Who is this material for?

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Although applicable to everyone, the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material is not for everyone. As discussed in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity understanding, the approach used places the burden of creation and for creation on the individual. The approach does not allow us to put the blame for what we experience on God or anyone else. This is too much for some to embrace.

General aspects

The Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material is designed to provide the opportunity for individuals to understand how to release their creativity and free their bound creative life energy in any aspect of their life to create and manifest the object or experience of their choice. It also provides a path to access and release the unlimited creativity which is inherent in each individual.

The Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity understanding and material is for individuals who desires to grow and expand their understanding of creativity and/or creative ability and creative power in any aspect of life. It is the intention this material to create the space for an individual to become creatively self determined at every level of their being to create the reality of their choice. To do so, this material assist the individual to see and experience the world differently than they have before.

In particular, it is about creating a conscious experience of what is symbolized in the heart, our creative life energy that is flowing into and sustaining our being, and the unique expression of the creative life energy as our creative spirit as it sustains our being. However, reading and understanding a concept is not the same as acting on that concept and manifesting it in the world. Any form of written material can only address part of an effort. It can only address that part association with the mind. The other part of the effort requires our actions and our actions ultimately speak louder than words or thoughts. Ultimately we will need to do our own experiments to understand what is possible.

This material is designed to give an understanding in the quickest possible way to create the space to allow ourselves to have a conscious experience of creating our reality. As such, the explanation and basis of the principles themselves is minimized and only a sufficient explanation necessary to use the principles is provided. The basic tenets of this material are that we are already creating the reality we experience in every detail, and that we are a being that possesses unlimited creativity. However, we have not realized or understood exactly how we are creating the reality we experience. This material provides an understanding to allow us to get control of what we are creating and then from that position of control, create the reality we desire.

In accessing creativity in our life, you will have a choice that lies along a spectrum of options. This spectrum ranges from manifesting a particular object or experience to transforming ourselves into a conscious creator of unlimited creativity. This material will allow us to create any where we choose between these two extremes. The choice is ours. The principles are the same. We only need to learn how to consciously use them and apply them.

Who is this material for?

It has been found individuals who hold one or more of the following intentions tend to benefit the most from the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material.

It is written for:

The ultimate goal is to create an understanding about our creative power and creative ability so that one does not have to become desperate in any aspect of their life. The goal is to learn to become proactive in what we do and to feel the need to change and begin to change long before one is forced to change. To learn to be creatively proactive, one must have the time to become internally or inwardly reflective to look within to truly understand what gives us satisfaction in life and will allows us to create a life worth living.

It is unfortunate that the people who could benefit the most from this understanding are too busy. They tend to be busy trying to survive in life and/or “making a living.” In one way another they are too busy trying to make ends meet, deal with inner or outer problems, or, they are too busy controlling and trying to manage life the way they want it. This is not a negative judgment, but only a fact of life. Few learn to align with the flow of their own creative life energy to be able to live in the moment and respond to what the moment requires of them. In reality, this material is applicable to everyone. However, few have the time to contemplate these concepts and what means for us. Even fewer have the time to experiment with these concepts and consciously apply them in their life.

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