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Feeling is nature to our being. Feelings are the way the body perceive energy. There must be some flow of energy for us to feel. What we feel gives rise to the thoughts we have. Each thought we have arises from some flow of energy.

If we are open to feeling, we can begin to see we can feel or sense the energy within a thought. Some thoughts feel good. Some feel unpleasant. Others seem to have little to no feeling or, rather, give us no feeling. But that does not mean the energy is not there to sense. Rather, we are just are not aware of the feeling or we have no particular interest in that feeling to focus on it.

We are inundated with flows of energy and feelings every moment. We tune out much of what we sense because the background levels of energy would overwhelm us if we were open to sensing all of what we are capable of sensing. We raise the threshold of what we feel so that we are not overwhelmed. It is quite nature to do so.

However, sometimes we raise the threshold too high or are too selective of what we feel. As we grow up in life we have experiences that are painful and/or unpleasant. Some are more so than others. We develop response patterns to life to prevent experiencing the unpleasant in the future. We learn to look for that which is pleasant.

To know what serves us, to use our internal compass and/or to use our intuitive guidance we must be open to feeling. Many of us will have to open ourselves to feeling and give ourselves permission to feel. In doing so, we may find there are memories of the past which carry pain that we must process before we can be open to feelings. Or, there are response patterns to life that we have been using to either numb the pain or suppress it. We may even have developed addictive patterns in order to not feel. We also may have to change some of our thinking and what we believe about feeling for we may find we can begin to feel and sense things we never thought possible. When we open ourselves to what we feel and process the pain that may be stored in past memories we can find an improvement in our intuitive guidance and our own creativity and creative power.

Our creative power/Creative Power lies in feeling and what we feel. We have to feel in order to be catalyzed to create. It is our passion and the flow of energy we feel is what allows us to take action in life. Without feeling there is no motivation to create. As we open ourselves to feeling, we will find our creative power/Creative Power also increases. We will find an awareness and an ability to know certain things that was not previously available. Yet it was always there, we just had to open ourselves to what we feel.

The quickest way to open oneself to feeling at each and every level of our being is to use the body. The body in many ways is like an antenna. It senses and feels energy. Allowing the body to feel and/or putting the body in environments where it can be open to feeling different sensation more as a ritual with the intent to open our feeling more that what is felt is probably the safest starting point. As we being to feel and open ourselves to feeling with little sensing rituals, we will find our intuitive guidance is more than capable of showing us the path where to go next. We only need to learn to honor the intuitive guidance we get become very clear as to what we desire to create in or with our life.

It needs to be noted here that as we open ourselves to feeling, we will be naturally lead to move toward either the intention for our life or any overwhelming desire we may have about what we desire to experience in life. In seeing what feeling arise and where they being to push us in life it may become necessary to explore our subconscious intentions. We may find we need to make our subconscious conscious to see what is really pushing us and catalyzing our life. We also may find we become very aware that the life we are living is not a life that serves us or is a life worth living. We may find we are lead to change our life.

What arises as we open ourselves to feelings will be unique to each of us. Some of what we open may be painful. The Fifteen Creative Steps/Guidelines have been created to assist individuals in the creative process for whatever they desire to create. As one opens themselves to feelings they may find them helpful in their explorations and to process what arises.

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