Human condition as seen from the creativity perspective

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The Human Condition as seen from the Creativity Perspective (Top)

The starting situation in which we find ourselves and the problem we have in accessing and releasing our unlimited creativity is best illustrated in two proverbial stories. These stories effectively represent the situation in which each of us finds ourselves relative to our destiny and birthright as a being of unlimited creativity. The stories identify what prevents us from claiming and consciously living it.

The first story is more focused on the problem in which we find ourselves and the need to learn the principles and an understanding of our unlimited creativity. The issues in this story are addressed by adopting a creativity perspective and developing an intimate relationship with your creative spirit. The second story gives a figurative outline and understanding as to what we each need to do/experience to access and release our unlimited creativity. It is having the opportunity to look within to see who and what we really are and to experience our true nature - to consciously experience one’s own creative power.

The Eaglet (Top)

The first story is called “The Eagle’s Egg” and is reflective of how we come to deny the truth of our own being rather than learning to live it.

Once upon a time, a farmer found an egg. He didn’t really know what kind of egg it was but it was an eagle’s egg. Not knowing exactly what it was, but interested to find out, he placed it in the nest of a barnyard chicken. His thinking was it could possibly be hatched. The egg hatched and an eaglet appeared with the brood of chicks. Being with the brood of chickens, it naturally grew up with them.

The eagle spends all its life doing what the barnyard chickens did. Quite simply, it thought it was a barnyard chicken. It scratched the earth for worms and insects. It ran for feed offered by the farmer. It clucked and cackled like a chicken. It thrashed its wings and flew only a few feet in the air. It did just what the chickens did.

As time passed, the eaglet, quite unaccountably and illogically began to experience a longing to fly. So it would say to its mother hen, “When shall I learn to fly?”

The poor mother hen was quite aware of the fact that she could not fly. In fact, it hadn’t the slightest notion of what other birds did to train their fledglings to fly. Yet, nothing really needed to be taught. All that was really needed was to push the eaglet out of its nest. The mother hen was embarrassed to confess the inadequacy that she herself could not fly nor did she understand how to teach another to fly. So she would say, “Not yet my child, not yet. I will teach you when you are ready. The eaglet believed the mother hen. She was correct about so many things in life, why should he doubt her?

Months passed. The young eagle began to suspect that its mother did not know how to fly. But the young eagle could not figure out how to break free and fly on its own. Although it had a deep longing to fly had become confused. It has become confused with the gratitude it experienced toward the hen that had hatched it and the need to break away and leave her behind.

Years passed. The eagle grew very old. One day the eagle saw a magnificent bird above him gliding gracefully in the cloudless sky. It flew majestically within the powerful wind currents and rarely beat its strong golden wings.

The old eagle looked up in amazement and in awe. “What is that?” the eaglet asked. A reply came from its neighbor: “That’s the eagle, the king of birds. The eagle belongs to the sky. We belong to the earth. We’re chickens.” So the old eagle lived and died a chicken, for that’s what he thought he was. And with him died his deep longing to fly and to be only what he really was, an eagle.

As a creative entity, a creative being, you are that eagle. As an eagle you need an unlimited sky, an unlimited space, in which to fly. You need an unlimited universe. However, as in the story, the farmer did not know what to do with the eagle egg. As a child, no matter how caring and nurturing your early care givers may have been, they were like the farmer and the mother hen. They did not know what to do with you. You were simply kept and placed in the family in which you were born rather than being placed in the kind of environment which would teach you to fly. That is, to access your unlimited creativity and creative power.

They themselves did not know how to fly, nor did they understand how to find you the appropriate teacher. They could not give you that unlimited sky that you needed to spread your wings and access and release your unlimited creativity to claim your birthright. In essence, your family, as the family of chickens in our story, do not know who you are or do not understand your birthright and why you incarnated into this life. They just assumed you were a biological offspring created in their image when, in fact, you are an entirely new creation unique to yourself with less in common that one would originally expect if you were purely a biological offspring.

Ultimately only you can give yourself that unlimited sky. That unlimited sky beings in your own being and in your creative imagination. As you will come to see the beliefs that you chose to hold and/or those that you choose to release are what keep you bound or allow you to find your true nature and become free. Because of how you were raised and the tendency for consciousness to define itself by experiences it has, you keep going back to the mother hen, your past, who nurtured you physically, that external world, represented by your family, your teacher, the traditions which you were taught to follow. You follow all the habits and ways of being in the world you created, asking, “When are you going to teach me to fly?” But what you have learned about life and beliefs you hold will not teach you how to fly. They can’t for all that you have been given were given to you by those who did not know how themselves. If you believe what you are told by those who don’t know how to fly and have never accessed their unlimited creativity (your past), you will be condemned to live the life as the eaglet in our story. If however, you claim your own truth and choose to live your truth, you will manifest your unlimited creativity. To do that however, you will have to shatter the ego of whom you think you are to explore the depth and breadth of your being to discover who you really are.

Adopting a creativity perspective and developing an intimate relationship with your creative spirit will give you the tools to discover who you really are and learn to fly - to act in the world true to your nature.

The Lion Cub (Top)

 The second story is about finding our truth, living the destiny of that truth and having someone who cares sufficiently to create the space to manifest our truth. This story is the story of “The Lion Cub:”

There was an infant lion cub that found it way to a flock of sheep. Being helpless and harmless, the sheep raised the cub as one of their own. The cub did not know he was a lion. He ate grass along with the sheep and followed the flock.

One day a male lion pounced on the little flock. The sheep instinctively scattered in terror. The little cub was not a sheep. He felt no instinct to run. Nor was he an aware lion. So, he just stood there. The adult lion saw the cub standing there and asked, “What are you doing living among the sheep and the lambs.” The little lion cub roars “baaaaaaa” and goes back to nibbling the grass as he learned to do.

The male lion was beside itself. It took the cub by the scruff of the neck and carried him to a pond. The male lion screamed “Look! Look into the pond. What do you see?” In the past, the lion cub only drank from the pond. It never really looked to see who he was. For the first time the little lion cub looked over into the pond to see who he was. The cub was surprised. He did not look like the sheep. Nor did he look like the lambs. Puzzled he asked, “Who are I if I am not one of the sheep?”

The lion looks over into the pond with the little cub and roared loud roar. “You are like me, a lion. You are a king of the jungle.” The lion cub asked, “What is a king?” The lion looked at the cub and said, “Roar!” The little cub attempts to roar but only utters a strong but pitiful, “BAAAAA!” The lion would have rolled over in laughter if the situation was not so sad. With that, the lion takes the cub again by the neck and carries him off to its den where there are the remains of a recently slaughtered kill.

The lion takes a piece of the bloody meat and tells the cub to eat it. The cub replied emphatically, “I don’t eat that stuff - whatever it is, I eat grass.” The lion then opens the cub’s mouth and shoves the meat down its throat. The young cub gags on the taste and texture of the meat. Although meat is the proper food for the cub and supplies the nutrients the cub needs to activate his instinctive system he gags and chokes. However, the taste of cub’s natural food moves the cub to have a spontaneous response. The cub utters a weak but recognizable, “roar.”

As the young cub recognized his true essence, he follows his instincts. He goes to find his first kill. In finding and obtaining that kill, the young cub utters a profound and loud, “ROAR!” and the cub becomes its destiny.

You, as all of us, are that lion cub that has been living among the sheep. You need to be transformed like the lion cub. You need to transform yourself and your world. To do that, you need to take a deep look at who and what you are to transform who and what you think you are. You need to go to that pool of water that will reflect back to you who and what you really are. You will find that pool of water is within your own being and you will have to calm the pool to see the reflection. But the calm pool is not stagnant, rather it is the calmness that arises in aligning within the flow of energy that is sustaining your being and the source of your creative power.

As that lion cub, you will still be in this world and your body will be the same but you will have a completely new way of living and being in the world. You will have a new circle of friends. Some of your old friends may now fear you for you may destroy them and eat them as a lion would eat a lamb. And you may eat them for you may still be in their life to transform them. When others see that you can destroy your past identity to claim your destiny and birthright, they will know they too can do the same. But transformation may be too frightening for them. It is the equivalent of being a lamb and being eaten by a lion, who as a cub, lived and played in their world. Yet they too are lion cubs if they learn how to take off their mask and clothing of the sheep which they wear.

In learning how to access and release your unlimited creativity you will need to learn to align and follow the intention for your life. That is, what you are here to do. It is to analogous to eat meat and not grass as that lion cub. In stepping out as a conscious creator you taste your first meat of your own creative powers and come to learn and understand what sustains and nourishes your being at its deepest levels. You come to learn about those activities in life which really give you life and make you feel alive. Those that nourish your life and allow you to fulfill your inherent destiny much like the life of a lion cub as a lion as opposed to being a sheep. You will come to the realization that you do have the ability to create the reality of your choosing by the thoughts and beliefs you carry.

You will have to realize you are a creator. You are a creator with the exact same ability as that consciousness which created the world you experience for, in the end, you will find them to be the same. Yet, your mind as you currently understand it and experience it cannot comprehend how this is possible. You will have to find a way to step out of mind, beyond what you think and believe, as any true mystic has learned to do and, to the surprise of many scientist, to learn what any true scientist has learned to do. But you have to you allow yourself to become both - the mystic who can look within and act on what they find and the scientist who looks without and act on what they find.

When we take responsibility for what we think and believe, what we experience in life, and what we choose to let go of from our past and begin to create our own truth, we gag on our own truth as that young cub did tasting meat for the first time. We gag on the truth that we create our own reality through our dreams, what we believe, how we think and by what we desire. We gag at the responsibility it entails. We gag on what we have already created for we have not created from our hearts and the essence, passion and truth of our being. Rather, we have created from our mind and what we have been lead to think about ourselves and our reality.

What needs to be clearly understood is our own truth that flows within our being and expresses itself as our creative life energy is the food that truly nourishes and sustains us. When we find the truth within our heart and live our truth in all ways, we are that young cub obtaining its first kill and we can roar to our true identity and heritage that we create the experiences we have. We become a co-creator of the world we see at one and in true partnership with the Source of Being. However unless we find that individual who demonstrates to us the truth of our own being and gives us the space to experience it, like that lion did for the cub we are condemned to live a life of the mundane. We will condemn ourselves to a life living like a lion as a sheep and an eagle as a chicken.

Most of us need a guide much like the lion which came into the life of the lion cub. It is intended that the understanding in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material and the Fifteen Creative Steps/Guidelines become the equivalent of that lion who found the cub for you to guide you into your own unlimited creativity. In reading this material and working with these concepts you will find that you need to make the choice as to whether or not to release your unlimited creativity. If you choose to do so, you can ask for assistance if you feel such assistance is needed. If you ask for assistance, the universe will accommodate your request. However, the help may, and will probably not, appear in the form that you expect. In fact, it may, and probably will, look completely different from what you expect. It needs to be understood that how our individual needs are met and the form it takes will not necessarily be anything like what we expect for the universe is infinitely creative. But we must nevertheless not doubt all is being given to us based on what we have asked and as intended. We ourselves are ultimately creating what we experience by what we desire and long for in the depth of our being. However, we must choose to make our nonconscious conscious to understand the deeper intentions that are governing our life as we wish to become a conscious creator.

A way to access your unlimited creativity has been provided in the form of Fifteen Creative Steps/Guidelines. Using these Fifteen Creative Steps/Guidelines, and the individual with whom you work these steps, act as that lion which will give you the opportunity to exercise your creative powers. How much you explore this creative power and ability is your choice. You are free to choose how little or how much you explore.

Another way to access your unlimited creativity is provided through the topic "The guided path to releasing your unlimited creativity" and the subsequent steps. Then, of course, there is a third way. It is to simply ask your intuitive guidance, "How do I go about accessing and releasing my unlimited creativity?" and then honor the guidance you receive.

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