practical value. However, the opposite is true. It is very down to earth and something we must apply in our life if we are going to experience our true creative ability and creative power.

This sounds like something do to with psychology (Top)

Since our creativity is integrally linked to our thoughts and how and what we think and believe, our thinking becomes integral to our creative effort. How and what we think and believe and how we perceive the universe to work has a tremendous impact on our creativity and what we are capable of creating. Since psychology does deal with our thinking and how and why we think the way we do, there are some areas that can be considered to overlap. However, the intent of psychology is much different that creativity and learning to become more creative.

One of the main differences between psychology and the creativity perspective used in this material is that when we understand the creativity perspective we will come to see how there is no experience we have in life, including accident, illness and disease, that at some level of our being we did not elect or choose to have for the sake of the experience it gives for whatever purpose we have chosen to create it. For most of us, those choices are done at the nonconscious level. The creativity perspective explores why we have created the experiences we have and to find creative solutions to the situation we face to be able to choose whether or not there is some experience that can better serve us.

It is really beyond my comprehension (Top)

Nothing can be farther from the truth for two reasons. One is that we use these principles every day to create what we experience but we just don't know it and realize how we do it. The second reason is that we are ultimately working with our own inner language and our inner truth. No one can do that for us. As such, we have more than adequate ability to comprehend this material. The question is where or not we would want to consciously choose to apply it in our life. Most individuals would prefer to remain unaware of the creative principles discussed in this material because it would mean they would have to take responsibility for their lives and no longer have anyone to blame for what they experience.

Is it something new? (Top)

In some way the material is new. In many ways it is very old and humanity has been using these principles since the dawn of man. In many ways they are like the principles of physics. People have been using various aspects of physics ever since humanity began to observe nature with the desire to change what they experience. However, some of the principles have only be reveal in the recent past, like the effects of quantum mechanics. On this note, many of these principles have been embedded in the myths and stories humanity has told about Creation, the God/gods of their society and the like. So many of these creative principles have been around for a long, long time.

You must have been into this deeply; otherwise, why did you retired to further explore creativity?  (Top)

No I was not into this deeply. What caused me to get into it was my work and why 1) so many individuals were not really happy or fulfilled in the jobs they had even though they were considered successful and 2) the difficult I had at getting individuals to become creative and think out of the box. I was puzzled why I could not get "brilliant" scientist and engineers to look past their tunnel vision to find truly creative solutions to the problems we faced. So I began to explore creativity and why individuals loose their ability to be truly creative. It was because of what I found that caused me to retire and write about what I found with the intent to help individuals understand how they have created a box for themselves and their life. The key to my realization about creativity was my understanding of energy and manipulating unseen energy that I gained as a physicist that allowed me to see how we actually create our reality and the experiences in that reality. It is really all about energy and the flow of energy.

Why does accessing and releasing our unlimited creativity seem so complicated and hard? (Top)

Recreating ourselves to live and be our unlimited creativity is analogous to erasing all the software and files on a hard drive of a computer. We each have a choice in life as to how we will go about doing it. We can format it in one step and erase everything at once. Or, we can erase the drive one file and one program at a time. But then we can use “wild cards” and erase types and kinds of programs and files to make the job a little easier.

To erase everything at once is terrifying to most people. That is what I did. Some choose to erase types and kinds of programs and files. That is what most of the individuals with whom I work do. Unfortunately, because most of us have not been taught anything easier way that erasing file after file, most erase the hard drive one file at a time.

If we choose to look at the energy that gives rise to the experience we have, we can and will begin to access the wisdom to erase our hard drive at a faster pace. Similarly, we can set the intention to learn how to do it faster, easier and even gentler. But then we will have to follow that guidance that is given to us. The choice is our. All any one individual can do is help us along the path and guide us where we can. No one can do any of the work for us. It does need to be added that if we look carefully, the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material does show us how to erase our hard drive all at once. But, the way the material is structured, it directs us at a pace that is faster and easier than working one file/program at a time but not necessarily the fastest that is available to us. The fastest way is not the way to go unless we have someone who will stand by us through the whole process to hold us accountable to both (1) what we are intending to do and (2) to create and hold the space to allow us to do what we need to do.

Who are your clients? (Top)

My clients are usually individuals or organization who wish to change their life in some way and to create something new. Most of the individuals with whom I work for an extended period of time usually ending up doing something different in life than what they started out to do.

How much do you charge? (Top)

How much I charge varies based on the ability to play. If someone calls me based on the advertisement I have in a local magazine, I quote my current rate for a two to three hour session. If someone meets me or is referred to me by another, I usually adjust my rate for what they are able to pay. I have worked with many who were unable to pay me because of their existing financial situation. My hope is when they find what they seek and create the income doing what they love to do, they will remember what I did for them and contribute to my efforts to help others. To be honest, the only fair rate I can charge is what the universe gives another. If they are paid only $5.00 an hour how can I ask them to give more than what the universe is giving them? However is someone makes a million dollars a year, then I feel perfectly at peace with telling them they should be paying me 1/2080 per hour of what they are paid (before taxes). That would come to about $480/hour. So when someone asks, I compromise at a standard rate per 2 to 3 hour session.


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