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In several discussion on creative power it is said there appears to be two way or two parts to our creative power. Observation has shown there appears to be an inner creative power and an outer creative power. That is, we have an ability within ourselves to cause something new and not previously experienced to come into existence. Similarly there are things we can do externally or outside ourselves which give us the ability to cause something new and not previously experienced to come into existence. Most of our experience with these inner and outer creative powers cause us to think they separate and unrelated. However they are connected.

What gives rise to these seemingly separate creative powers is how the energy manifests within an existing creation. The pair production phenomenon and the implications of pair production in our creative endeavors provides a way to understand how these two creative powers arise and how this phenomenon of an external and external creative power is possible.

The inner and outer creative power originate along with, and in the same way, our inner and outer world are reflections of each other. That is, energy and consciousness are different experiences of the same material of Creation out of which all Creation forms. We are never separate from the Source of Creation. The flow of energy that sustains us flows from the Source. It is much like the continuous flow of rain which supplies the water for a river that arises from the waters of the ocean and returns to the ocean as discussed in the topic “Rain-River Analogy for the Creative/Creation Process.”

Our creative power and creative ability arise from directing the flow of energy that sustains us, Physical Creation and all of Creation. The question is “How and where do we tap into the flow and at what level?”

The key to using the bridge point is to understand our creative life energy goes where we focus our attention and awareness and reality will mold itself to give us an experience of that on which we focus. What occurs is described in the following figures. In essence, to create is to create something from nothing as in the figure labeled “To Create.” It is much like forming clouds out of the cloudless sky. Seemingly from nowhere a form takes shape.

However in reality what occurs is that as described in the figure “To Create a Being and an Experience.” We focus our attention and awareness by how and what we think and believe into the “stuff’ of creation, namely energy consciousness. The consciousness take a from as indicated by the circle with a dot in the middle. The nonlocalized energy in the form a wave localized into an form as determined by the focus of the consciousness. That in turn creates a being who experiences creation.

Although the awareness of the form and the form are one and the same, they seemingly separate as in the figure “Consciousness Observing/Experiencing Its Creation.”

In essence what we do is as demonstrated in the figure “Creating a Reality” in that whatever we hold in mind we can and will create an experience of what we hold. This is why most of our creativity and creation occurs at the subconscious or unconscious level. We must continually hold what we desire to experience. Otherwise we will destroy the unfoldment of our own creation before it is complete.

Although the consciousness and the form of energy which is experienced appear different, in reality they are integrally linked and reflections of each other. It is like the heart cut out of a piece of paper in the figure entitled “Creating a Cutout”. They heart and the hole are reflections of each other. Because they cutout and hole exist in different materials they look different and appear unrelated. However, as seen in the figure “Partial Annihilation” if one changes the other also changes.

From the perspective of a human being creating within Creation our situation is more like that represented in the figures entitled “Creating Within a Creation” and/or “Creating Within and Existing Creation.” In “Creating Within a Creation” the physical world is seen as the fabric of creation out of which the creation arises. In “Creating Within and Existing Creation.” the creation is seen arises from within the mind of consciousness. In essence they are one and the same. In any case, the same creative/creation process still holds at whatever level of creation it occurs or how embedded it is within existing creations.

There are four important notes that need to be made here.

The inner reflects the outer: One is that the creative power and energy we feel within is us also in the creation we experience. They come together at the source/Source of creation/Creation where the creation takes form. This is the point of power and we can direct the internal and external creative power at this point simultaneously.

The place where seeds takes root: The second point is that we can create a seed condition which then unfolds into the creation we desire. What we experience in life is then the unfolding of the seed conditions we create if we continue to the focus of our attention and awareness as a single point focus for the duration of the creation. The bridge point is where the seed takes root and grows. It is here where the root cause of many of the issue we face in live reside. This is where we need to learn to garden our lthoughts and our life

Our  problem is we get distracted and our creation does not manifest fast enough for us and we let go of what we desire to create. Here we need to trust the process until we know the truth of the process. This, in turn, is the importance of the subconscious and unconscious in the creation process. They continue to hold focus even though our conscious mind is continually distracted. The trick is to ensure our nonconscious mind is focus to create something that serves us and creates a life worth living.

There is only one source/Source of creation/Creation: The third point is returning to the source of our creation is returning to the Source of Creation. They are one and the same. What is different is the perspective we hold and whether or not we are able to have a mind set which allows us to be present to the source or the Source. However it does need to be realized the environment and its creation are integrally linked. To be aware of the Source and bring it that awareness back into the environment from which we came will change that environment. It cannot and will not be the same. We and the world we experience will be totally different. We cannot think that we will experience the Source of Creation and be aware of the experience and our world remain unchanged.

The importance of the body - the mind body connection: The fourth point here is this point is where the mind body realm exists. Our body is the ground point and bridge point for where the control of all the energies and their corresponding undercurrents which create the physical experience come together. Our body, as this bridge point, is what holds our creative spirit in the experience of Physical Creation. Our bodes effectively bridge the unseen world of our non localized creative spirit and the experience it desires in Physical Creation. At this bridge point the control by the collective, the control by the consciousness which created Creation and our own control come together. This is why our body and knowing what our body feels is so important. We need to learn to feel and discern the energy of creation to access those flows of energy which will help us to create physical experiences which serves us and create a life worth living.

This bridge point  is where we create our experiences and the reality we experience. It is here we ultimately create our health or conditions of accident, illness, disease and the like. But it needs to be thoroughly understood that what we consider as accident, illness, disease, misfortune and the like in the physical world we experience is not how they are perceived at this bridge point.  The mind we have in the experience of our creation is not the mind we have at the bridge point where we create the creation.

Everything looks very different at the bridge point.  Everything looks very different at the bridge point. What we judge as accident, illness, diseases, misfortune and the like in the experience of our creation may only be the fastest and easiest way to create certain other types and kinds of experiences we desire. Or, the accident, illness or disease may be the experience we desire to have for one reason or another. The mind and world as seen at the bridge point is entirely different than the mind and the world as seen from within the experience of the creation in the world. Nevertheless, it is at this bridge point we simultaneously access the inner and outer creative powers/Creative Powers available to us and create the seed condition which will unfold as the experiences we have in life.

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