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Trust in the creative process
The issue of trust
Moving from trust to understanding
Areas of trust to explore
Our ability to trust who we are at our deepest levels
Our ability to trust ourselves in what we do
Our ability to trust ourselves what we think
What we think is key to our creative ability
Our ability to trust ourselves in how we respond to any given situation
Trusting Physical Creation
Trusting the unseen realms of Creation
Trusting the unseen realms of Creation which includes the unseen aspects of Physical Creation
Trusting those in world we experience

The issue of trust (Top)

Probably the single greatest issue we face in creativity and creating what we desire is trust. The issue centers around what or what do we trust and why do we place that trust in who or what we do. Trust is the essential element in creativity and in any creative endeavor until we learn and understand the creative process. Then we operate from understanding. Trust is no longer needed for then we know.

Trust in the creative process is especially needed when we are consciously engaged in the feminine aspect of creativity. When we are conscious and aware of being in the feminine role, we are aware and able to choose to response to give of ourselves, or not give of ourselves, to nurture a situation. The issue of trust is about wether or not an we are able to trust the situation as it unfolds. Can we trust to be in a sufficiently safe and secure space to nurture a creation and/or gives of ourselves to the extent necessary.

The hardest part in trust is to set an intention and act based on what our mind thinks and/or as we feel lead to act on based on our intuitive guidance and we see what appears to be little or no results. The frustration increases the longer we see little or no result. More often than not, we tend to let go of what we hold rather than continue to hold our intention without clear results.

In waiting for results we begin to see how separated our understanding can be from what we experience. For most of us there needs to be some physical evidence so that we know the journey is worth the effort. There is an anxiety in creation and we are forced to walk into the unknown. Often it takes all our energy to just stay sane in that we seem to irrationally hold to an intention with no results. We find ourselves puzzled as to how anyone can be asked to hold an intention without seeing results and some evidence of what they are doing is manifesting in a desired result. So, rather than becoming truly creative and enduring the sacrifice of creation and sit in the anxiety of the unknown, we go for the quick results. - that which mind knows. That, in turn, simply leads us back into the past in a new way.

Trust is really about learning to truly know something in or about someone or about something. When we think something is true, we act on that belief or what we believe until the evidence and/or situation provides otherwise. When we know something is true, we just act. We don’t need trust when we know. However when we don’t fully know something for ourselves we must trust. We trust until we have the minimum set of experiences to know. For creative endeavors, we need to trust there is a creative process and what we see and what we think we know until we know there is a process. Then trust is no longer needed. We know. We them simply follow the process. Then our creative endeavors can become faster, easier and often much gentler for we don’t fight the process nor are we frighted by the process.

It needs to be noted that to know something is different than to think we know. When we know something we have both the mental understanding to comprehend and the experience to support what we understand. There are many things we think we know but we don’t. We may have knowledge about something but we may not truly know that something. When we truly know something we are never surprised by it. We can predict its actions and any expectations we have about how it will act will be fulfilled.

One of the main reason why the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material has been developed is to allow our mind to learn and understand the creative/creation process. It is provided so that we no longer have to rely on trust. Rather we will have understanding and intimately know the process.

There are several issues that arise to challenge our trust. They can become significant obstacles in a creative endeavor as we move from the masculine role in the creative/creation process to the feminine role. Lost of trust is the probably the single greatest cause in us not being able to create what we desire. Loss of trust often tends to center around the size of the sacrifice the feminine aspect of our being needs to make, what it requires of us and what it means for our lives. Often fear arises and what is required becomes too much and we abandon out creative endeavors.

The issue with trust has several aspects. The first and foremost issue is who or what do we trust and this, in turn is comprised of two overlapping issues. One of the overlapping issues is our ability to trust ourselves. It is our ability to trust who we are at our deepest levels of being, It is to trust ourselves in what we do, what we think, and how we respond to any given situation. Ultimately trust in ourselves is about whether or not we sufficiently know ourselves to totally believe in ourselves.

The other overlapping issues is our ability to trust what is external to us. It is to trust Creation and all that is external to us - that includes trusting Physical Creation, trusting the unseen realms of Creation which includes the unseen aspects of Physical Creation, and trusting those in world we experience. Trusting Creation is also about our ability to trust the creative process that it will allow what we desire to manifest. We may trust Creation but we do not necessarily trust there is a creative process that we can follow and get what we desire.

Moving from trust to understanding (Top)

The issue we face about trust that tends to interfere with our creativity is really not learning to trust. We can and will trust whenever we choose to trust. Rather the issue we face is to obtain understanding such that trust is not needed. If we can fully trust, we have no need for understanding. However, if we cannot trust, we need understanding to allow us to trust until we develop the knowing.

As defined, trust is a confident reliance on the integrity, honesty, veracity or justice of another. It is to have confidence and/or faith in something or someone. Trust is seen as a confidence in the reliability of persons or things without careful investigation. Most of the issue of trust center on the fact that much of what we trust requires faith. Faith, in turn is about beliefs and what we do and don’t believe. When we know something, we don’t need faith. We know.

Faith, as defined is confidence in, or dependence on a person, statement, or thing as trustworthy. Faith is about having trust. Faith is belief without need of a certain proof. It is anything given adherence or credence allegiance or fidelity. We talk about faith in God, a system of religious beliefs or in testimony about God as recorded in Scriptures or other religious writings simply because what we are asked to believe about God cannot necessarily be proven.

On this point, God is perceived as infinitely vast. Our minds are finite and cannot know the infinite. We think we cannot be expected to fully know God. Here again, when we know something, we don’t need faith and we don’t need trust. If we know God we would not need faith in any concept of God. When we experience the Source of Creation through something like the Ultimate Accident, we can come to find we can know what the concept of God is trying to address. We will come to see that it is our mind is what stands in the way of knowing the Source of Creation and understanding the creative/creation process. We will find we must move into our awareness as a detached witness to know our inner and outer creative powers/Creative Power available to us through the Source. In that knowing, we have no need of trust, or faith.

It is stated above issues of trust in creativity has several aspects. The issues of trust are reflect in our ability to trust: who we are at our deepest levels; ourselves in what we do; what we think; ourselves in how we respond to any given situation; Physical Creation; the unseen realms of Creation which includes the unseen aspects of Physical Creation; and those in world we experience. The Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity approach is to provide available information on the creative/creation process so as trust is replace by a knowing based on observation and/or verification, understanding and knowledge for each of these aspects. However, creativity is an experiential subject. You will have to become creative and purse some creative endeavor to turn the information provided here into an experiential knowing accompanied by an intellectual way of understand what is experienced.

The depth and breadth of our inherent creative power and creative ability that we access and explore will be determined by what we choose to create. If we wish to know the true depth and breadth of our creative power and creative abilities, we will have to think big, very big. It will need to be something that takes us into the infinity of our being to create it. To attempt something that appears impossible to mind to create is a good starting point.

To address the issue of trust, each of us need to decided where we rely on trust and where have the knowledge, understanding and experience to know. It is to have both parts of any knowledge. That is, what we know includes both the intellectual/mental understand and the experience that goes with intellectual/mental knowledge such that we develop a knowing.

Areas of trust to explore (Top)

The following provides a starting point that can be used to gain the knowing described here to replace the need for trust in each of the areas of the issue with trust.. Of course, we each have to do our own experiments and applications to make the intellectual/mental knowledge provided here experiential.

Our ability to trust who we are at our deepest levels
(Top): To become a conscious creator, we all need to ask and answer the question, “Who am I really?” At first glance, it would appear there are as many answers to this question as there are people. Because we are all unique and each have a different perspective on creation/Creation and of creation/Creation we will each need explore our own uniqueness and discover for ourselves as to the real answer to this question.

There are many views as to who we really are and the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity has its view. The recommendation made here is to allow effectiveness to be our measure of truth and use whatever view is effective to create what we desire. However, it is also recommended that we truly explore whatever view we take such that it is not a view that we adopt . Rather it is a view that we have verified as true for us. Otherwise we will be giving away our creative power and creative ability in ways we are not aware and we would not be hold our creativity sacred.

The recommendation made here as to how to explore who we really are is to hold our creativity sacred and start from there. If we truly are the creative beings that is discussed in this material, our own creativity will lead us to the understanding if it true. If it is not true, then we will discovered where and why we are limited. That in turn will also reveal who we are. In any case, we will have a knowledge and understanding of who we are based on our own experiences. That in itself provides access to a tremendous amount of creative power and creative ability for we will learn to take responsibility for what we are responsible for creating and leave to another or others what they are responsible for creating.

Our ability to trust ourselves in what we do
(Top): Here we need to learn our own truth. We need to learn the dance. In particular, It is to learn the dance between the truth of our own being and our enculturation and experiences of our current life. It is to know what we need to do that serves us and the life we desire to create. In knowing that we are served we have no doubts as to why we do what we do.

Our ability to trust ourselves what we think
(Top): Here we need to look at the source of our thinking. This is not about knowing things and what we know and having accumulated knowledge. It is to understand how and why we think the way we do. It is to know what we have personally experienced and verified what we have taken from other. It is here we must become wise and look carefully at the lessons learned by other in creativity and hold our creativity sacred. We as individual don’t have time to test all that we can obtain from others. So the issue what are we going to accept without our own experiences and what will we need to test for ourselves.

What we think is key to our creative ability
(Top): Our creative ability is our ability to knowhow to access our creative passion and the flow of creative life energy and to take the creative power inherent in that flow and direct it into what we desire to create. The question is can we trust our own thinking. Do we know we are operating from our own truth or are we operating from enculturation and programming received in our current life. Once we know our own truth and what serves us, we need to know what we think and believe and how we think and believe to know that what we choose to do will be able to direct us to what we desire to create.

To know our truth to trust what we do is one thing. To know if our thinking supports what we desire to create is another. We may know we need to do something. However our thinking based on our enculturation may cause us to be unable to do what we know we need to do. That is, it causes us to look in the wrong direction or act in a way that does not serve our creative endeavor.

There is the old Arab proverb, “Trust in God but tether you camel.” That is, there are things the outer creative powers/Creative Powers are responsible for doing and there are things the inner creative power/Creative Powers are responsible for doing. It is not so much what we believe but how we think that often causes us to look to the external world to do what we must do in the internal world and vice versa. To be able to trust our thinking is to come to know ourselves such that we know when we must go within and when we must go without for what we seek, need or do.

Our ability to trust ourselves in how we respond to any given situation
(Top): Here we need to become mindful and aware to see if we are responding based on our truth and what we truly know or responding based on habit. We may come to know our truth and come to know our thinking. However, how we respond in any moment may be driven more by habits of the past created before we come to know our truth and our thinking. Habits and response patterns normally lie in the subconscious. Unless we work at becoming mindful and aware, we will response out of habit and previously developed response patterns.

Since the habits lie in our subconscious if not the unconscious, they are not something we will access and address by talking about the past or even doing analysis of our past. Rather, they arise in response to the situation. Normally we never see or even know what our response pattern will be until we are faced with a situation where we are asked to response. The only way we really know what our response will be is to be placed in a situation where we are required, or rather, prompted, to response.

This gives us two options. One is work at becoming mindful and aware and hope that in the moment we are asked to respond to something, we are awake, mindful and aware enough to catch our response before we make it. This is very difficult for most of us to do. We response so fast we become aware of our response only as we are responding. Then, of course, some of us are not awaken, not aware and not mindful such that we never really realize how we are responding and that we do have options.

The other option is to create things like metatheater and create situation to specifically see how we will response. Then, when we surface our response pattern, explore the origins of that pattern and the thinking, beliefs and experiences which are causing us to respond as we do. If we can get at the underpinning of our response we have the possibility of changing them in a faster, easier and quicker way rather than having to continually experience them and/or work to ingrain a new habit to overlay the old.

In actually, when we see the underpinning, the issue is not so much to destroy or change the habit. Rather, it is to realize the type and kind of situations which give rise to the response. In that awareness, we can become more mindful and aware to not place ourselves in certain situations. Or, we see the situation unfolding into a situation of the past and divert the flow of energy before we have to respond based on the past. What option is best depends the habit and the type and kind of situation we face. Often it is easier to just become aware of our response and be aware and willing to deal with the consequences than trying to change the pattern.

Trusting Physical Creation
(Top): Creative ability lies in understanding the situation we face and how to respond to that situation. Creative power lies in our ability to feel the need to act. Creative ability lies in understanding how that creative power needs to be directed. If it needs to be directed inward, we need to know how and why we think and believe what we do and what we need to change within to address what we desire to create. If it needs to be directed outwardly, we need to understand how the world we inhabit works.

In this regard, there is the physical world we face and the social world. To understand the physical world we need to develop a basic understanding of how Physical Creation works. We need to explore Physical Creation and learn how it operations. We need to get past superstition and look for those principles that apply anywhere, anytime and any place and not dependent on the user and their human characteristics. We cannot base our action on partial truth, There is a cause effect relation to the flow of energy in any situation. We need to understand that cause effect relationship if we wish to move from simply responding to what we experience to become the cause of the next experience.

We must spend some time studying Physical Creation. What should we study? It depends on what we desire to create. What is provided in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material are some concept and principles to help understand the creative/creation process. To know exactly what we need to study, the best approach appears to be to ask our intuitive guidance and then honor the intuitive guidance we get.

Trusting the unseen realms of Creation
(Top): The issue here for humanity has been that being in a physical body, there are things we do not see and experience because the energy is outside the range of sensitive of our bodies as physical bodies. Humanity has come to believe the unseen realms of Creation are not normally accessible to the human being. We tend to believe in special individual who can tap into these realms. We believe there are great teachers, prophets, mystics and the like who have access to these realms and what they say is what we should believe about the unseen.

However, this is not the truth of reality. We have only believed we are limited by our bodies. We have failed to come to understand the truth of our being and to realize we all have the ability to access the unseen realms of Creation. We do so by how we focus our attention and awareness and realize what we experience will be determined by the environment in which we find ourselves.

We are localized in Physical Creation. That which has a facet of being physical, we will experience as physical. That which has a facet of being physical has a portion of its localized energy overlapping with the localized energy of Physical Creation. That which does not have a facet of being physical will be seen and experienced in the non physical and characteristic of an experience in our creative imagination . We will be aware of that nonphysical aspect if we have the previous experiences to understand what we experience.

Our problem has been we have not had a model or way of understanding Creation that has allowed each us to routinely access the unseen realms of Creation in a way the acknowledges the uniqueness of our own being. To access and know the unseen realms of Creation, we need to find a model for Creation in which we are comfortable that adequately addresses the uniqueness of our being and its relationship to the unseen. We then need to do our own experiences to see if the model or understanding we are choosing to use does in fact allows us to do what we desire. Here we need to allow effectiveness to be your measure of truth.

The recommendation made here is to hold our creativity sacred and use the power of clear intention to lead us to such a model and way of perceiving Creation. The creativity perspective and the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material can provide an alternative way to view Creation. Whether it is a way that best suits our individual creative needs entirely depends on our own uniqueness and what we desire to create. It can be used as a starting point for exploring the unseen realms of Creation and using our creative imagination .

Trusting the unseen realms of Creation which includes the unseen aspects of Physical Creation
(Top): The unseen aspects of Physical Creation provide a door way as to understanding the unseen realms of Creation. The unseen aspects of Physical Creation provide bridge point. It provides us some understanding as to how to work with energy that lies beyond the normal range of the sensitivity of a human being but still lies within Physical Creation. In understand what needs to be done to work with unseen physical energy we can come to some understanding as to how to work with the unseen energy of Creation.

The issue of working with unseen energy centers around having properly calibrated instruments. In this regard our body can be seen as an energy detector sensitive to a specific range of energy. In learning how to use the body as an energy detector and with the understanding of the equivalence of energy and consciousness, we can begin to see and learn how to use the non localized aspects of our being and our mind. They too can be used as an energy detector. In fact, the mind can be tuned much the same way we can tune a radio or television to specific types and kinds of desired experiences.

Trusting those in world we experience
(Top): Trusting those in the world we experience is about facing our social world. But trusting our social world is much more complicated than understanding the physical world. We all share a common physical world and the rules and laws of the physical world are the same for every one of us. It does not matter what we believe, who we are, or who we think we are. We all are subject to the same physical laws of Physical Creation. With a little effort, they are not too hard to learn and we can even verify them if we wish.

However our social world is different. From the view point of being a human, we each are a separate independent reality sharing a common physical experience. What goes on in our inner world is complete unique to us and unique to each individual. Although our energy and consciousness operate the same way since we all raise out of the same “stuff” of Creation, our inner reality is determined by our mind. It is determined by the experiences we have had, what we think and what we believe. As such it is impossible to hope to gain the level of detail about any one individuals as we can about Physical Creation. The only common ground with any other individual is they are sharing in a common physical experience. We can use that fact to our advantage.

We can use the analogy of the pair production phenomenon to understand how a non localized energy manifests into physical mass. We can look at the implications of the pair production phenomenon used with the equivalence of energy and consciousness to show us how our inner world of consciousness can be reflected externally as energy. It is in that link that we can use the fact that creativity is the language of consciousness and the physical external world an individual experiences is a communication from the consciousness which created it and it is communicating information about the consciousness which created it.

This understanding allows us to see how it is possible in the oneness of Creation and everything arising out of the same “stuff” of Creation that the individual or others our life are only there giving us the experience we desired to have. Moving from learning to trust those in the world to experience the knowing they are there to give us the experience we desire to have is probably the most difficult aspect of the creative process to understand and accept. Making this understanding a knowing that is true for us is going to be difficult unless we are willing to do our own experiments and creatively play with this idea and its implications.

The key to getting past trust in the world we experiences it to know the person who stands before us is only there to give us the experience to which we, consciously or nonconsciously, agreed to participate in, or we created and desired to have, at some level of our being.

The problem for each of us is that we are all an independent, individualized consciousness and infinite creative being sharing a common physical experience. Our creative life energy localized in our physical body hold us all accountable to the “rules” of the common physical experience. This is why the body and understanding what the body feels is so important. It is these feelings and a discerning awareness of what we feel is what allows us to work with the “rule” giving rise to all of Creation not only Physical Creation. Providing a way to understand how this is done is the whole basis for creating the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material. The Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material can be a starting point for exploration of these aspects of Creation until a more appropriate and useful understanding can be found.

The Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective provides a way to begin understand how it is possible that we are these individualized, independent infinite creative beings and yet interconnected with all of Creation. Quite simply, to create the experience of Creation is the function and purpose of mind. It is the “illusion” of mind that gives rise to the creation we experience collectively and individually. Hence understanding how and why we each focus our attention and awareness in the way we do with our belief structure and the way we chose to think becomes essential for this exploration.

It needs to be understood, we are never separated from any aspect of Creation. It is all an illusion that we are separate. Creation is very real. Creation is not an illusion. The illusion is that we believe what we experience is not something we ourselves created. It is the role of mind to keep us in that illusion. To see the truth of what is, we must find a way to allow ourselves to step out of mind. We ultimately do that by being in what we feel and be open to feeling. But when we are in what we feel we are the threshold of creating. So we must be careful how we choose to response to what we feel for we may just begin to create something we don’t really want.

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