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The material of creation/Creation is energy consciousness. All is energy and consciousness. All contains energy and all consciousness and the potential to become aware and awake. Energy is the ability to make things happen. Consciousness can be seen as the awareness that gives us the ability to make things happen. There is an eternal dance of energy flowing into and out of form. What forms depends on whether or not consciousness is aware and awake to become the cause.

When we are consciously aware and awake, we can choose to become the cause in the cause effect chain of events. When we are unaware and/or asleep, we response to the effect and our nonconscious response nevertheless become the cause of the next effect. To be asleep and unaware allows the existing cause effect chain to continue ad infinitum. Only when we become aware and awake and we assume the role of consciousness in the creative process and become the cause which has the option of changing the cause effect chain of events. Illusion of mind is that we are defined by the experiences we have when in reality we are the awareness having an experience it created. The illusion of mind makes us unable to see how we had created our experiences and created the reality we experienced.

The key points here are that there is an inherent flow of energy which flows as directed by how consciousness focuses its attention and awareness. The awareness which gives rise to consciousness can be experienced when the awareness of mind decoupling itself from what mind thinks and believes to become a detached witness. As a detached witness, independent of thinking and believe, the awareness can come to understand and acts upon the understanding it is the creator experiencing its creation by how it has chosen to focus its attention and awareness through what mind thinks and believes as a result of the experience mind has had.

Mind is seen as a property of consciousness which remembers what consciousness or the awareness experiences. What is important to understand mind retains all the experiences we have had. Mind will then characterize what the awareness experiences based on the beliefs mind has determined by the experiences it has had and what it chooses to remember and think about those experiences. In this way, mind create an illusion. In many ways mind is a lens or a filter through which our awareness views or perceives the experience we have. We believe what we perceive when in actually, we are biased by the filter or the lens.

Relative truth is true for a given situation but not necessarily universally true. If a relative truth is universally true, then it becomes an absolute truth. The existence of relative truth is what allows us to create the illusion of mind to have an experience of creation. Creatively, a relative truth is anything that allows us to create what we desire. This means what is true for one creative endeavor will not necessarily be true for another. This is because we create our experiences by how we focus our attention and awareness. As such, it is necessary to change our focus form one belief to another to have different types and kinds of experience. To have an experience of war with a country we need to hold a different set of beliefs than if we are going to have peace. Both sets of beliefs have to be seen as truth. Otherwise, if we donít believe it, we would not act. This also lead to one noticeable sad result of the illusion of mind. It is the inability to see what lies in the heart of another and the heart of any other is not different than our own heart.

The creativity perspective holds that mind is what we think and believe, who we think we are and how we think the universe works based on all the experiences we have had. It is what we allow ourselves to feel and not feel and the decisions we make and not make, on what we think and feel. Mind assimilates all that we have experienced and provides a perspective from which to view and experience Creation. Since mind is continually assimilating all that we experience it is a creative living process continually transforming itself. Ego is the identity mind constructs from what it thinks and believes about itself. Ego is the identity mind and gives to itself. Ego is what we use to describe who we think we are.

It needs to be realized that mind is the product of creation/Creation. It exists only as the accumulation of the experience it has had. As such it is limited in what it knows and what it has experienced. Creation offers an infinite number of experiences and an infinite variations as to what any one experience of Creation can offer. Mind is incapable of understanding, interpreting and properly characterizing most of what it will experience. Rather than allowing the awareness to be present to what is as it is, mind colors or filters the perception of the awareness in its attempt to characterize, understand or otherwise somehow try to "make sense" as to what it experiences. Even when mind experiences something exactly as it has previously experience, it will not perceive the experience in the same way because the beginner's mind that was present in the experience is no longer there.

Rather, mind is a creative living process, continually recreating itself with every experience it has. It does not perceive itself as changing. Rather it lives in the illusion the world is changing around it and the external world is responsible for what mind experiences. In this regard, it can be said the awareness that exists within Creation has never changed. What has changed is mind has changed. When the unchanging awareness of Creation looks through the lens of mind, it experiences a Creation infinitely vast and beyond comprehension. Yet all is only the illusion created by the mine.

Mind creates the illusion that we are separate form the source/Source of creation/Creation because it only knows the experiences it has had. Mind has, and never will, experience the Source of Creation which exists outside of itself. Because of the way mind arises in, or as a result of, Creation, mind can never know the Source. It is a product of the Source. In this regard, the illusion of mind is that we do not have an infinitely vast consciousness which permeates all of Creation. The illusion of mind is that our consciousness is not one with the consciousness of All That Is. The illusion of mind, for the sake of the experience of creation, is that we see and experience ourselves as separate from what gives rise to our experience. We see and experience ourselves as separate from the source/Source. Yet we can know the Source through our energy by, and through, what we feel while in the perspective of a detached witness. But, getting past the illusion of mind does not mean we get past the illusion of Creation

Because each individualized point of consciousness is only the expression of an aspect of the original infinite consciousness, each contains the whole. However, the illusion of mind, keeps the individualized point of consciousness in unawareness of this fact. Within the illusion, the whole is unavailable to the individualized consciousness to access it.

But mind does not only create the illusion we are separate from the Source. It create the illusion that we are separate and not whole within ourselves. It creates the illusion of a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspect to our being. As we experience ourselves in a physical body mind recreates it identity based on the experiences we have had in our body and those that are not of the body. Yet they are not really separate. The separation is the illusion created by mind for the purposes of having a physical experience as a human being.

For example, if you have ever played two entirely different roles in life, and observe carefully, you will see you need a different type and kind of mind to have each experience. The mind of a woman as a mother of a son and as a lover are different. So too the mind of a man as the father of a daughter and as a lover. All you need to do is think about what you are free to do as lover of a member of the opposite sex and you are not free to do as a mother or father of the opposite sex. There are things appropriate to the role of a lover of a member of the opposite sex that are quite different than the role of a parent of the opposite sex. It is those differences that allow for the experience of being a lover as opposed to being a parent. And, as many may have observes some people get them quite confused.

Creation works in a similar fashion. The conscious mind for a dog for example is very different than the conscious mind of a human being. As consciousness, each is an infinite individuated consciousness which has an awareness that is capable of expanding into the infinity of its own being. However, the perspective and vehicle they have chosen for an experience of creation/Creation are quite different. All the memories each has are stored in the same way. All the memories each recall of all the experience each has had are retrievable in the same way. However all the memories one has had are not comprehensible within the conscious awareness and memory of the current life time. Because of the vehicle that has been chosen to experience creation/Creation, a dog will be unable to fully appreciate the experiences it may have had as human. Similarly, a human being will find it difficult to understand and comprehend the experiences it may have had as a dog or some other animal. This phenomenon by the way is what gave rise to the belief in some spiritual traditions that a human can reincarnate as an animal and how some shamans are able to have experiences of being within the consciousness of animals or plants.

To have an experience of creation/Creation, we create a vehicle, a point of view , a perspective, of some type to go into the experience of whatever we have created. The vehicle we choose determines the conscious awareness available to us for the experience we desire to have. That is, our conscious mind is the product of the vehicle we choose to have for the experience we desire.

What needs to be realized here is that it is our conscious mind and what our conscious mind is capable of remembering is what gives rise to the creation we experience. Our ego and our body is what determines what our conscious mind is capable of remembering. Our body hold or grounds our energy into a physical experience of creation but it is our ego and who and what we believe we are that really determines the experiences we have. Similarly, creation/Creation is "set up" or designed to causes us to forget what we set out to do. To create, we must creatively move between holding the intention we wish to manifest and surrendering to the flow of energy created in holding that intention and dealing with what life has to offer in the reality in which we find ourselves. The process is actually simple but we do not see it for what it is because our Conscious, subconscious and unconscious intentions usually compete with each other and the mundane of the world continually diverting our creative life energy away from what we have chosen to create. All that distraction in turn causes us to forget what we set out to do.

However, if we choose and can hold focus, we can backtrack the creation process and do what is called reverse engineer of the creation we experience. We simply need to continually pull the string on the question, "Why are we having this experiences as opposed to any other experience?" and see and/or act on what our intuitive guidance provides in response to that question.

Remembering and reverse creative engineering starts with realizing the nature of Creation is that without a flow of energy there is no experience to be had. All of creation/Creation and any experience of creation/Creation revolves around creating and dissipating flows of energy. That is, anything that comes into existence whether it be a thought, an object or an experience, arises from a flow of energy. How the flow of energy is, or is not, free to flow determines the type and kind of creation we experience. By opening ourselves to feeling and what we feel, we can both discern the flow of energy which is giving rise to the experience we have and where that flow of energy is free and not free to flow. Exploring the why behind what we feel will lead us to the cause of what we experience

When we live in the illusion of mind, our creative spirit is not free to consciously create and/or create what it incarnated to create. Rather, it will create unconsciously based on the illusion created by mind. When it creates unconsciously it gives rise to many of the conditions we would rather not experience in life - such as unpleasant people, accident, illness, disease, misfortune and the like that challenge our creativity and push us to take a deeper look at life. It is in understanding this creative spirit and becoming intimate with it that we open the door to a direct experience of the true depth and breadth of our creative power and to the Source of Creation for this creative spirit arises, and flows directly from, the Source. It is never removed from the Source. Our mind only creates an illusion that it is separate from Source of Creation.

It needs to be noted that whatever is said about the illusion of mind, in many ways is a wonderful thing. It allows for the experience of creation/Creation. Without the illusion, there would be no creation to experience. We are an infinity creative being who has intentionally forgot who and what it is for the sake of having a physical experience. Unless we forget and become lost in our creation, we will not allow ourselves to fully experience what is presented to us. Rather than being in the experience, we will try and create ourselves out of the experience. If remember how we create the experience we will stop the experience before it happens. If we forget how we created the experience, we will still try and create ourselves out of the experience but we will not remember how to do so. Consequently we will have the experience. The more we can be fully present in the moment without projecting the past, the more we can response to what the moment requires of, and/or offers, us.

If we can move past the illusion of mind and the illusion of our separateness, we can see we have access to anything we need to understand for what we desire to create. As an aspect of this infinite Consciousness we can access any other part of this Consciousness and anything that it knows. As an infinite creator of the experiences we have and the reality of those experiences, all is available to us. It is available so that we can create what we desire. The question is, "How do we access such knowledge and power."

Seeing the illusion mind

The illusion of mind is that we respond to the truth of what is in any experience of, or in Creation, based on what we think and believe. We believe we experience Creation when in reality we are only experiences what we think and believe. Hence, the statement, mind is an illusion for how it perceives reality is not real but filtered and biased by what it believes. If we create a theatrics, an illusionary experience of creation that does not reflect the truth of what is and we donít know it is a staged theatrics, we will response to what is created based on what we think and believe. In that response, we can see the truth of mind. By varying the theatrics, we can surface whatever aspect we wish to explore.

This is the whole basis of metatheater for surfacing subconscious and unconscious beliefs. We respond to the truth of what is in any experience of, or in Creation, based on what we think and believe. That is, through the illusion of our mind. We believe we experience Creation when in reality we are only experiences what we think and believe about Creation and the energy we experience.

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