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Outer creative power
Accessing external creative power starts with feelings
Exploring outer creative power
Working the external world as it exists in separation
Understanding what we know
Influencing and controlling individuals
Learning and manipulating the “laws” of Creation
Accessing and/or influencing entities in the unseen realm of Creation
Working the outer world within oneness
Changing the energy of a creation

Once we access the feelings to create or the feelings arise based on our past programming there appears to be two way or two parts to our creative power. Observation has shown there appears to be an inner creative power and an outer creative power. That is, we have an ability within ourselves to cause something new and not previously experienced to come into existence. Similarly there are things we can do externally or outside ourselves which give us the ability to cause something new and not previously experienced to come into existence.

Experiencing these two creative powers as separated is nicely said in an old Arab proverb, “Trust in God but tether you camel.” That is, there are things the outer creative powers/Creative Powers are responsible for doing and there are things the inner creative powers/Creative Powers are responsible for doing. We cannot expect one to do the work of the others. The question is, “When to we look to the inner and when do we look to the outer, or maybe we need to use both?” Accessing creative power is about being able to trust our thinking and to come to know ourselves such that we know when we must go within, when we must go without or when we must use a combination of inner and outer to get what seek.

Most of our experience with these inner and outer creative powers cause us to think they separate and unrelated. However, ultimately they are interconnected. This discussion addresses the outer creative power as separate power. Parallel discussions address the inner creative power and how the inner and outer are connected and accessed.

Accessing external creative power starts with feelings  (Top)

creative power is about feelings. From the perspective of the inner creative power and outer creative power being separate, external creative power is accessed through the experiences of mind and our understanding of how external creation appears to work. But to access and use the external creative power we still need to have the passion and energy to act on what we know about the external world. Consequently, we must first become passionate and/or enthusiastic about engaging life in some way. Then we direct the focus of our attention and awareness externally to find someone or something in which to ground or direct our creative life energy and actions in life.

Accessing the external creative power is about understanding how the inner world is tied to the outer. On a shallow level, it is to see the inner world and outer worlds as separate. On a deeper level it is to understand and use how the inner and outer worlds are connected.

Obviously we need to feel something inside us about something external for us to want to act externally. But we also need to understand the inescapable basic connections between the inner and the outer. For example, our breathing supplies the oxygen from the external world. The oxygen combines with the internally digested food in the form of the dissolved chemicals in our cells to produce the energy. That energy is the energy we need to sustain our physical life.

Depending how we think about ourselves and the world, we have power to indirectly control and/or regulate this energy which animates our physical life by what we eat, exercise and the like. Controlling and regulating the energy which animates our life by how we live our life is the first level of accessing the external power of creation.

We can use the energy which sustains us to access and control more of the external world or direct it inward. The energy animating our life is what gives us the power to control and/or regulate the energy of nature, such as wind or water. Or, it provides the power to control the animating energy of another, whether that other be animal, such as harnessing a horse, or another individual to create a slave.

Exploring outer creative power  (Top)

Exploring outer creative power will eventually lead us to the realization that there are two levels to outer creative power. One is to work with the creation as it is. It is about transforming the existing external form of energy into something else. Externally, this outer creative powers appears to lie in influencing or controlling individuals, learning and manipulating the “laws” of Creation, and accessing and/or influencing entities in the unseen realm of Creation which most attribute to God or other unseen entities.

The second way to access the external creative power and work with it in the world is through the bridge point where the inner and outer originate. Here we do the necessary inner work and allow the external manifestation to grow and unfold from the inner seed condition we create.

Working the external world as it exists in separation   (Top)

Working with the outer creative power is to work within the frame work of Creation as it exists. For any creation, the energy and power within an existing creation available to us is fixed. Because the energy and consciousness within Creation exist in a fixed arrangement to give rise to Physical Creation and our personal experience of Physical Creation they appear to be separate and unrelated. The essential illusion of Physical Creation is that the energy and consciousness which gives rise to Physical Creation are separate and unrelated.

The typical human view is to view the outer creative powers lies in three primary areas. They are: influencing or controlling individuals; learning and manipulating the “laws” of Creation; and accessing and/or influencing entities in the unseen realm of Creation which most attribute to God or other unseen entities. When work from the perspective the inner world is separate from the other world, these three areas often seem totally unrelated to each other and have to be worked individually.

Understanding what we know  (Top)

As stated above, our creative power starts with a feeling within us which causes us to act in the world. So, no matter in what area we choose to act externally, it is essential to know and understand our own mind, what we believe and what we think and what causes us and others to act in the world.

The second thing we need to do to access the external creative power is to look to see what causes deep feelings and passion to arise in our life such that we are motivated to act in the world Accessing the external creative powers/Creative Powers starts with a desire on our part. Something in the external world calls our creative spirit forth to act. It may be a conscious or nonconscious call or an individual but there will always be something. The question is, “What really causes us to become excited about life?”

Influencing and controlling individuals  (Top)

The primary way we access external creative power is by how we influence and control other individuals. We may be unaware we do so, and most of us do it subconsciously, but most of our life is directing toward getting another or other individuals to do what we wish. Most of us learn to compromise our own truth to be seen favorably by another. For most of us, it is the first lesson we learn in life. We learn to compromise our truth and our creative passion to please our early care givers.

Society and the social structures we all live with are directed toward getting each of us to sufficiently conform to create a harmony in society. At a basic level, there is nothing wrong with anything imposed on us to create harmony with another. The question is whether or not what is imposed causes us to deny our own truth and/or the truth of another. There are an infinite number of ways to create an interaction between individuals. The question is, “Can we create a way which allows the creative spirit of each to freely unfold true to it nature?” Of course, if we believe we can’t, then the question becomes, “Can we create a way which allows for an optimization of the free unfoldment of each creative spirit?” The answer to this question is always yes if we wish to find it.

Influencing and controlling others is to work with what causes others to act or not act. What needs to be understood for any of us to act in the world we need some level of feeling and passion to act. We may be motivated by fear and/or pain, or avoidance of pain, but it nevertheless fear and pain provides a feeling which causes us to act. If we look carefully much of what we do in life is avoidance of pain and/or discomfort in one way or another.

Motivation and motivational techniques are simply ways that are used to influence and control others to support a give task or effort. Advertising is simply methods that are used to get us to buy or support an particular individual or product. Many if not most social and cultural practices are directed toward getting the members of the society to act a certain way and support certain objectives. Punishment and reward systems are routinely use to influence and control our action.

Controlling and regulating the animating energy of another is literally and symbolically represented by how we can control the food and water supply that is needed to sustain their physical life. It is literal because if we don’t allow another to have food and water, they will die. It is symbolic for it is actually how we control and regulates the energy of another. How we regulate and control another is much more subtle that supplying physical food It is about what nourishment is, or is not, provided to an individual at each level of their being to grow and unfold. We can starve an individual spiritual, mentally and emotionally if we choose to do so. Controlling what one eats and consumes at each level of their being is reflected in how and what we get the individual to believe about their the care givers, themselves, others in their life and the world itself.

Influencing and controlling individual is to know and use what causes any one individual to becomes sufficiently passionate to act in the world in a way that supports what we desire to create.

Learning and manipulating the “laws” of Creation  (Top)

Learning and manipulating the “laws” of Creation is about studying Physical Creation to see how it works and how to influence or change which occurs in Physical Creation. Studying Physical Creation is about understanding how the energy of Physical Creation forms and reforms into the Physical world we experience.

Here we encounter the concept that the energy within an existing creation is fixed. Energy can neither be created or destroyed, only transformed. With a creation energy and consciousness are experienced as separated concepts. It is very difficult to see and observe how we affect and influence what we are experiencing. Yet with enough patients and careful observation we can begin to see the relationship between energy and consciousness. The deeper we explore Physical Creation we being to move to that bridge point where the inner world can be seen as the reflection of the outer and the outer as the reflection of the inner.

The approach of the physical sciences like physics and chemistry and the application of their finding in the variety of engineering fields provides the fastest and easiest way to learn about how to manipulate the “laws” of Creation for our creative endeavors.

Accessing and/or influencing entities in the unseen realm of Creation  (Top)

When a creative power outside ourselves is discussed, most quickly think of God, or some concept of God, as the Creator of the world we inhabit and the source of external creative powers/Creative Powers. The issue here not to discuss or debate the existence of God what God is or isn’t. The issue here is accessing the creative power which appear to lies outside of ourselves.

Accessing and/or influencing the unseen realm of Creation is probably the area that most individual consciously attempt to do or have attempted to do. Most act on what they think and believe about the unseen provided to them by their family, society, religion, and other spiritual and/or esoteric teachers whether or not those teachers are seen as teach spiritual and/or esoteric teachings. Many are given prayers, rituals, songs, mantras, yogic positions, sacred places to visit, and the like to access and influences the unseen creative powers/Creative Powers. Many would disagree with the statement they are trying to influence the unseen. However, to not be happy with what is as it is for any reason and to seek something else is an attempt to influence what is.

What is important here and many do not realizes is that what we do, no matter what it is, may or may not causes feelings to arise within us. When we have feelings arises, we feel we have contacted the unseen and accessed their support. If what we do causes no feelings within us, we think God or whomever, has not heard our prayer or plea. Whether we realize it or not, it is our own feelings that we access and allow to flow or not flow.

To become energizes to go into battle because we believe God is on our side, or because we desire to protect our children or because we are simply angry makes no different to the energy. The same energy catalyzes us to act in all three motives. It comes from the food we eat and the strength of our body. All that is different is the label we are giving it and how and why we allow it to flow in such passion that we can go into battle. Many societies had rituals and ceremonies specifically designed to excite their warriors before battle and access this energy.

Similarly, we can go into any building and feel moved by what we experience in that building. If it is some type of religious or spiritual structure, we think we experience God or at least the sacred. If we go into a commercial building and experience a similar feeling because of the beauty of the architectural design, we do not say we experience God or the sacred. Rather, we say we experience the wonder and beauty of the artistic talents of the architect and building. Yet, there is really no different in what we feel. What is different is the label we give it and how we do or don’t give ourselves permission and allow ourselves to feel.

The important point that needs to be understood here is that much of what we think we access in the unseen realms is really our own creative imagination  and the power within ourselves to be moved by the external world. If we really explores creativity, our inherent creative power, and hold our own creativity sacred, we will come to see much of what we think we access in the external unseen realms is really deeper levels of our own internal world. However, no one has ever shown us how to simply go within and access these unseen realms within. Additionally many who go within and think what they feel is the result of an external unseen aspect of Creation will miss that truth of what is. If we continually look outward for something that is giving rise to what we feel within no matter how we look outward, we will never see where the creative power really lies. However, if will allow ourselves to look inward when we experience something that arises from an outward experience, we can being to see the bridge point of how our inner world is reflected in the outer.

Relative to accessing and influencing the unseen realms of Creation the recommendation made here is for us do whatever we find effect in our life. It is to allow effectiveness to be our measure of truth and look to see if we are getting what we think we should be getting. Do whatever we think and believe is effective until the effectiveness is lost. Then look for something else.

We need to realize that when we are correct in understanding how something works, we get the results we expect. If we act but do not get what we expect, then most probably there is something we do not really understand about the situation. It need to be realized it is in our assumptions we find our problems. The only thing we need to realized is that often what we do is successful. But that does not mean we have a correct understanding of the truth of what is.

For example, many pray to God to be healed. Some are healed other are not. If the principles being used were correct, God would always heal. Many then go on to say that there are other reason why an individual’s prayers were not answered. However, many do not consider that maybe the healing always did come from within. Maybe it was not so such the individual praying to God such that God provided the healing. Maybe the individual simply accessed a part of the spiritual aspect of their own being that allowed the healing to occur. This lies in the forefront of the mind body relationship and there are many unanswered questions in this area.

But the same is true for many aspects of our life. When we truly study what works and doesn’t work, things are usually not as simple as we first imagine. But then ,when we understand the principles, it become relatively simple and straight forward.

When it come to accessing and influencing the unseen aspects of Creation you will need to simply use what is effective in your life for your creative endeavors. You are unique. Ultimately what you do will most probably be unique to your being. The recommendation is to hold your creativity sacred and allow effectiveness to be your measure of truth for what you desire to create.

Working the outer world within oneness  (Top)

Working the outer world within oneness is to work with the relationship of energy and consciousness and how they are connected. It is to begin to read the external world as a reflection and creation of the inner world. It is to understand creativity is the language of consciousness and the external world we experience is only consciousness communicating to us. Similarly, the external world we experience collectively is a communication of the collective and Physical Creation is a communication by the creator of Physical Creation. The issue is not whether or not the consciousness that created Physical Creation is God. Rather the issue is what is that consciousness trying to communicate to us through its creation. In many ways is not unlike the communication in the story of Moses and the Dancing Light.

Whether we realize it or not, as discussed in the topic “Implications of Pair Production in Our Creative Endeavors,” our inner world is a reflection of the outer. When one changes one, the other changes. We often see impacts of earth changes on the human population. However, because each of us appear so small in relation to the earth we never see how our individual actions impact the earth. Yet, given a large enough human population, we can change the earth. Each of us, as is Physical Creation, are creative living processes and the inner and outer are connected. Everything we experience changes us in some way. Something just reinforce what is. Other things dissolve what is. Some affect us consciously. Others affect us subconsciously. What is important to realize is that even though we don’t think the outer world is changing in response to our inner world, it nevertheless does.

The outer world is a reflective and a creation of what our mind ,both conscious and nonconscious, currently thinks and believes. However, it needs to be understood our unconscious mind is what holds us to the physical experience as it exist for this time and this place. The subconscious mind is what we have come to believe about the physical experiences as reflected in our enculturation and our experiences in our current life. It determines how we experience and respond to the world created through our unconscious mind. Although the conscious mind thinks it is choosing how it is responding to life, in actually, it is the subconscious programming and experiences of our current life that is determining how we characterize any energy we experience and give rise to the thoughts we have and what we allow or don’t allow ourselves to feel. Until we realize this point and learn to become a detached witness to look behind our thoughts, ideas and images to look at what gives rise to them. If we don’t, we will simply be responding to what we experience through the past creating it in a new way. We will be unable to access the depth of our creative power

So we are faced with a choice. One approach is to go within and begin to work the subconscious and unconscious programming to recreate what we experience. The other approach is to study the external world and figure out how to access and use the energy available within Creation as it exists. Since the Creation we experience is created by mind, working with the external creative power/Creative Power is best done using mind. This is what humanity has essentially done through its history. Yet, if one looks carefully, only when someone in humanity, intentionally or accidentally, stepped out of the mind set and current way of seeing the world did breakthroughs in understanding occurred.

As we move deeper into our inner world and explore our inner creative power, we can come to see that the thought we hold creates a seed condition. If we continue to hold that thought and nurture its growth within our being, it grows and unfold in the external world. This is the accessing the ultimate external creative power. It is to hold a clear intention as a single point focus for our life and then water that intention unfold and grow as creation in the external world. We do this subconsciously all that time. Few have accessed the inner awareness and strength of will to do it consciously.

Changing the energy of a creation  (Top)

It is stated in the discussion, “The Energy and creative power/Creative Power Available in a Given creation/Creation” the energy in a given creation is fixed. That is energy can neither be created or destroyed, only altered in form. This means we will not increased or decrease the total amount of energy in a given creation. But we can change the amount of energy we have into different forms of energy such as kinetic energy, potential energy, rotational energy and the like.

However, with the awareness that energy and consciousness are different forms of the same material, we can our consciousness in such a way that more energy becomes available. More energy is not created as something from nothing. Rather more is made available through what is accessed through consciousness. As such we can change the creation/Creation we experience because of the energy we manipulate. In many ways you can say that consciousness is just a different form of energy that can be changed into back and forth into creative life energy much the way we change kinetic energy back and forth into potential energy as in a pendulum as it swings back a forth.

What this means is that with the creativity perspective through understanding provided in the energy consciousness model we are not lock into the Creation we experience. With the right change in consciousness, we can access any level of energy to create what we desire. The only constrain we place on ourselves is that while we are in Physical Creation, whatever we create we experience from within a human body. Or, maybe better said, bound to a human body. Why this is true is to simply hold ourselves to the desire to have the physical experience which brought us into life. Exactly how we go about accessing this energy through consciousness for any thing we wish to create is best done by consulting our intuitive guidance and inquire how we should go about do it.

Summary (Top)

 To access the external creative power that current exists it means two things. One is to work within the framework of Creation. It is to influence or controlling individuals, learn to manipulate the “laws” of Creation; and access and/or influence entities in the unseen realm of Creation as we understand how to do so. The second thing is to look to see what causes deep feelings and passion to arise in our life such that we are motivated to act in the world. However, if we so choose we can learn to work with the oneness of Creation and experience an alternative way to live our life.

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