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Our consciousness reflected in our creative spirit is passionate to express itself and show exactly who it is and it has chosen to express itself thought the use of the physical body. When our creative spirit is not allowed to express itself it feels the pain of separation from its creation, from its beloved, from its other half of being, from what it perceives as its true soul mate and is its reflection in manifested form.

There is a belief which many individual have that we have a soul mate. Usually the soul mate is perceived as that individual of the opposite sex who can provides us the most exquisite pleasures and enjoyment of life. With them in our life it is believed we will experience a completeness and wholeness within our being. It is that individual who both calls forth our unique creative spirit and give it the safe and secure space to become totally free and unfold true to itself in every way.

The soul mate is seen as that perfect complementary match for who and what we are. Often the soul mate is used interchangeable with the beloved and an experience of the soul mate is believed to provide an experience of both the beloved and the Beloved. That is, with that individual in our life, we will experience Heaven, the Kingdom of God and/or Nirvana here and now. Because we are so unique it is believed there is only one unique individual who can be our soul mate and match us perfectly.

At one level, the level most believe it exists, there is no soul mate. However, at another deeper level we each have a soul mate that can and will satisfy the deepest longing for the beloved or the Beloved. However our soul mate is not what our mind perceive or conceives it to be.

The reality is that our conscious follows the same laws as every other consciousness. We are completely free to choose what we wish to experience in creation. Just as each and every other consciousness is free to choose what they wish. We are free to experience the separation or the oneness. For example, every consciousness defines itself as it chooses by the experiences it has had and in relationship to other consciousness with which it interacts. No other consciousness in the universe is like ours and has had our experiences. In this regard we are totally alone. We always were and always will be alone. It is the ultimate pain we face. Yet we will always have a very deep longing in our heart to be reunited with our "beloved." A longing to reunite with that other half of us that will make us totally fulfilled, whole and complete. It is to reunite with the source of our separateness.

What is not understood is, as discussed in the topics, "Origins of Creation," "The observer observed pair and the nature of duality," and "The environment and the unfoldment of a creation," we are both the creator and the creation. All that is before is us our soul mate. We are surround by an infinite number of individual points of consciousness just like us and which react to their environment just like our consciousness. Whether we realize it or not, as an aspect of the consciousness within, or behind, Creation, and reflected in the origins of Creation, this infinite number individual points of consciousness is our beloved. Not one of them, but all of them and we can love any other consciousness as intimately as any other. There is no one person that is our soul mate. The entire created universe is our soul mate. However, for most, it is too much to be believed that we have such power and that what we see and experience externally is our soul mate. Nevertheless, it is true.

It needs to be realized that since each of us are unique and an infinitely creative being, each person before us is capable of calling out a unique part or aspect of our being that no other can call forth. However, it will take an infinite number of these unique encounters to reveal the depth and breadth of our being. Although we believe there is one unique person, called that soul mate, who is able to call out the particular dream we carry in our heart that brought us into the world, gives us life and we are here to manifest we donít need a particular person. Any one individual can play that role if they are willing to become a creative shape shifter and create the space that means the true needs for the free unfoldment of our creative spirit.

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