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Having explored our inherent creativity contained with our birthright, within the creativity perspective of life, the goal of life is seemingly paradoxical. It is simultaneously be both the creator and the creation. It is to expand into the infinity of our own being while becoming like the wind free of attachments as the creator. Yet, it is to hold what we desire to experience with the passion which a drowning person has for air and surrendering to the experience we desire as the creation.

It is to know a part of us must become bound to experience the experiences we desire to have. Yet it is to know we are the creator/Creator becoming the creation/Creation for the experience of our creation/Creation. The way we free ourselves from remaining bound is to explore the infinity of our own being, holding our creativity sacred and be free to move into an exploration of the infinity we find and we experience the creation we desire to have.

The way to do this is to have a very clear intention as to what we desire to create and to have pulled the string to understand why we desire the experience we do. It is then to transcend the limits and barriers of our own thinking and beliefs exploring the infinity of our own being to both move into the experience we desire and yet move through the experience like the wind savoring each moment but free of attachment to any aspect of the experience.

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