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Implications of the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity understanding
The need to become aware of that on which we focus
Make the internal changes first
Creation does not work the way mind perceives it does
Our current mind cannot free us from the cage in which it put our creativity
Whatever we think actually traps us
We need to return to a state of creative play
Become aware of the true nature of the body
Body memories
The possibility of a gentle phoenix in any creative endeavor

There are a variety if implications which arise from the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity understanding. What are provided here are several of the more important and/or profound implications that will continually be of concern in one way or another. They are implications most beneficial to us to begin to take conscious control over creating the experiences we have. But these should only be viewed as a starting point. They will allow us to only begin the process of obtaining conscious control over the experience we have. If we begin to use the process of clear intentionality and allow our intuitive guidance to guide us, we can expand our creative ability and creative power however deep and broad we wish, including claiming our birthright.

The need to become aware of that on which we focus (Top)

The first and most import implications arises from the principle our energy goes where we focus our attention and awareness. It cannot be overemphasized or understated. It is essential that each one of us become very aware of what we think, how we think and why we think the way they do. This includes what we believe and why we believe what we do. But, more importantly, we need to become aware of the intention we carry and what we are really intending in what we do, the choices we make, how we live our life. It is our intentions, not necessarily what we do, but why we do it that creates our reality. The why behind the what we do is more powerful because the why keeps us locked into a particular direction for our life. The doing is only a means to that end and there are many ways to achieve any given end.

Make the internal changes first (Top)

The second implication is a direct result of how energy manifests physically, and how the inner is reflected in the outer. For whatever we desire and/or wish to create, we need to go within and make the internal changes first if the are going to make any changes to our external world. We cannot look to the external world to change first. We must first make the internal changes. What we will need to change for any creation whether it is to create a new state of being, some object or some experience, is beyond our conscious control and understanding. Any truly creative endeavor will take us into the unknown and what has not yet been experienced. Mind only knows the past and what it has experienced. We cannot decide what we will, and will not, give up to manifest our desire. The desire itself will require specific sacrifices of our internal and external worlds to manifest. We will have to surrender to what our desire requires.

Creation does not work the way mind perceives it does (Top)

A third implication is that because of how we think and what we think, enlightenment and/or understanding of the how the universe really operates is not what we think it is. The enlightenment and any understanding we experience will depend on the intention and desire we hold. This is an extremely import realization. For example, if we believe the material plane is some how separate from spirit and/or the physical world is not sacred, the understanding we get will probably be considered an enlightenment relative to what we knew when we started and will reflect our starting beliefs about the material plane, spirituality and the physical world. However, what we will come to know will only be a facet of the truth.

To see reality for what it is, we have to be willing to give up all preconceived ideas about reality. This includes the energy consciousness model and ideas presented in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material. This model and the ideas presented are only a launch point for our own journey of exploration. It is only to function to give us a sufficient base to hold the space for another who may wish to pursue their unique journey. It is an attempt to give us a broad and deep enough understand to be willing to let go and step out of mind to find out the true nature of both our internal reality and the external world that we experience.

Our current mind cannot free us from the cage in which it put our creativity (Top)

Stepping out of mind brings us to the fourth implication. Our current mind cannot get us out of the cage it has put our creativity in no matter how hard we try. We will have to shatter the vessel of our ego which we have constructed that contains who and what we think we are. But we cannot shatter it. We can elect to have it shattered but we cannot do the shattering. We can create the conditions to shatter it but we ourselves cannot do it. The reason for this is mind will always move to protect itself and what it has created.

Within the energy consciousness model presented here, there are three ways to shatter the ego. One is to have someone do it for us. But we must be careful as to what vessel they give us to flow into after ours is shattered. Everyone carries an expectation. If we allow someone to guide us, they will guide us into whatever understanding they have and we really don’t know how deep and broad their understanding really is. All we can do is let them guide us and if we do not have the depth and breath we would like and the end of the process, find another way and shatter ourselves again. On this point of not knowing if the understanding of another serves us, we only need to remember, “We know a tree by its fruits.” Look to see that for which they stand and how they respond to life based on the position they espouse. Do they walk their talk and live their truth and is it something that allows us to feel and expansion within our being or do we find ourselves shrinking to meet their expectations.

The second way to allow our ego to be shattered is to follow the passion of our own heart, our creative passion, wherever it leads. However, unless we can be in spontaneous and innocent childlike play of discovery and exploration, we will always seem to be mislead by what we think is the heart for mind will mask the heart. Our heart, can be, and is frequently, controlled by our enculturated mind.

It must be remembered that our heart is representative of our creative spirit and the flow of our creative life energy manifesting. Our creative life energy flows directly from the source/Source of being/Being. However, our mind interjects itself creating an illusion of separation and diverts the flow before our energy manifests to fulfill the intention for our life. Consequently, we must be out of enculturated mind to know, feel and see the true passion of the heart that our creative spirit incarnated to experience.

We can destroy the ego by pursuing what we think give us fulfilment and use what gives us passion for life and pursue that objective. If this journey gives us a hollowness, we know it was the mind masking as heart. If the passion begins to glow brightly and we become more and more enthusiastic, with a greater and greater fulfillment within our being, then it is our true creative passion.

If we find we have been mislead by mind, we simply need to ask ourselves what gives us passion and pursue that new objective and continually iterate the process. It may take some time, but it in the end we will get into our true creative passion. This process is only dependent on how strong our mind is at controlling and masking the heart. An alternative to this process is to set the intention to enter the state of spontaneous and innocent childlike play of discovery and exploration and work thought all the obstacles that arise. As we pursue this play, we will be naturally lead to our true creative passion. The more we align with our spontaneous creative play the more we will be aligning with our creative passion.

The third way to shatter our ego is to commit ourselves to manifesting a creation that is larger than our enculturated ego. In particular, it is something that our enculturated mind thinks is impossible. In choosing such a task, we then explore within ourselves what changes we must make within ourselves to manifest a new external world based on this task. Conceptually it is simply enough.

The problem we face is anything our enculturated mind chooses is really an ego decision. It leaves our ego in control at some level no matter how noble an idea we choose. Anything that we choose is ultimately from our ego. For example, to choose to sit and meditation to enter a particular state, become a certain type of being, or to transcend the enculturated ego leaves the ego in control. We will create the experience we desire that appears to be outside the ego, but the ego is still ultimately in control. The only way to move beyond what our mind has constructed is to surrender to something. It is to surrender to preferably something larger than ourselves beyond the limits and beliefs of mind.

This is one of the main reason why so many spiritual and religious traditions require some type and kind of surrender. However, the surrender that is required to destroy the ego must be to surrender to something of which mind knows nothing about. To surrender to a tradition, any tradition, is to surrender to a known and leaves mind in control at some level. Hence the recommendation to surrender to a creative endeavor for a true creative endeavor takes us into the unknown where mind has no knowledge of what to expect.

Based on what has been observed in the exploration of creativity, the only way to surrender to something that does not become a trap either created by our enculturated mind or the enculturated mind of another is to surrender to the intent for our current life. The intention our life existed before we were born and before our current enculturated mind developed. If we surrender to the flow of our creative life energy that is manifesting that intention, our current mind has no way of gaining control over what we do.

Additionally, since the intention for our life is our intention, we cannot be mislead by it. The only things that really exists larger than our enculturated ego is why we incarnated into physical creation in the first place. Other than that everything we or another can think is of the enculturated ego and the product of the experience that we have had in this life. If we pursue why we are here until we get an answer of which we have no doubt as to its truth and that answer to the “why” lead us to our creative passion, we will shatter our enculturated ego.

On this point, it can be added that if we try to “figure out” with our current enculturated mind the intention for our life we will fail. We will fail simply because the intention existed before our current mind existed. Our current mind does not have the minimum set of experiences to understand this intention. Understanding this point, takes us back to our creative passion and the feeling of the fulness of being.

If we surrender to our creative passion and allow it and/or the fulness of being to lead us where it may, although we may seeming jump from thing to thing without order, we will begin to see a pattern. It is a pattern that we can piece together that will give us a fairly good idea of what we are here to do. We need to explore no farther than that unless we choose to do so. What we will also probably find is that we are more than willing to surrender our enculturated ego to live this passion that we find simply because it is so enjoyable. It will give us an inner satisfaction that never runs dry no matter what is happening in our life and our external world.

Whatever we think actually traps us (Top)

The fifth implications is a subtle effect that can be very enlightening or another trap. A trap harder and more difficult to escape that if we had never pursued it. In realizing we are a creative living process, we can realize we have a choice. We can choose to be constantly evolving in an understanding of ourselves and the world in which we live. Or, we can choose to recreate ourselves based on the past or some fixed idea we have as to who or what we should be.

We can continually evolve for nothing remains fixed and we are infinitely creative being. However, in doing so we will always seem to be in chaos. Consequently there is a natural tendency to “make sense” out of what we experience in an attempt to make our life a little more predictable and less chaotic. Our attempt to “make sense” usually results in some story we tell about ourselves, a story we tell about Creation, or, some theory about reality, like the scientific theories that we employ. All theological and religion explanations are just as much stories and theories as anything else. Some are just more effective than others at creating certain types and kinds of experiences.

If we hold tightly to whatever story we tell, personal, religious, or scientific, it become very difficult to evolve our thinking as the experiences we have in life continually stretch us past the limits of our own thinking. If however, we give ourselves permission to modify and evolve our thinking neither denying the truth within our being nor the truth of the external world but merge the understanding into a wholeness, we will be given a composite integrated understand for where we are in that moment of time and how it all fits together. This is the world of shamans and mystics. It is what will happen to each of us if we allow it. Each of us will synthesis within our own being how we perceive we create reality or how reality was created. Mind will always find a model that fits what we ask it to fit. It needs to be remember we are a being of unlimited creativity and we will create an experience of whatever we desire as supportable by the environment in which we find ourselves. However, the wholeness we experiences only exist to the depth and breath in which we are willing to explore the oneness of Creation.

We need to return to a state of creative play (Top)

The sixth implications is that to know who we really are and the depth and breath of our creative ability and creative power is to know we are ultimately consciousness at play with itself. In this realization, we will have to relearn to explore in the innocents and freedom of childlike play the full range of our consciousness. This means we need to be free to explore our conscious and nonconscious mind and our body and the myriad of ways that we interact with the external world. Spontaneous and innocent play is the most powerful creative state of being. It offers us all the mystical experiences that we could want.

In this realization is also the realization that we can’t leave the world in which we currently find ourselves. By design and intent, our body hold us to the physical experience of a human being. As adults we seem unable to live in the world and explore this world like a innocent child. There are an enormous number of reason that we can give as to why we can’t. 
So what is one to do? The answer is to first realize that we are split between these two world - the world of the way that we need to be to live and survive in the world, yet simultaneously we need to be like that innocent child exploring both our internal and external world in intimate detail to find out who we really are. How we actually do this play is unique to our being and our needs and each of us will do it quite differently.

What we will need to do is to spend some time exploring the world symbolized by our heart and play following the flow of our creative life energy that is sustaining our being. We will need to find a safe and secure space in which to play and probably someone who can act as a rainmaker to hold the space for us. Once we get a feel for what this world of our creative play looks like and how our creative spirit communicates to us will see how this world symbolized by the heart is different from the view of the mind and how we can or can’t live in that world in our every day mundane life. In this understanding of the difference between these two worlds, you can then, in our own unique way, learn to walk in balance in an way that meets our needs of childlike play and what we wish to create in the world and the world in which are find ourselves. In time, we can make the world in which we find ourselves more and more the world of spontaneous and innocent childlike play of discovery and exploration. It only takes some time to evolve one into the other.

Become aware of the true nature of the body (Top)

The seventh implication is the most profound and most important implication. In particular, it is the most important understanding within a category of aspects of reality that are implied in many ancient esoteric and spiritual traditions but never really taught and/or emphasized. It is the nature of our physical body and what it actually represents.

All that we experience in life, no matter what, is colored or filtered by the view from our body and the past experiences we have had in the body. Although we are not our body, our creative spirit an how our creative life energy manifest in creation, our creative spirit/creative life energy are integrally connected with our body. As a result of how the inner is reflected in the outer, our consciousness is reflected in our body and the world it experiences.

As a human being, we cannot escape our body for whatever we experience is communicated to another by and through our body. We communicate by how we move, how we speak, the smells we release and the energy we radiate. The problem for humanity appears to have been that we have never understood the reason why we are here in physical form and what it actually represents. That is, we have not fully appreciated what it means to be physical and have a physical experience.

It is only in current times that we are able to see the wave particle nature of energy, the equivalence of energy and mass, and the relationship between energy and consciousness. What is only recently being understood is how the body is both our consciousness and energy manifested. That is, the our creative spirit made manifested in a physical experience. We are not a body inhabited by a spirit or a spirit having a physical experience. Rather, we are a flow of energy that has become aware of itself that can exists as unbounded energy or manifested in a bound physical form. It is analogous to the way radiant wave energy can be converted to manifesting as a particle with mass. Alternatively said, the body is our creative spirit as it appears to have its desired physical experience.

Although it is said in some traditions that our physical body is the “temple” or repository of the spirit, no traditions were found to truly embrace the body as something special and having a specific purpose. Most traditions, if not all, emphasized the need to somehow learn to transcend the body and transcend physical reality to enter a painless state of existence. Many, if not most of these traditions foster a way of being and thinking which put the mind and what mind does over the body. They tend to emphasize the spirit as the ultimate state of being and a spiritual state of being or the attainment of non physical reality the goal of existence. Many see a heaven, the Kingdom of God or Nirvana as a something or some place transcendent or above the physical and unattainable in the physical.

To deny the body and/or down play the body and physical reality in any way is to deny Creation. It is to deny the wisdom and the one who created Creation and the physical experience. It doesn’t matter whether that Creator is the consciousness within your being, God, an unseen Force or any other Creator that we choose. To deny the body is to deny the wisdom which created it.

No tradition was found that acknowledged and admitted that there is an internal guidance system and internal compass within our being that we can access and utilize to guide us in life and that is more than adequate to guide us through life and into the experiences that we incarnated to have. Most tell, direct or suggest there is a preferred path other than following what lies within our own being. None were found that encourage and teach an individual how to follow their own internal guidance in all that they do. From the perspective of the energy consciousness model, to deny the body wisdom is to deny the power of consciousness to create and to deny the way that energy manifests physically. In doing so, we deny our own creative power and give our creative power away to become a victim rather than the creator that we are.

Many traditions talk about a “Plan of God,” an unfoldment to Creation, or a purpose for our existence and/or a lesson we are here to learn. Some say there is some cause for our current existence such as karma or other reason. However, none seem to talk about the specific intention for our particular and unique body. That is, none address why we have the particular body that we have and not another. For those traditions that do talk about these things, they do little to demonstrate they truly act on this understanding.

From the perspective from within the energy consciousness model of the universe, it needs to be understood there is a specific intention for our unique body and it has a wisdom unto itself that in many ways independent of our current mind. The intention for our life which gave rise to our particular body is vitally important to us. It is the reason that our unique individual consciousness chose to incarnate into Physical Creation and what our consciousness desires to accomplish. This intention is responsible for choosing our body as the perfect vehicle for its expression. In this regard, the key to the intention for our life is our body and what it feels. There is an awareness within what we feel only accessible through our body that will allows us to know what we need to do with our life.

The unfoldment of the intention for our life as a way of being and experiencing reality can best be described and experienced by our mind as a dream that lies within their heart. It is what give rise to a passion to create, for life and for living. However this dream/intention can only be manifested if we live in alignment with, and follows the flow of the creative life energy within the heart and the body wisdom. In many ways from the perspective of the intention behind our life, our consciousness is only along for the ride as a detached witness. Yet, we learn from the earliest days of our life to have mind step in based on what is has experienced to direct the flow of our creative life energy resulting in an illusion created by mind that we are somehow separated from the Source of Creation.

The single most profound, and it might be added, unexpected, important implication of the energy consciousness model is the need to learn to love and appreciate our body as it is and to become intimately familiar with our body and its wisdom. It has a wisdom and understanding all to itself. This wisdom can guide us to the experiences we need to have to fulfill the intention behind our incarnation that brought us into this world. Unfortunately we cannot experience the truth of these statements unless we give ourselves permission to experience them and step out of our enculturated mind and enculturated ego to see and experience the truth of this wisdom of the body for ourselves.

If we can believe and accept these statements, we can readily learn to follow the body wisdom. It will allow our creative passion and that what give us a passion for life and for living to guide us into the fulfillment of the intention for our life. If we cannot accept these statements for one reason or another, it would appear that the only choices we will have is to do deny them and live our life the way our enculturated mind and enculturated ego thinks we need to live life. Or, we can find some way to transcend our ego, do our own experiments and find the truth within these statements ourselves.

To live from the perspective of the body wisdom, we will have to be willing to live in the unknown. We will have to be able to live not knowing where we will be lead from moment to moment. We will literally have to feel our way though life allowing the fulness of being to be our internal compass. We may go years without a change in course for our life. Then suddenly find that we cannot plan one minute to the next. We may find that the only approach to life that will work is to be in that spontaneous and innocent childlike play of discovery and exploration. Yet, no matter how uncertain our life would be, we will find an internal joy, bliss or inner satisfaction that never runs dry no matter what is happening in our external world. In doing so, we will find we are in that state of wonderment and “Ah.” Here again, this is all something that can only be experienced and we are free to choose as we wish. The only proof that can be offered is that all of the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material arose in acting on the awareness and information that lies within and beyond the feelings within the body.

Body memories (Top)

An eighth implication is that our body has memories or it can be said our body stores memories. In a way analogous to the way energy can be converted to mass, our creative life energy forms the body and molds it in response to our environment and the experiences we have. Analogous we can look at the body memories as being a composite of something like mental habits, conditioning body reflects as in learning to play a musical instrument, dance or any physical activity and how stem cells from into particular tissues based on the environment in which the cells are placed. In the end, our body remembers.

We create our experiences by how we bind the free flow of our creative life energy. Given the equivalence of energy and consciousness, any experience we have imprints both our mind and our body to create a memory. We tend to be aware of our mental memories but not our body memories. Where mental memories are remembered as a thought or image, body memories are remembered as feelings and through feeling. How much energy any particular memory stores depends on what we experience the experience we have. Some experiences are traumatic where as other experiences seem unimportant. Yet they all provided imprints. The more we act, response or exist in a given way or live in a given environment, the deeper and more layered the imprint.

When we act to create something new, these memories will continue to haunt us until we do the work to release the bound energy and form a new pattern. Analogously we can look at it as retraining our muscles from one way of acting to another. If we do not release the bound energy, we will always be pulled back to the very past we are tying to escape.

The possibility of a gentle phoenix in any creative endeavor (Top)

The ninth implications and most exciting implication is the possibility of creating a gentle phoenix for whatever we choose to create in life. As a result of the nature of the creative process any creative endeavor requires a sacrifice. Exactly what needs to be sacrificed depends on what we wish to create. How big a sacrifice depends on how much of our life we desire to recreate or how much of our life will need to change to manifest what we desire to create. In understanding the creative process and the types and kinds of things which influence our creative activities, it is possible to create a faster, easier and gentler transformation for any creative endeavor. But it needs to be noted that creating a gentle phoenix does not necessary mean there will not be pain, work and effort. It only means faster, easier and gentle in relation to not creating a gentle phoenix.

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